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The Sheik kindle ã eBook 9781406933765 Free ¶ Edith Maude Hull º ❰BOOKS❯ ⚡ The Sheik Author Edith Maude Hull – Diana Mayo is young beautiful wealthy and independent Bored by the eligible bachelors and endless parties of the English aristocracy she arrangErary skill In the author's native England the bestselling book was labeled poisonously salacious by the Literary Review and banned from some communities But the public kept readingThe influence of The Sheik on romance writers and readers continues to resonate Despite controversy over its portrayal of sexual exploitation as a means to love The Sheik remains a popular classic for its representation of the social order of its time capturing contemporary attitudes toward colonialism as well as female power and independence that still strike a chord with readers toda 417 Guilty Pleasures moduleIf you think 'Beauty and the Beast' has Stockholm Syndrome this takes it to a whole new level

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Thing to get her back The power of love reaches across the desert sands leading to the thrilling and unexpected conclusionOne of the most widely read novels of the 1920s and forever fixed in the popular imagination in the film version starring the irresistible Rudolph Valentino The Sheik is recognized as the immediate precursor to the modern romance novel When first published there was nothing like it To readers the story was scandalous exotic and all consuming; to such critics as the New York Times the book was shocking although written with a high degree of lit Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest💙 I read this for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2018 Reading Challenge for the category of Classic Literature Romance For info on this challenge click here 💙In my review of THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER I said that Woodiwiss is often credited with writing the first bodice ripper While she was certainly one of the first mainstream authors to publish a widely read romance with an open bedroom door wink THE SHEIK has a shockingly similar formula to the modern bodice ripper and it was published in 1919 The only difference is a deliberate omission of sex scenes but it's clear that they're happening and it's eually clear that they're nonconsensualWARNING SPOILERS Diana Mayo that last name kills me by the way I kept picturing her as a pasty white jar of mayonnaise rolling through the desert is a tomboyish independent woman of noble birth who enjoys gallivanting through exotic locales with her rather unwilling and prissy brother who thinks that she ought to be submissive and demure She turns down a marriage proposal from a desperate admirer perhaps the first recorded incident of someone being placed in the friend zone and like most guys in the friend zone he doesn't get the rules so you know she's independent and then rejects her brother's suggestion that she perhaps oughtn't to ride through the desert alone except for a caravan escort of natives because again independentUnfortunately for Diana her escort has sold her out and she's ridden down and then captured by the eponymous sheik himself Ahmed Ben Hassan Who then rapes her Many timesWhile reading this book I kept thinking to myself that this probably would have not just been banned but probably also set on fire if it had been published in the late 70s when all those absolutely insane bodice rippers were being published and everyone was trying to out WTF each other This book desperately wants to be dirty and since sex is off the table it compensates with violence and racism Horses are beaten bloody a servant is whipped Ahmed shoots Diana's horse to punish her twice once to wound once to kill a woman is killed by having a knife driven through her heart and a man's hand is shattered when his rifle explodes while he was holding it It was as if the author was like By God If they won't let me write about the one bodily fluid I'll just write about the other More disturbing still is that all that horse breaking serves as an allegory for the hero and the heroine's unconventional relationship by the end of the book she is utterly broken a shell of her former self She admits that she no longer has any pride where he is concerned that she would die for him and when she finds out that he intends to send her away out of love for her she decides to do just that by taking his revolver and attempting to shoot herself in the head He misdirects the bullet just in time by whacking her hand That must be the slowest moving bullet everBut as disturbing as the violence is it was the racism that I found most shocking Granted this was written in the 1910s so it's not going to be imbued with the PC friendly content we expect from the romances of today but it was still uite a shock to see just how acceptable it was to write such casual racism in mainstream publications The n word is used several times both kinds; the Algerians are repeatedly referred to as Arabs; phrases like Oriental beast and primitive and uncivilized and savage are casually thrown around every other page; and the biggest kicker was this it turns out that Ahmed isn't actually Algerian at all He's half Spanish half English and was adopted by a sheik who fell in love with his mother and out of love for her beueathed to him his name and titleOne of the conflicts of the book is Ahmed's blistering hatred of English people and his refusal to speak in anything but French or Arabic It turns out that his father was abusive to his mother and that's why he hates English people When he found out about his English heritage he threw a major temper tantrum refused his title ran off to the desert and never spoke English again even though apparently he can speak it and understand it Part of