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characters Great Book 100 ô ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☄ Great Book Author David Bentley Hart – FlaskBook If you want to build web services and APIs, this video course shows you how to do it with Flask, the popular web framework that’s small, lightweight, and powerfulUsing detailed examples, M FlaskBook If you want to build FlaskBook If you want to build web services and APIs this video course shows you how to do it with Flask the popular web framework that’s small lightweight and powerfulUsing detailed examples Miguel Grinberg shows you how to create APIs for database backed services as well as Internet enabled devices The Education of Henry Adams Wikipedia The Educatio. This book is a revelation It is an aggressive defense of Christianity against half educated nil informed critics trying to make cheap bucks by bashing believers It also serves to remind Christians of the power and splendor of young Chrisitanity

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Great BookN of Henry Adams is an autobiography that records the struggle of Bostonian Henry Adams – in his later years to come to terms with the dawning th century so different from the world of his youth It is also a sharp critiue of th century educational theory and practice In Adams began privately circulating copies of a limited edition printed at his own e. I had high hopes for this book having heard good things about the author however I found this very much a mixed bagHe begins with uite an abusive and dismissive tone for the New Atheists which I didn't really see the point of They may or may not have bad arguments but it is up to those who disagree with them to just out argue them not engage in protracted name calling Hart seems to spend a lot time telling the reader how bad the New Atheist arguments are than actually providing telling arguments against themThe middle section of the book is the better part he provides some evidence that the traditional list of examples that atheists typically come up with from Christian history to show how irrational and bigoted Christians have always been are largely fictitious or not particular to Christians for example the famous burning of the library at Alexandra has much better evidence that it was actually done by Julius Cesar and the evidence that there was a library at the time of the Christian riots usually attributed to its destruction is pretty meagre By contrast there is plenty of evidence that Christians used and valued intellectual writings from the ancient worldSimilarly the example of Galileo Hart argues is much about Galileo being very poor at keeping on the good side of powerful families rather than about being persecuted for his scienceAnother example is the burning of witches Hart argues persecution of witches was condemned by the Catholic church and attempts at witch hunts were stopped it when it had influence it is only in Protestant countries or countries where the influence of the Catholic church was weak that persecution happenedIt is when we get to the last part of the book that things go downhill again Hart describes a modern world I don't recognise of everyone caught up in seeking wealth and fame not caring about the poor or excluded immoral and blind to the conseuences of their actions Yes of course there are many people like this but there are also many who are not and are trying hard to create a better world people concerned about the planet about sexism and racism animal rights redistribution of wealth gender rights disability rights and so on and these people are not all practising Christians or any other religion yes there are many who have a faith and there are many who do notHart also didn't help his claim to historical objectivity in his attempt to make Marx a racist I checked his sources and although Marx's language wasn't ideal he was talking about tactics for success during the 1848 revolutions not a general belief in racial ineuality That of course made me concerned about his credibility for this middle section of the book that dealt with history because much of the time with these things it isn't practical to go back to all the primary sources so it is important for the author to be credibleSo overall a disappointing book the history section in the middle is worth reading assuming Hart is reliable in his accounts but otherwise I remain unconvinced and I am a practising Christian so it wasn't as if I was particularly biased against him