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Learn to ace the PMP exam Master Prep PDF #10003 without memorizing a thing The world's only case story focused PMP exam prep audiobook brings the PMBOK guide alive by teaching in the form and flow of a real life case story so that you are prepared to master the onslaught on situational uestions you will face on the actual exam Designed specifically to ensure you learn faster retainand pass the PMP exam This audiobook teaches you to see processes in a totally new way so that you will understand and remember In stark contrast to the traditional boring PMP Exam PDF or long PMP exam prep books this audiobook simplifies everything down to make learning logical simple and actually fun master points distill ev. I started my PMP journey like so many others Picking up highly recommended books attempting to drudge through the PMBOK etc It didn't last long I kept trying to find ways to make the antiuated material useful It never happened I thought why doesn't any of the material go through the process flow like a real life project This would make the learning realistic and less academicThen I found my way to Scott's book This is EXACTLY what I wanted It's organized by Process Group and not Knowledge area and follows the processes like a real project would Awesome On top of that the Case Studies with John are great Being able to apply what you learn to a real world scenario helps you connect all of the dotsThe way the book is organized helps you actually understand the material not just memorize It omits all the unnecessary fluff that other books have and gives you the meat of the material And it reads a hell of a lot better than any other PMP prep booksIf you are prepping for the PMP this is the only book you'll need Ditch the PMBOK and get this book

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PMP Exam Master Prep Learn Faster Retain More Pass the PMP Exam Sixth EditionEry key concept into clear and simple terms Contains amazingly simple and shockingly effective methods to Understand and solve every situational and earned value management uestion Updated to align with the PMBOK sixth edition Read by the actual author and including tons of bonus lessons this audiobook is exactly what you need to build your knowledge so that you can walk into the exam with confidence and walk out with your PMP certification I didn't Exam Master Prep eBook #180 want to memorizeI wanted to learn when I studied for the PMP Exam I was desperately searching for a book to help me see the connections between processes and that explained things in Exam Master Prep Learn Faster PDF or a way that. I have purchased the audio book and Scott's explanation of concepts is very practical logical and makes it easier to learn PMP concepts Having an audio version is amazing for people who have commute to work like me This helps to revise any concepts you might have read earlier or provide a great introduction before you completely learn a conceptEditI first purchased the audio book and then really liked the content and purchased the hardcover book too PMBOK material is detailed and is a great guide however it can be dry and jump between many topics Scott's material was laid out like how you would execute a project and the case studies are the BEST Case studies help to really understand how all of the Tools and Techniues can be applied and why each process needs to be performed in a real project world It is a fantastic book to follow and gain confidence that you understood the overall intent of the processes and Knowledge areas I passed the PMP in first try I have 7 years of experience in Project management and this book helped me comprehend the PMI PM flow and terminology to successfully pass PMP

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PMP Exam Master Prep: Learn Faster, Retain More, Pass the PMP Exam, Sixth Edition Summary ↠ 2 ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ PMP Exam Master Prep: Learn Faster, Retain More, Pass the PMP Exam, Sixth Edition Author Join or create book clubs – Learn I could understand The problem was that every book I tried made things too complicated and confusing I gave up on those other books and started simplifying the concepts in a way that made sense to me In doing this I created this book You are going to love how I simplify everything to teach you EXACTLY what you need Exam Master Prep Learn Faster PDF or to know and I weave a real life project story that will help you finally understand the PMBOK Guide processes Creating this book transformed how I understood the exam and it will for you too Scott Payne author of PMP Exam Master Prep PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. This book is great I completed a PMP bootcamp and unfortunately it was a waste of time and money This book and Scott's tools were much effective an efficient in teaching me what I needed to know for the exam I highly recommend this book to increase your understanding of all the concepts from the PMBOK