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The Curiosity kindle Ü Hardcover read ´ stephen p. kiernan ½ ❰EPUB❯ ✶ The Curiosity Author Stephen P. Kiernan – Michael Crichton meets The Time Traveler's Wife in this powerful debut novel in which a man frozen in the Arctic ice for than a century awakens iTtempted on a large life formHeedless of the conseuences Carthage orders that the frozen man be brought back to the lab in Boston and reanimated As the man begins to regain his memories the team learns that he was is a judge Jeremiah Rice and the last thing he remembers is falling overboard into the Arctic Ocean in 1906 When news of the Lazarus Project and Jeremiah Rice breaks it ignites a media firestorm and massive protests by religious fundamentalistsThrown together by circumstances beyon Wow I waffle between giving this 4 and 5 stars I'm pretty sure this will be a book that I want to read again I underlined so many profound thoughtsAt first I did not turn into the concept that different chapters were from different characters viewpoints Shortly after I grasped that concept I understood the title of the book as it pertained to the book reading it as an e book does not allow the opportunity to read end flaps to introduce the storyThis story of a team of scientists who discover a man frozen in a block of ice in the Arctic There are definite good guys a very definite bad guy and several characters who like to cross the double yellow line This book is enough for me to read anything Mr Kiernan writes Now on to The Hummingbird

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Michael Crichton meets The Time Traveler's Wife in this powerful debut novel in which a man frozen in the Arctic ice for than a century awakens in the present dayDr Kate Philo and her scientific exploration team make a breathtaking discovery in the Arctic the body of a man buried deep in the ice As a scientist in a groundbreaking project run by the egocentric and paranoid Erastus Carthage Kate has brought small creatures plankton krill shrimp back to life Never have the team's methods been a I enjoyed reading this book The writing is good and the characters are interesting Unfortunately the huge plot holes and problems make me want to introduce the author to the basic services provided by librarians The basic premise includes a science project to re animate flash frozen creatures They hit a payload when they find a man on an arctic expedition who had fallen overboard 100 years ago and is now the perfect first human subject for their process The process works so well the man does not only come back to life but actually regain consciousness and is barely freaked out by being dropped into the world 100 years after his last memory I can stomach all of this but what I can't figure out is how this group of dedicated brilliant scientists couldn't figure out who this guy is months after he is walking around with them they can't find out if he has any living relatives They don't know anything about his former life and the world he lived itGeez we are talking about tracing a family tree back 100 yearsthis really isn't that big of a challenge Even though I enjoyed the writing I just kept feeling shocked by the big uestions in the book that would be SO easy to answer with an Internet connection or a telephone and a number for a public library

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The CuriosityD their control Kate and Jeremiah grow closer But the clock is ticking and Jeremiah's new life is slipping away With Carthage planning to exploit Jeremiah while he can Kate must decide how far she is willing to go to protect the man she has come to loveA gripping poignant and thoroughly original thriller Stephen Kiernan's provocative debut novel raises disturbing uestions about the very nature of life and humanity man as a scientific subject as a tabloid plaything as a living being A curiosi 45 Stars Wow Wow Wow I so loved this story First of all I love biology science and anything medically related The Curiosity has all three and sooo much morality ethics politics selfishness greed jealousy and many of the gentler words compassion humanity kindness and love I listened to the audiobook which consisted of four incredibly talented narrators they drew me in and kept me near I just didn't want to stop listening to their story I was mesmerized I was enchanted and I was hooked Stephen J Kiernan did an amazing job of building layer upon layer upon layer until he created this beautiful castle in the sand