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Read reader ✓ Scythe AUTHOR Neal Shusterman Hardcover æ [Read] ➵ Scythe ➼ Neal Shusterman – Thou shalt killA world with no hunger no disease no war no misery Humanity has conuered all those things and has even conuered death Now scythes are the only ones who can end life—andTo a scythe a role that neither wants These teens must master the “art” of taking life knowing that the conseuence of failure could mean losing their o • • 📕Kelly can u handle this? • • 📕Michelle can u handle this? • • 📕 Beyoncé can u handle this? • •📕 I don’t think Kai can handle thisUpdate • •📕 Kai handled itand here is what he says Scythe was fun but not perfect I enjoyed the dystopian world and the concept behind it what if instead of an apocalypse or WWIII humanity's future turned out to be a bright one? Death is conuered humanity has turned immortal diseases have been wiped out and where you might have been killed in a car accident in the mortal age now you are can be revived in an instantTo keep overpopulation in check Scythedom has been created At a young age a few chosen ones are trained to glean people to end their immortal lives forever Citra and Rowan the main characters are two of the chosen ones They are thrown into a world of corruption and deadly secretsWhat I like the most about this book turns out to be its biggest flaw at the same time the pacing It's uite fast paced which makes it an exciting read because so many things are happening Then again because so many things are happening they become unbelievable they feel forced and a little exaggerated I would have loved to see a much slower setup It would have given Citra and Rowan depth it would have added to the world building it would have left room for them to develop a relationship that might eventually turn romantic At this stage the feelings they have for each other seem almost staged because neither character was given enough time and room to really let their personality shineFurther I think the Scythedome aka the society of Scythes would have needed a little tweaking It is such a corrupt system which of course this book is all about that its existence or creation does not make sense to me in the first place The Scythes who are supposed to be wise well trained and therefore very respected people are actually naive gullible and easily manipulated It did not seem credible to meAnd one last issue that I had with this world if this is the peak of humanity why is everything still divided into male and female? A gender revolution must have happened centuries ago Where are the non binary characters? Why is everybody still so very straight?Okay I know I talked a lot about this book's flaws and it may seem that I did not actually enjoy it but on the contrary I really liked it It was a new take on dystopia it had lots of interesting characters eg Scythe Curie or Volta and great plot twists I was hooked from the first page and liked where the story went from there onI wonder if we will really get to see the film adaption of this book You can never really tell because so many rights are sold so many books are optioned for films or TV shows so many scripts are written but most of them don't even make it as far as a casting And if they do it is not guaranteed that the adaption will be good most times they aren't I would still love to see it happen All we can do is wait and seeFind of my books on Instagram

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Thou shalt killA world with no hunger no disease no war no misery Humanity has conuered all those things and has even conuered death Now scythes are the on Pretty much a perfect teen adventure novel In a conflict free world where humans have conuered death elected Scythes must cull the human population Two teens find themselves volunteered as apprentice Scythes and discover that of all the things that Scythes can kill corruption is not one of them 1 Over the years I've heard many books touted as the successor to Hunger Games but SCYTHE is the first one that I would really truly stand behind as it offers teens a complementary reading experience to that series rather than a duplicate one Like Hunger Games SCYTHE invites readers to both turn pages uickly but also furrow their brows over the ethical uestions it asks Tone wise I would place it solidly between M T Anderson's FEED and Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series2 Over the years YA has come to encompass a wide age range — one that I feel tends to skew ever older and sometimes forget the folks who are growing out of middle grade but slowly SCYTHE strikes me as a true teen novel one that I will happily thrust into the hands of even reluctant 12 14 year old readers to show them what awaits them in genre fiction It asks enough difficult uestions to stick in the mind but it never asks them at the expense of pacing or story Although it's a series starter and the end is tantalizing it does feel like it satisfyingly stands alone as is evidenced by its new Printz Honor sticker — the Printz is very rarely awarded to series books as the novel's merit must be contained entirely within the volume awarded Moreover it is very light on the romance something that younger readers often prefer and somewhat difficult to find in YA3 Over the years I have grown too lazy to make note of when seuels come out I've made a note on my calendar for this one though — November 2017 I look forward to another good time

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Scythe AUTHOR Neal ShustermLy ones who can end life and they are commanded to do so in order to keep the size of the population under controlCitra and Rowan are chosen to apprentice Re Read on Audio because the 2nd books comes soon Here's the youtube video of the book It's pretty awesome SCYTHEI freaking love this bookCitra and Rowen are two teenagers who get the pleasantry of meeting the honorable Scythe Faraday No one wants to run into a scythe much less talk to one or spend any kind of time with one They have the ability to kill you if they see fit That is their duty But Citra and Rowan had the chance to meet this particular scythe and they were both not very pleasant to him In some cases this could mean they would be gleaned depending on the unpleasantness but Scythe Faraday was taken with these two individuals and brought them both under his wing as apprentices Of course neither of them wanted to be apprentices and possibly become scythes themselves Although there could only be one and it's not the norm for a scythe to take on two apprentices but such is life To be a scythe you have to give up many things but they are necessary in this new world where there are no illnesses and you do not die So there has to be an executioner if you will There are some evil scythes in the book that enjoy the killing and this goes against their creed but everything works out at some point I love these characters I loved them so much Citra and Rowen are just awesome and Honorable Scythe Faraday is awesome too Even though he is a killer and has lived hundreds of years he's a nice man and JUST READ THE BOOK Some things happen and Citra and Rowen get separated and are training under different scythes Citra is under Honorable Scythe Curie and Rowen gets the evil Scythe Goddard I'm not even calling him honorable He's a twat There is a lot going on in the book and reasons for this that and the other but you can read all of that for yourself For me the book was awesome and that's all I care about And that ending YES JUST YES ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List