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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web Å ❴EPUB❵ ✶ One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web Author Join or create book clubs – Pinnacle Book Achievement Gold AwardMaxy Book Awards Best Children's Book Runner upReaders' Favorite SilverThis type of spider Switched off the lights Her pet bat Murray sucked his claw and twirled her hair He was sleepy after a meal of rats and a pe. Having read one of the books from this series already I knew what to expect this time going in and I was pleased yet againLee Jordan has a manner of teaching children and teens about real life dangers in a fun and safe way I believe that there should be books like thisWhere Annica taught audiences about the dangers of texting and flying in Lee Jordan's other book link above in this book she and young readers learn about the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet And even worse the dangers of meeting strangers from the internet in personThe rhymes were extremely amusing and the illustrations were colourful and detailed The characters are relatable and very real which can help in helping childrenteens understand that what happens in the book could easily happen to them if they are not carefulI greatly enjoyed this book as an adult and I believe that it would also be uite enjoyable for readers of all ages I would buy this book for myself and for my children Highly recommended

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Pinnacle Book Achievement Gold AwardMaxy Book Awards Street The MOBI #245 Best Children's Book Runner upReaders' Favorite S. This is the second installment in Lee Jordan’s One Creepy Street series In the first book the main character Annica learns of the dangers of texting while flying In this second book Annica learns another important lesson Be careful who you befriend on the InternetInternet safety is a vital social issue for today’s children Yet too many adults are either unaware of the potential dangers on the Web or trust children to know and avoid these dangers Therefore a child’s Internet use may not be properly monitored by a responsible adult This book is a must have tool for opening a conversation with a child about Internet safety and practicesSpider on the Web presents a clever metaphor in which the reader is able to understand the potential danger of connecting with ‘this type of spider’ but Annica does not Humor and playful rhyme invite the reader into the story and the action rises uickly Fortunately there is a safe resolution for Annica but the author warns that continued diligence while on the Internet is necessaryAs a teacher I bought copies of this book for my classroom and our school library As a grandparent I bought copies for each of my grandchildren This book belongs in every home that has a child and an Internet connection

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One Creepy Street The Spider on the WebIlverThis type of spider is an expert at deceptionThe young witch Annica sat alone on this night surfing the Web after she. As a Parent and a Grandparent I consider myself knowledgeable about the dangers of the internet Passing that message along to our children is not as easy as you might think Adult to young teen or in between this book will give you chills Both books by Lee Jordan deliver a positive message and hopefully they lead to a conversation with your childrenSpoiler Alert Not everybody is who they say they are on the web Thank you AnnicaThis type of spider isn't natural and it isn't bredIt changes with conditions It navigates the whole Web page 11