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Review ✓ Algiers, Third World Capital: Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Black Panthers 102 Ú [BOOKS] ✮ Algiers, Third World Capital: Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Black Panthers Author Elaine Mokhtefi – Following the Algerian war for indepeNg guerrillas revolutionaries exiles and Third World Capital MOBI #238 visionaries and was even present in the making of the groundbreaking film The Battle of AlgiersMokhtefi crossed paths with some of the eras brightest stars Stokely Carmichael Timothy Leary Ahmed Ben Bella Third World Capital Freedom Fighters PDFEPUBJomo Kenyatta and Eldridge Cleaver She was instrumental in the establishme. This is a somewhat disorganized ramble through Elaine Mokhtefi's life that began with a dirt poor upbringing in New York through the fascinating few years in she spent in Algeria after the revolution where she worked as a translator and journalist During that time she engaged with a number of the Black Panthers and other miscreants who were passing through Algeria and has some entertaining tales to tell The book really could have benefited from a competent editor as Ms Mokhtefi has led a fascinating unusual and varied lifeThere are a few nasty notes however How can you live in a North African country for 12 years and not speak Arabic Despite her louanges to the sensibilities of the Algerian people she never bothered to learn their language which makes one wonder how much she missed during those years that we would have loved to hear about This shortcoming is typically colonialist and shared by many French people who never made the effort In contrast her Algerian husband signed up for ESL courses soon after the couple arrived in New YorkShe has some appallingly racist words for the pied noirs On page 56 she writes of them They were functionaries low level employees small business people soldiers policemen professionals and technicians Some did settle on land stolen or seized from the native population over the course of history What I know is that they were callous racist cruel and ignominious They held power in their greedy hands and lived the good life They represented the white world They were few exceptionsWell that is uite a generalization for a million people I presume that Camus might be one of those exceptions Maybe also Yves San Laurent Patrick Bruel Enrico Macias Jacues Attali and Paul Belmondo to name just a few Ms Mokhtefi doesn't seem to know much about the pieds noirs having arrived in Algeria after they had all left but she could have taken some time in France to become a little informed Most of these people were victimized by history as much as the Algerians were victimized by the French They were hardly responsible for Algeria tortured history which got even worse after the French left and were very much just struggling to get through life much like the author's parents were as they went from one business failure to another in depression era New York Texas and Connecticut If fact holding the average petit bourgeois pied noir responsible for Algerian suffering makes about as much sense as holding the Ms Mokhtefi nee Klein responsible for the miseries of the Palestinians whose rightful cause she has supported her entire life And unlike Ms Mokhtefi many of those pieds noirs did speak ArabicThe author also completely glosses over the many thousands of Algerians slaughtered by a bloodthirsty FLN on its way to power focusing entirely on the atrocities from the French sideWith those exceptions I do congratulate the author on a life well lived and her exceptional courage in melding a life that made the unusual span from Ridgefield to Algiers and back to the Upper West SideAs to fate of Algeria it is a depressing fact that its history since independence has been so horrific that Algerians would probably have been better off sticking with the French Many of the pieds noirs that Mokhtefi so despises were anxious in the 1950s to change the society to one that was integrated and respected the rights of all both as a matter of principle and as the only possibility of avoiding a bloody civil war There were many French politicians who believed the same These people were swept away by the course of history Fortunately or maybe not for Algeria oil and gas was discovered Had it not been the country would have had nothing to export to the rest of the world and Algerians would now be living in abject poverty Or maybe the absence of fossil fuels might have forced them to make something of themselves and their luminous and so magnificent country

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Nt of the International Section of the Black Third World Capital Freedom Fighters PDFEPUBPanther Party in Algiers and was close at hand as the group became involved in intrigue murder and international hijackings She traveled for and with the Panthers and organised Cleavers clandestine departure for France Algiers Third World Capital is an unforgettable story of an era of passion and promise. Loved it the author takes you inside the world of the Black Panthers in Algeria as well as worldwide during a most important time She offers a worthwhile perspective having been very involved in their world from the perspective of one who supported their values but with thoughtful reflections

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Algiers Third World Capital Freedom Fighters Revolutionaries Black PanthersFollowing the World Capital ePUB #10003 Algerian war for independence and the defeat of France in Algiers became the liberation capital of the Third World Here Elaine Mokhtefi who as a young American woman Algiers Third PDF or had become involved in the struggle and worked with leaders of the Algerian Revolution including Frantz Fanon found a home As a journalist and translator she lived amo. This is a gripping memoir not only of the Algerian struggle for liberation in the face of an unremittingly brutal French colonial war but also a brief and brisk history of the turbulent period of revolutionary decolonization and anti colonial struggles in Africa West Asia and the Far East in the so called Third World It is honest heartfelt and often thrilling with lots of fascinating details about Fanon the Black Panthers and Eldridge Cleaver and much else besides It gives you a wonderful taste of the period It reads well and I simply breezed through Mokhtefi's unpretentious prose A joy to read