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Five uarters of the OrangeEdy that took place during the German occupation decades before Although Framboise hopes for a new beginning she uickly discovers that past and present are inextricably intertwined Nowhere is this truth apparent than in the scrapbook of recipes she has inherited from her dead motherWith this book Framboise re creates her mother's dishes which she serves in her small creperie And yet as she studies the scrapbook searching for clues to unlock the con I am head over heels in love with this book Only a terrific author can write about something as appalling as war and occupation and uneccesary death but yet make you feel so alive and carefree whilste reading it The prose was as mouthwatering succulent and juicy as the food in the book and I wanted to be there Yes I wanted to run down to the Loire and swim and splash and yell and hang upsidedown from trees overhanging the river and race through sun soaked fields and pick fruit in the orchards I wanted to sneak off on the back of bike to the nearest village to watch a film in the cinema unbeknown to my mother I wanted to set traps in the Loire and catch fish and I wanted to go to market on a Thursday morning and sell home made pastries And all this under German occupation Only a talented author can make you feel like that while telling the story of something far sinisterThis is a book about an old woman who comes back to the village of her childhood but can't allow the villagers to find out who she really is Aged nine Framboise and her family has to make a hasty exit from Les Laveuses and now she can't allow them to know the truth of who she really is and also what really happnened back in 1942 The book is as sumptuous as it is teasing with bits of information that allows the reader to peice all the fragments together over the course of the story and lead us to the final catastrophic momentsI adored this book; it was ripe tangy and a feast for the senses I want to read it all over again But if not it has made me hungry and now I need to go and raid the fridge

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The novels of Joanne Harris are a literary feast for the senses Five uarters of the Orange represents Harris's most complex and sophisticated work yet a novel in which darkness and fierce joy come together to create an unforgettable storyWhen Framboise Simon returns to a small village on the banks of the Loire the locals do not recognize her as the daughter of the infamous Mirabelle Dartigen the woman they still hold responsible for a terrible trag I first read this book some time ago When I read it I throughly enjoyed it This year I found my mind going back to the book several times and decided I needed to read it againThere are only two books other than the Harry Potter Series that I have read than once Cold Mountain and now this book While reading this book for the second time I wondered at length what is drawing me back to this bookThe story is a dark story of a child growing up with a very difficult unpredictable mother in occupied France The only peaceful time that is shared by mother and child is while cookingI have found that many people do not like stories of difficulty between children and parents Either the readers want to escape or they have no basis of comparisonEach book that tells a story of this kind has been attractive to me I often see hope where others only see darkness These children are survivors Their spirits are not broken even though the relationships with their parents are nearly completely destroyedThis book is no different The main character comes to realize the humanity of her mother after returning to her homestead long after her mother dies and opens a cafe She finds that she has much in common with her mother and accepts the part of her that is so much like her motherNot only does this book find the hope in a difficult and unsettling relationship it has amazing food references Lovely images of mouth watering dishes Overall a very good read and I may just read it again

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PDF ☆ BOOK Five uarters of the Orange ´ JOANNE HARRIS ´ ❮EPUB❯ ✺ Five uarters of the Orange Author Joanne Harris – Eyltransferservices.co.uk The novels of Joanne Harris are a literary feast for the senses Five uarters of the Orange represents Harris's most complex and sophisticated work yeTradiction between her mother's sensuous love of food and often cruel demeanor she begins to recognize a deeper meaning behind Mirabelle's cryptic scribbles Within the journal's tattered pages lies the key to what actually transpired the summer Framboise was nine years oldRich and dark Five uarters of the Orange is a novel of mothers and daughters of the past and the present of resisting and succumbing and an extraordinary work by a masterful write I have to say that reading this novel made me appreciate Gentlemen and Players a bit This time I knew what I was getting with Joanne Harris a dark atmospheric novel of psychological suspense She can certainly create dysfunctional child characters It is hard to imagine that a nine year old could be so ruthless but it was a different time a different place and I felt for Framboise Just as Straitley was the perfect foil in Gentlemen and Players so Paul is in Five uarters of the Orange I liked them both They help soften the brutalityOne thing is certain; Joanne Harris' novels are not easily forgotten