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review Hot for the Ranger (Hot for Heroes Book 8) 103 ´ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Hot for the Ranger (Hot for Heroes Book 8) By Ember Flint ⚣ – A Curvy Girl Mountain Man Second Chance RomanceWhat if you made the perfect love connection and then you forgot about it 37 year old former Army Ranger WyOw them together againDear Reader By sayingmaybeI meansure it willthis is a full blown HEA guaranteed cheesy sweet novella after all and Wyatt Kenna are just too in love not to find their way into each others arms againThis NO cheating steamy book has it all and does away with all the unwanted annoyances you dont ever wanna see in your cute romantic readsSo lets see what exactly did I throw into this thing amnesia hot insta love all over the place and sweet second chance romance at the same time a cluelessliterallypossessive growly big alpha mountain man with a beardof coursea sweet curvy heroine with a heart that needs mending an unexpected inheritance soap opera uality medical miracles a uaint small town in the Rockies as a backdrop a red hot passion that will set your kindle on fire and a boatload of babiesHot for Heroes is a series of short and sizzling romances Make sure to check out the rest of the booksHot for the Marine by Beatrice BraeHot for the Firefighter by Autumn SummersHot for the Cop by Sadie KingHot for the Sergeant by Liz FoxHot for the Doctor by Brynn HaleHot for the Pilot by Barbra CampbellHot for the Navy Seal by CL CruzHot for the Soldier by Elisa Leigh. Awesome story Wyatt and Kenna meet a week before he’s being deployed They m

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Aiting for a call that never came Five years ago year old graphic designer Kenna Davis took a grudging break from studying to go on a brief oceanside vacation with her roommate A whirlwind romance with a stranger was the last thing she expected but she got it all the sameFor seven days she had it alland everything was toe curling kisses fast beating hearts magic nights and a head full of ahappily ever afterthat she couldnt wait to start living And then he had to leaveHe told her they were each others forever and that she was his heart and she believed him how could she not when she could feel so deeply that he was hersHe promised he would call soon that he would come back for her and Kenna promised she would wait And she didThere are hateful days when she wishes she could forget it all but most of the time she still longs for him The memories that haunt her have kept her alone all these years but they are still much sweeter than they are bitter and she cant let go of them yet but maybe she can start to move on nowShes the part ofhis soulhe didnt know was lostHes the part ofher soulshe cant bear to forgetAnd maybejust maybethe very fate that ripped them apart will finally thr. Another book to add to my top 5 of the yearI Freaking Loved This StoryOk I kn

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Hot for the Ranger Hot for Heroes Book 8A Curvy Girl Mountain Man Second Chance RomanceWhat if you made the perfect love connection and then you forgot about it year old former Army Ranger Wyatt Ridge doesnt remember much from his past including that one week that had finally changed his lonely life for the better When he woke up he was told he had no one but that wasnt trueFor seven days Hot for Epubhe had it allthen a cruel twist of fate took everything away from himIt should be okay since he doesnt recall a single moment of itbut it isnt No one would believe that you could feel the loss of something you dont even recollect ever having had in the first place but Wyatt does he feels the lossevery dayand he has for five years now even if he has no name for his longing and the ache in his heartOne bullet to the head should have killed him and he knows he is lucky to be alive but he cant help the feeling that his injury tooksomethingfarprecious than breathing from him Now he is an entirely different kind of ranger and his existence is one of stubborn solitude and hard work in the wilderness of a nature that is the one thing hedoesremember loving from beforeWhat if you were sure to have found the one only to end up w. This book is about Wyatt and Kenna It’s an emotional story that makes you c