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Summary ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Amy Davies Opal Im the VP of the Rugged Skulls MC the voice of reason in a crowd of chaos But even I need a helping hand when I lay my bike down And that help comes in the form of one sexy Army Doc who can knock me on my ass with a look She turns the world upside down forcing me t. I gave 5 stars as my expectations were mixed for some reason the description of the book didn't made me want to read it I picked up the book because of a recommendation and now I have to read Magnum which is the first book The story was engaging with twist and turns that made it impossible to put it down It had drama action and steaming hot attraction between Opal and Jodie both interesting characters even though I was tempted to bash both of them at different times their imperfections is what made me laugh & cry with them Jodie's son Tucker was fun & a sweetheart that will be breaking a lot of girls hearts when he grow up I am looking forward to reading Risky & Magnum's story and hopefully there will be books so we can get to know the rest of the Rugged Skulls members better

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Read & download ✓ Opal (Rugged Skulls MC Book 2) ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ [Read] ➼ Opal (Rugged Skulls MC Book 2) ➹ Amy Davies – Opal Im the VP of the Rugged Skulls MC the voice of reason in a crowd of chaos But even I need a helping h Anties Opals clearly got a magic touch He calms my soul and ignites my body simultaneously until Im craving everything about him But I know the MC life Theyve caused trouble for me in the pastBut the Rugged Skulls and their VP He could bring my entire world to its knees. Opal is the VP of the Rugged Skulls MCand after an accident on his bikehe found himself needing PT for his recoverybut little did he know the fiery ex Army medic and her son would be his other half to his worldHer hideous ex tried to take herbut of course the Skulls worked together to get her backwith outside helpYou never stand alone

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Opal Rugged Skulls MC Book 2O say the one word that means everything to my clubJodieIt was supposed to be one small favor for an old friend Take care of a biker that needed some help I wasnt prepared for that favor to be over six feet tall packed with muscles using a sexy grin to melt my goddamn p. OMGI was pulled into this book right from the get go and that is where I stayed until I had finished every single word that was written along with having my mini movie playing along in my headThere are twists turns and surprises throughout the story Some of the surprises you may see coming while others you won't Some are large while others are small Some will hit you in the face while other will pull on your heart strings Regardless of how these surprises come to you each and everyone of them holds eual importance in the storyI laughed I cried I got frustrated with certain characters in this book I felt every emotion that the characters went through and went through it with said character I will go through all again when I read this book again which will happenAmy Davies is a really brilliant author and she has become one of my go to authors This series is my favourite of hers at the moment it could change This book is definitely my favourite in this series I may have a crush on a few of the charactersI want to say thank you to Amy Davies for sharing her words with us I highly recommend her as an author and her booksThis book is in my top 5 favourite reads to datwIf you haven't read this book and are an MC fan you need to read it but read book one first it will help you understand the MC and how it's ranHighly highly recommend this book