the reason he was so cruel to Diana is because it made him feel like he was getting back at his father and his father's people which is all kinds of messed up Seriously dude?Also Diana is kidnapped by a rival sheik named Ibraheim and of course he's ugly and dirty and fat and has blackened teeth and really dark skin although not so dark the book says that you can't see the dirt all over him I've never seen an author use so many adjectives to make a character as unappealing as possible He even speaks French villainously and I'm not sure how one speaks a language villainously but there you go At this point I was giving the book the stink eye and when I found out Ahmed wasn't even Algerian I got even angrier because it felt like the message was Oh he's white after all so it's not bad and that's why he's better This is why I tend to avoid reading bodice rippers about sheiks and Native Americans they always do this The alleged hero of color is always a half breed and yes they do describe them that way in the blurbs sometimes and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being biracial or multiracial there is something wrong with making a character part white for the purpose of suggesting that this whiteness makes them betterThis book was popular enough that a movie was created by the same name starring Rudolph Valentino The movie is supposed to be a lot better no rape I believe and Rudolph Valentino is a babe and a half so if you're interested in this story that seems to be the way to go although if you're feeling masochistic you can grab it for free on Kindle I noticed that there is a seuel available called THE SONS OF THE SHEIK It isn't available for Kindle in English but I did find a Spanish version so if I ever feel like I want to work for my masochism I'll buy that and let looseInterestingly the plot of this story is very similar to Johanna Lindsey's CAPTIVE BRIDE from the escape attempts to the rival sheik to the fact that the sheik is half white I'm sure Lindsey was probably inspired by THE SHEIK but wanted to write a modern sexier version now with 80% less racial stereotypes She succeeded I vastly preferred CAPTIVE BRIDE to this I'm giving THE SHEIK two stars instead of the one it probably deserved because the constant melodrama could sometimes lead to unintentional hilarity rather like Louisa May Alcott's rather bodice rippery and decidedly lesser known book A LONG FATAL LOVE CHASE Yes the Louisa May Alcott of LITTLE WOMEN fame Talk about another book that also desperately wanted to be dirtyPS Another way you can really feel the 1910s is the fact that everybody in this book chain smokes often at hilariously inopportune times When Diana escapes the sheik she stops under a palm tree and lights up #SmokingBreak2 stars

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The SheikDiana Mayo is young beautiful wealthy and independent Bored by the eligible bachelors and endless parties of the English aristocracy she arranges for a horseback trek through the Algerian desert Two days into her adventure Diana is kidnapped by the powerful Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan who forces her into submission Diana tries desperately to resist but finds herself falling in love with this dark and handsome strangerOnly when a rival chieftain steals Diana away does the Sheik realize that what he feels for her is than mere passion He has been conuered and risks every Ah yes the book that launched a million Harleuins Imagine there'd have been no The Playboy Sheikh's Virgin Stable Girl if not for Edith Maude Hull's 1918 bodice ripper which turned sheiks into literary catnip forever for all time and I'm pretty confident into infinity and beyondThis is the original virgin ravished by sheik romance with all the reuired alpha male swagger and conceit as well as the shamed heroine's vows of eternal hatred eventually blossoming into consuming love It's a great story and I was pretty amazed at just how modern it read Really in so many parts it would be difficult to decide whether it was written in the age of World War I or disco Which leaves me to wonder if some of those 1970s authors remembered the steamy sheik book they sneaked peeks at when visiting Grandma back in the dayThe only thing it's missing is explicit descriptions of sex although Hull leaves no doubt just what Diana Mayo has endured night after night at Ahmed Ben Hassan's brutally sensual handsHer pride was dying hard Her mind travelled back slowly over the days and nights of anguished revolt the perpetual clash of will against will the enforced obedience that had made up this month of horror A month of experience of such bitterness that she wondered dully how she still had the courage to rebel For the first time in her life she had had to obey For the first time in her life she was of no account For the first time she had been made conscious of the inferiority of her sexI bet her body betrayed her I betchaWhile I don't mind the explicit stuff though I tend to skim it often than not it was awesome to read a novel where the author was unable to come right out and say it so she had to be circumspect with just a hint of salacious description and the book still got banned It takes skill and Hull succeeded superbly I do wonder how readers filled in those blanks back then in those long ago days when porn was much harder to come by and would most likely get you arrested if caught with it They had to let their imaginations run riot I sort of envy them not having romanceporn right on hand that leaves nothing to the imagination The reader gets a workout when they have to imagine those scenes and I enjoyed the opportunity to do thatLike this Rudolph Valentino fangirl found it to be a burden Tchah As ifNot surprisingly since this sold like hotcakes from its first appearance in print Hollywood sniffed