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Arts Steiner passionately argues that a transcendent reality grounds all genuine art and human communication A real tour de force All the vir. I was introduced to this book 3 years ago whilst reading Richard Holmes' 2 volume biography of Coleridge I had been particularly interested in Coleridge because I found out that even in the grips of an Opium addiction he had travelled to Germany in 1789 90 at first with Wordsworth in order to learn German so that he could read Immanuel Kant on Metaphysics in the original language As yet there was no English translation only hearsay Having myself struggled immensely to get to grips with reading Kant in English I was under no illusion about the sheer genius of Coleridge actually to undersdtand what Kant had to say Kant argues for the reality of the transcendent and in reading him Coleridge himself took on a similar position in opposition to the scepticism of Hartley and HumeIn a footnote in Holmes' Biography Vol 1 p 320 he recommends the essay our present book by George Steiner who had been his mentor in these words Beyond the problem of 'personal authenticity' seems to be the uestion whether life or literature can have meaning without some form of Divine continuity or assurance within the structure of reality These difficult issues have been most recently raised by Geoge Steiner in 'Real Presences'This is a very difficult read Class 5 in mountain climbing terms and after reading it 3 times I think I begin to understand what is being said and why it is so important in our current cultural and religious climateBy looking at our 'poietics' literature art and music he makes a case that all significant art forms are underwritten or guaranteed by the presence of Word or Logos and Divine Logos at that Attacking the prevalence of secondary literature over creative art and similarly arguing against deconstruction which denies any ultimate meaning behind our words Steiner's case becomes a wager in the manner of Pascal This essay argues a wager on transcendence It argues that there is in the art act and its reception that there is in the experience of meaningful form a presumption of presence p 214 Steiner is well aware that his position is an unfashionable one But as he insists It is I believe poetry art and music which relate us most directly to that in being which is not ours p 226Immensely difficult; richly rewarding

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Real PresencesTues of the author's astounding intelligence and compelling rhetoric are evident from the first sentence onward Anthony C Yu Journal of Religi. Hard to follow at times but Steiner is worth the effort

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Real Presences Summary » PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ç [Read] ➵ Real Presences Author George Steiner – Can there be major dimensions of a poem a painting a musical composition created in the absence of God Or is God always a real presence in the arts Steiner passionately argues that a transcendCan there be major dimensions of a poem a painting a musical composition created in the absence of God Or is God always a real presence in the. After reading this title I got the impression that Steiner is interested in showing off his hyper erudition than really getting a point across He is too enad by his own learnedness and makes sure to show it on page after page If he would remove himself and his self congratulatory stance towards his education what lays between the lines would come forth in a effective way for the less than erudite readerJaye Beldo NetnousAolCom