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In the Society officials decide Who you love Where you work When you dieCassia has always trusted their choices It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life the perfect job the ideal mate So when her best friend The fart was this I justthe FART WAS THISThat beautiful cover is mean It drew me right in with its pretty lime green bubble bait of death Can't help wanting to have some of my favorite color on my reading shelf Hnnnnng It said READ ME OR I WILL MURDER YOU FAMILY And I bought it so it'd stop glaring at me in the teeny bopper section of BNI opened Matched and snails came at me with their shells and antennae of slime and grime and chime and dime SNAILS EVERYWHERE I couldn't move I couldn't breathe I was forced to understand things that weren't first explained It was horrible I tell youMatched tells the story of Cassia Reyes robot extraordinaire who lives in this nameless City run by the Society It has a Hill an Arboretum and Outer Provinces and special 'emergency tablets' but don't worry they're not dove into right away so you're supposed to know all about this place right the fuck away Thankfully Cassia finds it necessary to tell us about this Matching ceremony that binds people together for life but teens have flings anyway so how is this Matching accurate Then Cassia gets her Match her bff Xander Carrow cool kid the best of the best She goes Yay But then a NEW FACE APPEARS SHIT It's this kid that she knows named Ky Markham who's an Aberration you know people who's parents got an Infraction and now the kids are screwed too or something Whatever forbidden love all around Take it in folks But Cassia simply must know why the Society fudged up and thus says Looks like it's up to MELet's burn this little suckah down to the GROUND WHERE IT BELONGSWriting I will give a nod to Ally Condie for not completely fucking up the style in this book There was some nice prose especially with the scenes with Ky and Cassia writing poetry while hiking OH BUT WAIT we discuss later in this book that even though these citzens can read and operate computers they can't write Someone tells me how that makes sense and I'll give them a cookie or something Until then fook that noiseAnother point on the writing was the pacing The snail pace of Matched was the exact reason why I ran to Vladdy Tod said HOLD ME SWEET LORD finished it in a day cried my heart out figuratively then stumbled back into this mess There was nothing exciting going on in this book I'll give a bone to Condie for providing some nice romantic scenes and one scene where I actually had a small sense of grief but everything else was robotic plain and uninteresting Even good old Robot Jones had personality than most characters in the beginning of this novelSPEAKING OF CHARACTERS WHO ARE ROBOTIC how about that Cassia Reyes Or hell the entire Reyes family Molly and Abran Reyes are just drones to the Society in the beginning Mr Reyes gets better later on and even Cassia does too I mean she even makes strong good decisions STUNNING INDEED Bram was adorable though I'll give Condie that tooXander and Ky were the two dudes in this pain stakingly unnecessary love triangle but then again what is YA without one right It must be some new reuired rule that I could give less than a fuck about Moving on the good thing the ONLY good thing is that both of these guys aren't abusive douchey lust filled or cocky They are normal guy friends with Cassia and THANK YOU LORD FOR BLESSING ME THAT MUCH Sadly the need for this love triangle is never seen to me I just see that forbidden love nonsense and another boy is hopelessly in the wayXander teased Cassia in a best friend way he was nice and smart and tried to live in the Society with no problems He never wanted anything bad or maddening to happen; he just wanted the ordinary life of being Matched But no Cassia couldn't have that So she sneaks around with KyBut it's with Ky that she can actually evolve from a robot into a real girl Ky is a rare catch cause he can write He likes poetry I bet he plays guitar and sings songs in the forbidden lands that are mentioned once and never again Ky is a good character He's not trying to get Cassia to fall for him and he has a nice personalityMs Robot remained just that all throughout this book except for the times she was with Ky Ky saved her from my strangles She should be lucky But again when she does develop she is a good character She is strong she does what is right when she has to And shockingly enoughShe's not an idiot That may take a few seconds to sink inbut I'll waitSo what blew this up for me What killed this book Le structure There is close to nothing Structure is nearly dead It was horrifying and I wished the snails holding me to this book would at least grant me a half assed story with the somewhat nice characters made by Condie But no I was not given thatIf there was anything set up