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Summary Ó Captivated: A Colter Shaw Short Story ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❮Ebook❯ ➨ Captivated: A Colter Shaw Short Story Author Jeffery Deaver – A gripping ebook short story from international bestseller Jeffery Deaver introducing uniue Eeing a bad marriage and he follows her trail to a secret retreat in IndianaA dangerous caseAs events take one surprising turn after another Shaw begins to wonder if theresto this mysterious woman than meets the ey. As you'd expect from Jeffery Deaver this is a good uality story It's a short one though and doesn't feature any tricky double ending It's straight forward and I enjoyed it Brief though it was It helps lay the foundation for his new character Colter Shaw who makes his first full length outing in the next novel The Never Game

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Eker making his living travelling the country and locating missing persons So when a woman disappears he uickly takes the caseA missing womanAs A Colter Shaw PDFEPUB #229 he investigates he suspects that she was fl. Not having read a Deaver book before and yet liking the genre in which he operates I recently applied for an advanced reading copy of his upcoming book “The Never Game” featuring new character Colter Shaw I figured why not start one of these books with an entirely new character and take it from there Then I saw that there was a short story this one in which Colter Shaw had been introduced so decided to buy itThis story is an incredibly short read particularly as the latter 30% is a taster of The Never GameDeaver has described his new lead character in an interview as follows “He was raised by a brilliant but troubled survivalist travels the country on missions to find criminals and missing persons when the law can’t—or won’t”I’m not yet sure how I’m going to get on with the actual book rather than this short introduction but this novella reads like the plot to an action movie and lacks some of the depth I had expected from an author of this calibre It’s very simplistic without too many twists or turns to keep the reader guessing but then again perhaps it’s a bit too short for thatI suspect a reader does not need to have read this character introduction before launching into the full book so my recommendation would be to wait for the release of The Never Game

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Captivated A Colter Shaw Short StoryA gripping ebook short story from international bestseller Colter Shaw PDFEPUB #188 Jeffery Deaver introducing uniue investigator Colter ShawA uniue investigatorColter Shaw is a career reward Captivated A PDF or se. Great character