READ Essential Words for the GRE 4th Edition (Barron's Test Prep) 107

READ Essential Words for the GRE, 4th Edition (Barron's Test Prep)

READ Essential Words for the GRE, 4th Edition (Barron's Test Prep) 107 Î ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Essential Words for the GRE, 4th Edition (Barron's Test Prep) By Join or create book clubs ❅ – An extensive working vocabulary is a prereuisite for test taking success on the Graduate Ist with extensive practice exercises and a chapter that discusses and analyzes essential word roots The book concludes with a post test to assess progress Answers are provided for all exercises and for all uestions in the pre and post test. I personally found this book very helpful in learning new words especially since I had only two weeks to do it thus I had to stuff my head with 50 words on average every day The examples after the definitions and match fill in the blank exercises in the end of each 10 word unit made learning easy and stress free I rarely had to consult other sources for additional clarification Also the book contains a word roots section in the end where it teaches you how to recognize and approximate the meaning of unknown words by taking them apartlearning the common roots Finally there are two testsreviews one after the 800 essential words and one after the root section summarizing test for the whole book Overall I would say that this is a helpful simple yet comprehensive study guide for all the words you will need for GRE and surely ever AFTER it If you begin studying early you will discover that this book is a miracleStrongly recommend I think it is one of the best products also considering its value in its category on the market

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For the PDFEPUB #232 An extensive working vocabulary is a prereuisite for test taking success on the Graduate Record Exam This Essential Words PDF or book presents graduate level words with definitions that freuently appear on the exam Word. I bought this book because of its price I've been holding it for a while Since I worked through half of the book already I wanna give some tips to the people who're using this GRE word book The explanations are NOT very accurate It seems like they've tried to cut the explanations shorter and this is what causes the problem In order to get the precise meaning of the words READ ITS EXAMPLE SENTENCE For example for the word piuant its actual meaning is appealingly SPICY instead of STIMULATING You can see the real meaning by reading the example which has clearly stated spicy

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Essential Words for the GRE 4th Edition Barron's Test PrepS are used in Words for the PDFEPUB #236 different contexts to familiarize test takers with their many variations The book's additional features include a pre test Words for the GRE 4th Epubthat helps to diagnose weaknesses a lengthy word l. When I was studying for the GREs I became a crazy person It is difficult to improve your verbal score so I knew that I needed an extra study aid to memorize the necessary vocabulary words I decided to purchase this book in particular because of the great reviews Needless to say the reviews were accurate and the book was amazingI would go through a chapter and make an index card for each word that I did not recognize I used colored index cards green for positive words red for negative etc and on the back I divided it into four suares short definition synonyms antonyms and an illustration of the wordit sounds crazy but it worked The end of each chapter included several exercises for the new terms matching truefalse and filling in the blanks I found this extremely helpful; it was engaging and stimulating which is important when you are studying mundane vocabulary terms I completed the entire book and managed to memorize the unfamiliar words I believe that my success on the verbal section of the GREs I managed to get a 162 are due in part to the activities and words found in this bookAs a poor college student the price of this book was AWESOME That along with the fact that it was super helpful makes it a great purchase