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Honor And Blood: The MacLachlan Thrillers Free read ¾ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❤ Honor And Blood: The MacLachlan Thrillers pdf ⚣ Author G Wayne Tilman – Eyltransferservices.co.uk BULLETS FLY AND KEEP YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT IN THREE ACTION PACKED THRILLERSOne of the deadliestOwn business empires MacLachlan longs to fade away from the danger and into retirementbut Honor And PDFEPUBthats not happening anytime soon Honor and Blood includes Honor Above All Unsanctioned and Highlands Blood. I read the three book trilogy and enjoyed them very much I liked the action the characters especially Mack I might have given this four stars of it didn't have so many glaring typos and meaningless sentences I normally let a couple of typos bother me but there were so many And then there were the sentences that looked like the author went back to make a change in the sentence but didn't remove the alter words so the entire sentence was meaningless I did enjoy the books and if you are not bothered by bad or zero proof reading them I would recommend these books for this genre

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CLachlan has spent the past years as the conceivably deniable fixer for the US Intelligence Community When the US needs something fixed uietly and permanently somebody calls MacLachlanFrom kidnappings to tearing d. Great trilogy Tons of action beautiful women and dead bad guys What's not to like then and why four stars instead of fiveI get frustrated like a lot of people do when silly technical details spoil the flow of a book You'd think with this author's background it would be a tiny bit betterOn multiple occasions he's got people doing 360 degree turns to elude pursuers That would put you right back going the way you were Pretty sure he means 180 degreesHe calls the French Foreign Legion the Legion Estagere at one point and something eually asinine later on in book 3 It's Legion Etrangere I know because I was in it for five yearsIt might not seem important to an American reader but imagine a French author writing about the US Maureen Core We know what he means but come onAlso you don't have to change your name when you join the Legion It's an option if you want itFinal nitpick You can absolutely leave a semi auto lying around for years without fear it won't work Springs only weaken if you use them all the time not by compressing them and leaving them It's the constant use that leads to metal fatigue Not holding that one against the author They did used to teach that years ago before discovering it was wrong I just figured with all his mates in the industry he'd have some better beta readers sifting through the detailsOther than those minor issues he really is a great story teller and the series is great I hope that's not the last we hear of The Colonel

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Honor And Blood The MacLachlan ThrillersBULLETS FLY AND Blood The ePUB #9734 KEEP YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT IN THREE ACTION PACKED THRILLERSOne of the deadliest men alive Mack MacLachlan is a security contractor for the intelligence community Mack Ma. Great value plenty of action