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Pdf ë ¼ Ilsa J. Bick It could happen tomorrow An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky destroying every electronic device wiping out every computerized system and killing billionsAlex hiked into the woods to say good bye to her dead parents and her personal demons Now despera yeah i loved it i mean wilderness survival and zombie survival? it's like this author knows all about me i was so eager to get this i even read her other book draw the dark while i waitedbut this one was so much betteri have been excited for this book for a while now even though i read so many reviews on here about how the second half of the book is such a letdown fortunately by the time i actually got my hands on a copy of the book i had forgotten specific complaints and only remembered that people were not crazy about itbut i reread the reviews after i finished the book and while i agree that there is a definite shift in the action between the first and second halvesi think she addresses this shift in a way that totally satisfied me on page 399view spoilermaybe Rule was killing her with the promise of safety she was cowering in the corner just like a bunny rabbit hoping that no one would notice or maybe she was letting Rule infect her suash her will who she was and had been what she could look forward toshe'd never have let the monster get away with that and there were so many ways to fight so why wasn't she?because something was changing again inside her she felt it in this slow general slide into a kind of numb acceptance just like when i was diagnosed it was that stages of anger thing i was shocked and then i got pissed and then i fought like helland then i went numb they called it acceptance but it wasn't it's what happens when you have only two choices love with the monster or kill yourself hide spoiler

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Reader ó Monsters ↠ ¸ Eyltransferservices ¹ [PDF / Epub] ★ Monsters By Ilsa J. Bick – It could happen tomorrow An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky destroying every electronic device wiping out every computerized system and killing billionsAlex hiked into the woods to Ted and who is no longer humanAuthor Ilsa J Bick crafts a terrifying and thrilling post apocalyptic novel about a world that could become ours at any moment where those left standing must learn what it means not just to survive but to live amidst the devastation Review also posted on my visitable blogA fast paced riveting read “It was that stages of anger thing I was shocked and then I got pissed and then I fought like hell and then I went numb They called it acceptance but it wasn’t It’s what happens when you have only two choices live with the monster or kill yourself” Alex thought the shrink was full of shit Her parents were deadShe knew that The dream was all about her life jumping the railsblowing up in her face leaving her with nothing but ashesIf I had to pick my favorite dystopian reads Ashes would be right up there at the top of it along with Hunger Games 1984 Blood Red Road Gone and Enclave I've read Ashes twice and each time it gripped me with an iron fist until the end and even after When I wasn't reading it I was thinking about the latest twist in the story and after finishing last December I obsessed about the crazy cliffhanger for months actually right up until the the day I got my hands on the seuelAshes starts out with an almost teary goodbye with Alex's aunt on the phone because she's about to hike out into the mountains for a week long trip before she becomes too weak she has terminal cancer heartbreaking I know But of course our resourceful protagonist can't just die She meets this old guy and his 8 year old granddaughter while sitting on top of a mountain and suddenly some kind of invisible laser of intense pain you'll have to read Ashes to find out what it really is attacks all of them leaving the man dead Ellie weeping and Alex different Cancer had taken away her sense of smell but somehow she can now smell everything around her including things normal people can't smell like fear and lies What's most teenagers have reacted to this beam by becoming flesh eating zombies the alive fast and insanely dangerous kindIf you like horror movies or shows like The Walking Dead you're definitely going to enjoy Ashes Not only is it fast paced and gritty it is also super gory guys if you're looking for a book this was made for you Those who might be sueamish about reading explicit descriptions of regular looking people renting human flesh rupturing bellies and enjoying the meal close this review and don't look back My favorite scenes of this book were two of the most spine tingling moments I've ever had the pleasure of reading even I turned my head in disgust The rest is pure evasion and fighting to live through the horrifying circumstancesInstead of banding together the survivors mostly elderly people grow desperate and steal and kill each other for their goods It's a dangerous world but Tom Alex and Ellie who's just the best character in dystopian lit she's so small and goes from a whiny snot filled kid to a survivor manage to navigate it well that is until a small gang steals Ellie and their supplies and injures Tom possibly fatally Then Alex must travel alone to find help from the nearby town of Rule leading to Part 4 RuleThis was the dullest part of the novel and in my opinion the portion that could have been much shorter It's all about her getting to Rule finally finding safety and falling instantly in love with a dude called Chris They're all passionate and lovey dovey in contrast with the rest of the book where there were at most two kissing scenes This portion served mostly to create an unnecessary love triangle BUT this part totally and utterly redeemed through the aforementioned cliffhanger where Alex realizes just what the town leaders are up to And I can't say any in fear of spoiling this fantastic book DI CANNOT wait to start Shadows the seuel Be sure to stop by to chat with our awesomesauce author on Wednesday September 26 at 7PM ET