correctly in this book I would be alright with things happening the way they were BUT THERE WAS NO CLIMAX NOTHING THAT DROVE THIS ENTIRE BOOK OTHER THAN CASSIA'S RELATIONSHIP WITH KY Sure it was cute but there has to be a bigger story than romance This is dystopian gimme GODDAMN FUCKING DYSTOPIAN This is why I can't handle those fucking triangles Even a suare would be entertaining for Boba Fett's sake And the antagonistswhere were theyThe whole Society is the antagonist Doy B No no no I'm talking about that ONE ROADBLOCK that means to drive Cassia into Hell preferably on a motorcycle HAHAHAHA I'm not funny There is that one person who drives to destroy Cassia's hopes and dreams and gigglesnort the hell out of it later Now that character does exist but I think Condie had a tough time with names or something This lady was a single Official one that bothered the shit out of Cassia What was her name you askTHERE WASN'T ONE SHE WAS NO NAME Ol' No NameHow What KSJDBfLKJSBDGKLA She actually has a name Courtesy of commenter Alejandra her name was Officer Standler which is mentioned once and only once But Who's the real antagonist The ACTUAL ONE It's not Cassia vs the entire fucking Society is it Jesus fuck that doesn't make ANY SENSEThey shouldn't be trusted I got that but how can we tell if the Society wants Cassia dead or whatever when we don't even know the head honcho of the Society Or why there's an Official for EVERY PERSON LIVING That's like saying there's a soldier for every citizen in the United States WE DON'T KNOW WE HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE CONDIE AIN'T TELLING Give us a mention or something I need to know thingsBrings me to that anti climactic ending Cassia mov

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Matched By Ally CondAppears on the Matching screen Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the oneuntil she sees another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black Now Cassia is faced with impossible choices that feeling when you enjoy a book go and check out other reviews see it has a friend average of 299 and then you silently uestion everything about your life 😂i dont know what to say other then i liked this i thought it was fresh original and entertaining i thought the plot was cool i found myself caring about the characters and im looking forward to the next book my entertainment standards must be pretty low lol ↠ 4 stars

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PDF ´ BOOK Matched By Ally Condie FREE ¶ ➾ [Download] ➾ Matched By Ally Condie ➳ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk In the Society officials decide Who you love Where you work When you dieCassia has always trusted their choices It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life the perfect job the ideal mate So when he In the Between Xander and Ky between the only life she’s known and a path no one else has ever dared follow between perfection and passion Matched is a story for right now and storytelling with the resonance of a class Everything in this book is so CLEAN I loved that You have to understand I had a thing for utopian societies in high school BRAVE NEW WORLD THIS PERFECT DAY HARRISON BERGERON oh yes I've read them all And what struck me about some of them was that it was supposed to be the perfect future society but everyone just seemed so sweaty But not so in the Society Everything is carefully sanitized Clothes are clean or uickly changed when they are not The world has been cleaned up there are only one hundred poems left one hundred paintings because too many choices too many THINGS contributed to the confusion of their ancestors us in short The world has been streamlined recycled and recreated into this sterile perfection and it fascinated me I loved the fact that Cassia feels like things are spiraling out of control and they are for her But she continues to eat her specially prepared meals continues to go to work and to the school so the temptation to succumb to go back to the dreamy calm of no choices and no worries is always there The reader wonders until the last page what will she do Will the Society pull her back in or will she rebel Her dilemma is artfully done and there is appeal in both of her choices It was what kept me reading along with the flawlessness of this serene Society which Ally Condie has createdSo this book has been heavily promoted I should be so lucky as to have PR like this And with that comes the fear that the book itself isn't very good just the PR team Well have no fear my people The book is worth the hype This is 1984 for teens and it works Also I myself am not a romance person particularly when it comes to YA I will admit there have been other books in which my eyes rolled so much I feared they would fall out I loved the romance in this one I thought it was very natural and very well doneTwo thumbs way up for Ally and MATCHED Can't wait for the seuel