Cultivating Chaos (VeilVerse: Cultivating Chaos Book 1) review ✓ 103

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H is about to get his life turned around again Turned around and altered completely Hes about to discover a treasure from a time long lost ForgottenA treasure that is going to change his destiny and give him another direction to go If he wants itA CultivatorThis is a VeilVerse novelWarning and minor spoiler This novel contains graphic violence undefined relationshipsa full harem unconventional opinionsbeliefs and a hero who is tactful as a dog at a cat show Read at your own ri. As a book one the book needs to lay the building blocks to help the reader understand ‘how the world works’ The abilities that appear in this book are fairly complex and is sometimes difficult to keep up with as some parts are explained and others left alone The actions is good and enough to keep the story flowing For some reason this story reminds me a little of the Harry Potter story with an ‘orphan’ getting power being a fated one and having a powerful clan after him having to compete in tournaments which tests your skills etc Thoroughly enjoyed the book and had problems putting it down

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Cultivating Chaos VeilVerse Cultivating Chaos Book 1Ash led a very normal life by his own standards It had its ups and downs much like anyone elsesBeing a talented martial artist had definitely been an up while high school as a whole was a down His own father not being a great role model and his uncle being everything he wanted to beTo Ash it felt like a very normal lifeRight up until he was literally pulled into a portal that spat him out into another worldOne that was full of martial arts Martial arts that the practitioners o. Not just an excuse for page upon page of frankly boring sex like his other work there's actually a story here with characters who are not uite as one dimensional as many of others Looking forward to the next

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Cultivating Chaos (VeilVerse: Cultivating Chaos Book 1) review ✓ 103 ¾ ❴Ebook❵ ➨ Cultivating Chaos (VeilVerse: Cultivating Chaos Book 1) Author William D Arand – Ash led a very normal life by his own standards It had its ups and downs much like anyone elsesF such used magic to employ To set the very air on fire with a punch or to turn their skin hard as diamondsTo fly through the air if they had enough powerA world where the strong ruled and the weak diedThree years of living his life as one of the citizens those without power and Ash has figured out how to survive With his adoptive family and a lot of persistenceHis goals in life have become to give back to those who gave to him And hed do whatever he had to to do thatExcept As. the narrator brings a new epic series by William D Arand to life hopefully this series continues soon