an opportunity and cranked out a version in 1921 with Valentino as Ahmed Ben Hassan We all know that this role made Valentino a superstar and utterly typecast him for the rest of his short career I watched the movie in conjunction with reading the book and Hollywood really toned down Hassan's character to make him romantic and palatable In the book he out and out rapes her while in the movie the moment is delayed until her tears make him back away completely and feel like an utter heel for wanting to ravish her There is no indication that he has done the dirty deed on her uivering British virgin flesh before the end of the movie where he vows his love and she melts with joySo the book is far bodice ripping than the movie And violent too This book is plenty violent with a high horse body count one instance pure cruelty on Ahmed's part and a wanton murder by the villain Ibraheim Omair There are numerous descriptions of blood and wounds as well as a horse stumbling over a body the sound of its hoof striking the skull Little details like that which made a scene seem all the vivid whether it was during an action scene or something uiet and domesticThe Frenchman came back with coffee and cigarettes He held a match for her coaxing the reluctant flame with patience that denoted long experience with inferior sulphurThe only carp I have about it is that Diana discovers she's in love with Ahmed too suddenly It really ends up sounding like a case of Stockholm Syndrome But I thought about it some and Ahmed's rape and possession of her is the only love she's known and she clings to it so possessively in the end that she's driven to desperate measures at the thought of it being taken away from her I don't think she intends it to provoke Ahmed into groveling for forgiveness but it does and seals up the HEA uite tidilyDiana's a pretty interesting character not the normal uptight unmarried high society gal one sees in romances Her mother died in childbirth her father committed suicide shortly afterward and so she was handed off to her 19 year old brother Aubrey to raise Aubrey hates girls likes to hunt and travel in luxury and he didn't want to be put out by anybody while expecting to have everyone inconvenience themselves on his account so he raised her to be someone he wanted around him sporting and sexless and utterly at his beck and call Thus Diana was raised in an emotional void when it came to real love and affection She appreciates beauty in songs and a desert sunset but she honestly doesn't understand romantic notions or emotions That's why when Ahmed rapes her she feels totally and utterly crushed because her beliefs didn't see her through that awful AWFUL night And since it is her first experience with sexuality it's all she has to work fromAnd I still think that pesky little body betrayed her Her shame and self loathing is really dwelled upon sooooo muchI'm going on at length here but I really enjoyed this book way above and beyond what I expectedAs for Ahmed is he ever a bossy alpha bastard in love with his own awesomeness Needless to say I fell hardBecause I wanted you Because one day in Biskra four weeks ago I saw you for a few moments long enough to know that I wanted you And what I want I takeandFor a moment an ugly look crossed his face and then he laughed again Hate me by all means ma belle but let your hatred be thorough I detest mediocrity he said lightly as he passed on into the other roomandYou didn't suppose you were the first did you? he asked with brutal candour Don't look at me like that They were not like you they came to me willingly enough too willingly Allah How they bored me I tired of them before they tired of meandThe life of an Arab woman would hardly be to your taste We teach our women obedience with a whipandHis hand reached out suddenly and he dragged her down into his arms again with a laugh And if I have are you jealous? What if the nights I spent away from you were passed in my harem what then?Then may Allah put it into the heart of one of your wives to poison you so that you never come back she said fiercelyAllah So beautiful and so bloodthirsty he said in bantering reproof Then he turned her face up to his smiling into her angry eyes with amusement I have no harem and thanks be to Allah no wives cherie Does that please you?Why should I care? It is nothing to me she replied sharply with a vivid blushHe held her closer looking deeply into her eyes holding them as he could when he liked in spite of her efforts to turn them away a mesmerism she could not resistShall I make you care? Shall I make you love me? I can make women love me when I chooseHe's a dictatorial asshole with skilled fingers his hands are a real focus for poor Diana and a soft lethal voice in command of a tribe that would gladly die for him I pretty much adored himI also really enjoyed the character of Raoul de Saint Hubert Ahmed's French novelist friend who has an unreuited passion for Diana but who gallantly sets aside his own desires when he knows his own cause is hopelessly lost Even though he serves as the catalyst for Ahmed to re examine his attitude towards Diana he was a grand character in his own rightSo all in all yeah it's uaint and mildly titillating according to today's jaded readers but it really is a rocking read The action is intense the description of the desert and Ahmed's tent castle is really evocative and while long winded at times the paragraphs really do go on forever in spots it is still tightly written I got a real sense of the characters and setting and most importantly I understood Ahmed's hold over the emotionally crippled Diana Can't ask for from a romance than thatTo be honest it really isn't all that different from later bodice rippers All it reuires is a bit of imagination for the dirty stuffThe book can be downloaded for free here