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Free download Ê eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB é Arthur Goldhammer Enjoys a new life in Arthur Goldhammer's elegant translationBelieve me when I tell you that Algeria is where I hurt at this moment Camus who was the most visible symbol of France's troubled relationship with Algeria writes as others feel pain in their lungs Gathered here are Camus' strongest statements on Algeria from the s through the s revised and supplemented by the author for publication in book formIn her introduction Alice Kaplan il. much enjoyedRD

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Algerian Chronicles Read ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB À ➽ [Reading] ➿ Algerian Chronicles By Arthur Goldhammer ➲ – More than fifty years after Algerian independence Albert Camus' Algerian Chronicles appears here in English for the first time Published in France in 1958 the Luminates the dilemma faced by Camus he was committed to the defense of those who suffered colonial injustices yet was unable to support Algerian national sovereignty apart from France An appendix of lesser known texts that did not appear in the French edition complements the picture of a moralist who posed uestions about violence and counter violence national identity terrorism and justice that continue to illuminate our contemporary worl. This is a collection of mostly journalistic writings by Camus about Algeria written between 1939 and 1958 Camus was part of the French settler community in Algeria but he was not part of the privileged elite as he came from a working class background He felt both French and Algerian The settler community was both long established and numerous The earlier articles are factual accounts of the hardships of the Algerian people The later articles are his comments on the heartbreaking situation in his homeland written from metropolitan France This is the first time that many of these articles have been published in English and to an English speaking audience most of the context of these articles will be unfamiliar Camus wrote about a country that he hoped could be French and Berber and Arab He took a humane middle way but found himself continuously and despairingly thwarted by the steam roller of historical eventsTHE BOOKThe book begins with a note from the translator followed by an 18 page introduction by Alice Kaplan a professor of French at Yale The Algerian Chronicles proper begins with a 13 page preface by Camus followed by 6 sections The Misery of Kabylia 1939 is a set of newspaper articles on the famine in the Kabylia region of Algeria Although edited for publication in Algerian Chronicles these are still very detailed factual reportage The original publication of these articles contributed to Camus's exile from Algeria The Crisis in Algeria 1945 contains articles first published in the French Resistance newspaper Combat Algerian Torn 1956 appeared in L'Express The Maisonseul Affair 1956 first appeared in Le Monde Algeria 1958 contains two short articles offering solutions to the Algerian crisis The Appendix contains a selection of letters and lectures that do not appear in the French edition It includes a note on the Noble Prize Press Conference Incident in 1957 with Camus's famous uote in response to an Algerian student People are now planting bombs in the tramways of Algiers My mother might be on one of those tramways If that is justice then I prefer my motherCONCLUSIONThese articles are of their time and together do not provide a continuous story Also as the translator points out they have lost some of the elegance of the original French in translation However they are rewarding to read showing Camus as a journalist rather than as a novelist giving insights into the recent histories of both France and Algeria and the original Arab Spring but above all demonstrating the dilemmas faced by any minority living in a country undergoing massive sectarian upheavalFRENCH ALGERIAIn 1830 the French invaded Algiers and the major coastal towns The conuest of all of the country was completed in 1848 There followed a policy of settling French nationals The fall of France in 1940 encouraged nationalism in Algeria which continued after the end of the war This was strongly resisted by many of the French settlers Armed rebellion increased leading to Algerian independence in 1962LINKSDVD The Battle Of Algiers 1965Camus Resistance Rebellion and Death 1961 contains articles by Camus some of which appear in Algerian ChroniclesCamus The Outsider a novelCamus Exile and the Kingdom short stories

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Algerian ChroniclesMore than fifty years after Algerian independence Albert Camus' Algerian Chronicles appears here in English for the first time Published in France in the same year the Algerian War brought about the collapse of the Fourth French Republic it is one of Camus' most political worksan exploration of his commitments to Algeria Dismissed or disdained at publication today Algerian Chronicles with its prescient analysis of the dead end of terrorism. Camus always writes well and the translation is good Algeria has always fascinated me since a couple of visits during the all too brief interlude between the collapse of the eastern bloc aligned government of the post independence decades and the civil war of the nineties That was a brief window of hope during which those I met believed in the idea of Algeria as a Mediterranean country rather than simply an Arabic or Muslim state Camus heart is clearly in the right place but there is a naivety about this repeated assertion that the indigenous French could never be removed and his belief that independence was an unreasonable aspiration Shortly after these articles were written both beliefs disappeared in retrospect inevitably into the dustbin of history with disastrous conseuences for Algerians French and Arab alike The book is an essential read for anyone interested in Algeria or the end of the colonial age