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The Borgias: Power and Depravity in Renaissance Italy Download Ø 109 Ú ➺ [Download] ➶ The Borgias: Power and Depravity in Renaissance Italy By Paul Strathern ➻ – The Borgia family have become a byword for evil Corruption incest ruthless megalomania avarice and The Borgia family have become Power and MOBI #238 a byword for evil Corruption incest ruthless megalomania avarice and vicious cruelty all have been associated with their name And yet paradoxically this family lived when the Renaissance was coming into its full flowering in Italy Examples of infamy flourished alongside some of the finest art produced in western history            This is but one of several paradoxes asso. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent history of the Borgias particularly of Rodrigo who became Pope Alexander and his children Cesare and Lucretia The Borgias have become infamous for their ambition violence depravity and allegations of incest although the author makes clear that these allegations were likely to be unfoundedWhat is certain is that whilst occupying high clerical office they pursued earthy aims Rodrigo fathered numerous children whilst a cardinal and then Pope whilst pursuing territorial expansion across Italy through various conflicts often led by his son CesareThe writing is accessible interesting and informative and tends to steer clear of most of the lurid allegations It makes for an excellent and enjoyable read

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As Power and ePUB #180 Borgias must be related to their time together with the world which enabled them to flourish Within this context the Renaissance itself takes on a very different aspect Was the corruption part of the creation or vice versa                       The primitive psychological forces which first played out in the amphitheaters of ancient Greece are all here Along with the final tragic downfal. This books explores the Borgia family in all its brilliance and depravity Alexander VI must have been the most amoral of all the power hungry individuals of his time The book tells of his attempt to set up a family dynasty to rule the western world at a time when the popes were held to be god’s true representative on earth The Catholic Church at that time held real power and influence over people’s lives and people believed that their actions were watched over and judged by an all seeing and all powerful god

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The Borgias Power and Depravity in Renaissance ItalyCiated The Borgias eBook #191 with the Borgia family For the family which produced corrupt popes depraved princes and poisoners would also produce a saint These paradoxes which so characterize the Borgias have seldom been examined in great detail Previously history has tended to condemn or attempt in part to exonerate this remarkable family Yet in order to understand the Borgias muchis needed than evidence for and against The Borgi. The author Paul Strathern has a fascination for the 16th century and his books are very readable The Borgias were and remain a notorious family and lethally dangerous to anyone who crossed them Machiavelli thought so and wrote The Prince with Cesare Borgia as his model This book was very favourably reviewed in The Times some months ago and as I have read the authors books in the past I thought this one was worth purchasing I was not disappointed Strathern's writing style is accessible and he doesn't bore the reader unlike some historians so I would recommend this book highly For anyone unfamiliar with the Borgias this is the book to read