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Brightblade A LitRPG Adventure UnderVerse Series Book 1His asshat of a father Go to the UnderVerse in reality travel to the capitol of that ruined realm at the center of reality and open a portal for the Noble Houses to return homeor die Slowly That's the good news The bad is that he has to survive the arena first to prove his right to go Twelve will enter only one can lea. This book is a fantastic debut for a new author on the LitRPG scene It’s fast gritty and action packed The hero has had a hard life Plagued with violent dreams that leave him bleeding when he wakes he is violent short tempered but determined to help those in need He is recruited by a mysterious Baron for a challenge that takes him to the Underworld I couldn’t put this one down There is always heaps going on great character development and a constant sense of discovery as we learn about this new world and its rules alongside the hero Great stuff

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That Jax is Brightblade A PDFEPUB or a pretty regular guy has a job he tolerates a girl he kinda sorta lovesand he fights creatures from the UnderVerse in his sleep leaving him covered in horrific scars when he wakes up When his brother vanishes and five years later he's kidnapped as well he's given a stark choice by. 4 StarsMy personal rating system1 Star Couldn't finish the book2 Stars Didn't really like the book but was interested enough in the story to finish Skipping great chunks3 Stars The book was okay finished it and will consider reading from the author4 Stars Really enjoyed the book will check out others by this author4 12 Stars Loved the book will immediately check out others by author if asked will recommend book5 Stars LOVED the book will immediately check out all others by author will pre emptively recommend book to ALL my book friendsI thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be checking out the authors other books looking for of the same My only real problem with the story was the use of the 'born sexy yesterday' cliché I felt that it cheapened the story

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Brightblade: A LitRPG Adventure (UnderVerse Series, Book 1) Download Ù 107 ↠ ❰PDF❯ ✎ Brightblade: A LitRPG Adventure (UnderVerse Series, Book 1) Author Jez Cajiao – A realm aside from our own is the center of the realities home to every spectrum of magic A realm aside from our own is the center of the realities home to every spectrum of magic From the beautiful to the terrible it was all held in delicate balance by the Eternal Emperor and his children For years the empire was the bastion that protected the sentient races from the darkness but the revolution changed all. Forgot to leave a review for the first book Binge read the second one far to uickly and now coming back to reread the first Perfect addition to litrpg and grim dark Doesn't pull any punches and leaves you wanting