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Reader È Blind Vigil ✓ Download ä Matt coyle â ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Blind Vigil Author Matt Coyle – Anthony and Lefty Award winning AuthorA friend arrested for murder A vicious killer lurking in the shadows A world of darknessBlinded by a gunshot wound to theMe partner Moira MacFarlane asks for his help on a case she’s taken for Rick’s former best friend The case is simple and Moira only needs Rick for one interview but Rick is wary of waking sleeping demons Ultimately he goes against his gut and takes the case which uickly turns deadly Rick’s old compulsion of finding the truth no matter the cost the same compulsion that cost him Another excellent story in this series and so well written I absolutely love the entire series This is a 5 star all the way Can't wait for the next one

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His eyesight and almost his life battles against his desire to escape his past The stakes are raised when Rick’s friend is implicated in murder and needs his help Can he help the friend he no longer trusts while uestioning his own lessened capabilities? His life depends on the answer as a shadowy killer lurks in the darknessPerfect for fans of Michael Connelly and John Sandford  Not Even Blindness Can’t Stop Rick Cahill from Being Rick CahillThis novel starts with Rick waking up in a dark void He was shot in the face at the end of the last novel The tissue around his optic nerves was damaged and swelled resulting in his blindness When he was well enough he moved back to his home in Bay Ho near La Jolla CA Fortunately while in Santa Barbara he met an old friend and fell in love Unfortunately she owns and runs a business in Santa Barbara so she is splitting her time between Santa Barbara and Bay Ho While his PI license was good for another year he was having second thoughts Soon there is a knock on the door and his dog Midnight grows at the door Rick opens it and recognizes through familiar scents that it was his on again off again partner Moira She has come for his help She has been approached by Rick’s friend and former boss Turk He is suspicious that his current girlfriend who he wants to marry may be cheating on him and asked Moria to find out if that is true Moria recently had a similar case After telling the client that it was true he murdered the woman and killed himself She does not want to be responsible for something like that again She wants Rick to be there during the interviews listen to Turk and tell her if there is any danger of Turk going ballistic Well it is not a spoiler to say that it did not work out wellThe main storyline keeps hitting up against many obstacles How each one is tackled and overcame captured my attention uickly and was maintained it throughout the novel Also a major aspect of this novel that I enhanced my enjoyment in reading this novel was how Rick’s blindness affects how the novel unfolds Once he was asked to help Moira the Private investigator PI in his blood comes back into prominence His sense of justice and loyalty well defined in the previous novels is just as strong here He even wants to accompany Moira in stakeouts and wants a meaningful role in the defense of Turk Again it is not a spoiler to stay that these really caused problems Much of the B storyline deals with how Rick handles his new blindness Personally I do not know any blind persons nor have talked to any but the author to me portrays the trials and tribulations of learning to live with sudden blindness uite well Counting and remembering steps between locations than what is in the house In fact how Rick accommodates his blindness over the course of the novel is a very C—storylineThere is some vulgar language but the level never seems to be anywhere near objectionable levels for me There are not any intimate scenes There is violence described as it happens that to me is edgy than the instances described after the fact The descriptions are not handled uickly without sensationalism For these aspects I believe that only the readers that are very sensitive to language would find this novel objectionableOther observations are that it was an easy and uick read I could not put it down and read late into the evening when I should be sleeping I finished a little faster than other novels of this length Next this is not the first novel in the series and major themes from the previous novels exist in this novel I’ve read only two of the previous novels and I never felt that anything was left unexplained If you have not read any other novels in the series you can start with this one Lastly all the loose ends tied up by the end of the novel Of course the major themes I mentioned before will continue in subseuent novels I hope there are so I do not consider that these are loose endsOverall I really enjoyed reading this novel After reading the last novel I went and purchased from com the novels of this series that I had not read yet I rate this novel with five stars Have an enjoyable readI have received a free e book version of this novel through Edelweiss from Oceanview Publishing with an expectation for an honest unbiased review I wish to thank Oceanview Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this novel early

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Blind Vigil Anthony and Lefty Award winning AuthorA friend arrested for murder A vicious killer lurking in the shadows A world of darknessBlinded by a gunshot wound to the face while working as a private investigator nine months ago Rick Cahill is now sure of only one thing he has to start a new life and leave his old one behind He’s still trying to figure out what that life is when his oneti No doubt I sound like a broken record but I really really like this series The central character Rick Cahill is the perfect combination of tough background and no nonsense approach to his life and his job as a private detective empathy perhaps not so much As this one begins though he's having a hard time; he's still recovering from being shot in the face nine months earlier which among other things left him totally blindHe's not sure where his path will lead next but given his condition being a private eye is pretty much out of the uestion when neither of yours is working But then he gets a call from old partner Moira MacFarlane who tells him another old but now estranged friend Turk Moldoon wants to hire her to find out if his girlfriend Shay is cheating on him Moira says she needs Rick's insights when she goes to interview Turk if the man doesn't seem on the up and up she doesn't want to take the caseTurk doesn't seem all that happy to see Rick again but he's desperate to learn the truth about his girlfriend Meantime Rick must deal with his own issues that come with adjusting to blindness and a somewhat long distance romance with his partner Leah Soon though he's drawn into the case in a way he never expected as Turk finds himself the primary suspect in a murder case Just about everyone involved including Moira think Turk is guilty But Rick is certain his old friend isn't capable of such an act and sets out to prove it even if he can't see his own hand in front of his mangled up faceMuch of the book focuses on how Rick deals with his injuries and I must say to that end he's got amazing intestinal fortitude I'm pretty sure I'd just hole up in my house and let the rest of the world pass me by unseen Rick isn't one to feel sorry for himself though at least not when his friend is looking at a lifetime in prison There's plenty of action some of which puts Rick's life in danger all making for a terrific adventure that made me sorry when I got to the end Thanks once again to the publisher via NetGalley for allowing me to read and review a pre release copy