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READ God’s Traitors: Terror and Faith in Elizabethan England õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð [BOOKS] ⚦ God’s Traitors: Terror and Faith in Elizabethan England By Jessie Childs – Winner of the PEN Hessell Tiltman PrizeLonglisted for The Samuel Johnson PIn Elizabethan England an age in which their faith was criminalised and almost two hundred Catholics were executed From dawn raids to daring escapes stately homes to torture chambers Gods Traitors exposes the tensions masked by the cult of Gloriana and is a timely reminder of the terrible conseuences when religion and politics collide. This book charts the experiences of the catholic community during ueen Elizabeth’s reign using the history of the Vaux family as the principal vehicleBy grounding the narrative in the history of a particular family Childs has brought this period to life and one gets a real sense of how individuals experienced the period as well as the collective sense of paranoia that must have prevailed in the late sixteenth centuryWell written and well researched this is a fascinating glimpse into the life of an oppressed minority in Elizabethan England

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Winner of the PEN Hessell Tiltman PrizeLonglisted for Terror and Epub #218 The Samuel Johnson Prize for Non FictionA Sunday Times Book of the Year ADaily Telegraph Book of the Year A Times Book of the YearAn Observer Book of the YearA woman awakes in a prison cellShe has been on the run but the authorities have tracked her down and tak. It is an interesting uestion as to what drove the Elizabethan recusants the Roman Catholics who refused to outwardly conform In these days of suicide bombers it is easy enough to understand the fanatics the priests who suffered torture and horrible deaths But what of those who supported themThe young Jesuit priests would not allow them to compromise and condemned them on pain of hell fire and damnation to suffer ever fines committing them to heavy debts if not ruin unlike the many catholics who did outwardly conform such as the well known case of William Byrd the Master of the ueen's MusicThe book focuses on the Vaux family The elder Lord Vaux seems an unlikely candidate for martyrdom a rather vague man who was not good at managing his money or his estates Thanks to the tribal solidarity of the aristocracy he had friends in high places but there was a limit to the protection they could afford and his excuse for non attendance at his local protestant parish Church that his estate and private chapel were his own parish were unsuccessful He paid his fines and muddled through His daughters however were formidable and indomitable sheltering priests and putting themselves at considerable risk to the point of suffering imprisonmentThis book is well researched and it provides an interesting insight into the catholic noncomformity and opposition to the Elizabethan state and also to the 'Gunpowder Plot' of 1605 Whilst not attempting to answer the uestion of motive it does provide an interesting and readable history of the life of one family of recusants

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God’s Traitors Terror and Faith in Elizabethan EnglandEn her to the Tower of London where she is interrogated about the Gunpowder Plot The woman is Anne Vaux one of the ardent brave and exasperating members of the aristocratic Vauxes of Harrowden Hall Through the eyes God’s Traitors PDFEPUB or of this remarkable family award winning author Jessie Childs explores the Catholic predicament. God’s Traitors’ by Jessie Childs tells the story of Catholic recusancy in the Elizabethan and early Jacobean periods through the prism of the Vaux family Ever since the break from Rome during Henry VIII’s reign Catholics were faced with swearing a dual loyalty to their monarch and the Pope with many unable to swear the former The execution of Protestants during the country’s brief swing back to Catholicism under Mary I did not help their cause under the long reign of Elizabeth I During that time and following Elizabeth’s excommunication by the Pope Catholics also faced ever increasing hefty fines and punishments for refusing to attend Anglican services The beginnings of the Jesuit mission and various abortive plots meant that Catholics came under immense pressure to conform and anyone found to be harbouring priests in the ingeniously devised Nicholas Owen hides could expect severe penalties including the ultimate sanctionHow complicit the leader of the Jesuit mission Henry Garnet was in the Gunpowder Plot will probably never be fully known but Childs makes a good case for him to be aware of it if somewhat naive in his euivocation although he was bound by the confessional Childs has written a highly intelligent and readable historical narrative that gives a real flavour of how it must have felt to be living in those times It was an age when tolerance was an anathema to the authorities as there could only be one true religion Discovery and disclosure was an ever present danger with people prepared to go to extremes in order to protect their threatened religion In her epilogue Childs without overstating the case makes the allusion to how religion and politics are still mixed up with fundamentalism persecution martyrdom and fanaticism and how plots and conspiracies still abound After the Gunpowder Plot was discovered Robert Wintour told Guy Fawkes about a dream that tormented him of a “scarred city with steeples blown ‘awry’ and charred disfigured faces”