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MonstersTe to find out what happened after the pulse crushes her to the ground Alex meets up with Tom a young soldier and Ellie a girl whose grandfather was killed by the EMPFor this improvised family and the others who are spared it’s now a uestion of who can be trus Everything was going so well relatively speaking Things were going as well as can be expected when a series of massive electromagnetic pulses has sent the world hurtling into a nuclear maelstrom People have dropped dead on the spot Birds have fallen from the sky Deer have flung themselves off cliffs And some people have turned completely cannibalistically feral So when I say things were going well I mean that Bick was spinning a very compelling story Seventeen year old Alex is hiking in the Waucamaw with only her personal demons and her parent’s ashes for company making a solo journey of deeply personal significance A fellow hiker and his granddaughter happen upon Alex’s camp at the time of the “zap” as she comes to refer to the inciting incident of the ensuing apocalypse When the older man dies in the moment of inexplicable chaos Alex is left with an eight year old girl no idea what has happened and a whole world of horror to face Bick’s story is gripping from the get go forcing her characters into horrific situations and a desperate fight for survival As it becomes clear that not all is well with some of those who have survived there are some truly disturbing scenes of stomach turning gore pierced with a sense of visceral fear The apparent reprieve in the form of young army veteran Tom’s appearance on the scene I call this moment the “anti meet cute” you’ll know why when you read it is momentary The three characters band together amid the madness finding a period of brief respite only to be confronted with yet terror Ashes is refreshingly told in third person and I don’t feel that hinders the reader's closeness to the main character In fact Alex as a character generally comes through loud and clear particularly in the first half of the book where her strength and intelligence really come to the fore Her inner turmoil is well realised making her a dimensional character who feels real and interesting I had advance warning that this book takes a rather large turn and I will openly confess right now that I was cocky Do your worst Ilsa J Bick I thought – figuratively stretching and cracking my knuckles throw me some curveballs I can take it Because I can be annoyingly smug like that sometimes The thing is this book doesn’t really throw curveballs Instead it walks up behind you clubs you violently on the back of the head then grabs you by the ankles and starts dragging you in a direction you really don’t want go laughing maniacally all the while I don’t cuss that often but please allow me to take this opportunity to say WTF Ashes WTF While there is a chapter or two roughly halfway through that essentially act as a hinge between the two sections of the book the transition is jarring enough to make Ashes feel like it is fragmented into two different novels On their own these two sections work the first as a story of white knuckle survival and horror the second as a claustrophobic story of entrapment with sinister almost cultish undertones I actually really liked both parts of the novel to be clear It’s the butting of these two stories together that is hard to take – an alloy that does not entirely work The second half of the Ashes occasionally had me figuratively kicking and screaming and generally raging against the book At one point our main character muses “Where was the Alex who’d grabbed the ashes and run? The one who said to Barrett I’m calling the shots now She sure as hell didn’t know” Well I sure as hell didn’t know either Where was the Alex of the first part of the book? Logical and driven and smart? I missed her and I wanted her back It was painful to watch her fade into a dim copy of herself loose her grip on her determination although in a way it made sense that she would be lulled into this state by her circumstances and the illusion of safety I guess I just wanted her to fight so badly that I struggled to calmly read on as she floundered The relationship between Tom and Alex had been developed so well in the first section – sure it was partly born out of fear and desperation – but it felt real and gradual and had my full investment Then view spoiler that carefully crafted development feels virtually undone by Tom’s absence and the arrival on the scene of another potential love interest I could feel myself shrieking inwardly as Alex experiences confusion and growing feelings for this character It felt too rushed too contrived out of keeping with the tone of the rest of the book and Alex herself and I had to slam the book closed and walk away for a little while Because I am also dramatic sometimes hide spoiler