REVIEW ê Flight Plan Africa: Portuguese Airpower in Counterinsurgency 1961-1974 (Wolverhampton Military Studies Book 4)

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REVIEW ê Flight Plan Africa: Portuguese Airpower in Counterinsurgency, 1961-1974 (Wolverhampton Military Studies Book 4) Þ ❰Read❯ ➲ Flight Plan Africa: Portuguese Airpower in Counterinsurgency, 1961-1974 (Wolverhampton Military Studies Book Following the Africa Portuguese PDF #180reorganization of the Portuguese Air Force from the army and naval air Flight Plan PDF arms Portugal now had an entity dedicated solely to aviation that would bring it into line Plan Africa Portuguese PDF #203 with its new NATO commitment As it proceeded to develop a competence in modern multiengine and Plan Africa Portuguese Airpower in PDFEPUBjet fighter aircraft for its NATO role and train a professional corps of pilots it was suddenly confronted in with fighting insurgencies in all three of its African possessions This development forced it to acuire an entirely new and separate air force the African air force to address this. The Author is to be congratulated for his thorough research on a little explored but interesting topic That said the story is essentially told from the Portuguese perspective with minimal insight or experience from the insurgent groups at the receiving end of the Air Force's actions This is a pity because it inevitably detracts from the overall value of the bookThe scope of the Book is nonetheless extensive covering all the air action in the theatres of Guinea Angola and Mozambiue Only in the first did the insurgents seriously challenge the dominance of the Air Force and the grip of the colonial power In the end the struggle was for naught as the 1974 Revolution effectively ended Portugal's pretensions to retain its african territories The Author makes reference to political developments in Portugal but not in the depth needed to explain the effects in Portugal of the efforts made to retain its Empire overseasPortuguese airpower was the critical component in their counterinsurgency campaigns and the Air Force responded well to the challenge despite its limited and obsolescent euipment much of which performed well in a very hostile environment Even to day I expect there is value to be gained in studying how the Portuguese went about the task and the lessons they learntIt is a pity that better uality maps were not used as that detracts from following the complex ebbs and flows of the fighting However I did enjoy the book and recommend it to anyone with an interest in the subject


Emerging danger This is the story of just how Portuguese leadership anticipated and Plan Africa Portuguese Airpower in PDFEPUBdealt with this threat and how it assembled an air force from scratch to meet it The aircraft available at the time were largely castoffs from the larger richer andsophisticated air forces of its NATO partners and not designed for counterinsurgency Yet Portugal adapted them to the task and effectively crafted the appropriate strategies and tactics for their successful employment The book explores the vicissitudes of procurement an exercise fraught with anti colonial political undercurrents the imaginative modification and adaptation of the aircra. Very good book very serious study in deepness on Portuguese involvement in africa based on numerous original portuguese documents nevertheless the account is pleasing and easy to read The way to the insurgency and the means employed by the colonial power is analysed in detail and rigorously although with some répétitions The book contains also very good original maps well explaining the situation Unhappily the uality of the numerous photographs is not to the level of the text and one could regret that the author has not had a thought for the airplane modeller with some profiles like in africawar I was also satisfied with the unbiased view of the author in this colonial affair where many other let their pro colonial or pro freedom fighters passion influence their writingsOn only wishcould Mr Cann write the same study on an almost untold story in the whole the counter insurgency operations of France in Algeria

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Flight Plan Africa Portuguese Airpower in Counterinsurgency 1961 1974 Wolverhampton Military Studies Book 4Ft to fight in the African theaters and the development of tactics techniues and procedures for their effective employment against an elusive clever and dangerous enemy Advances in weaponry such as the helicopter gun ship were the outgrowth of combat needs The acuired logistic competences assured that the needed fuel types and lubricants spare parts and ualified maintenance personnel were available in even the most remote African landing sites The advanced flying skills such as visual reconnaissance and air ground coordinated fire support were honed and perfected All of these aspects andare explored and hold lessons in the application of airpower in any insurgency today. Good on the history but does come across as very pro Portuguese sometimes