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Free download » Mary Queen of Scots: Film Tie-In â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Mary Queen of Scots: Film Tie-In By John Guy ➝ – WINNER OF THE WHITBREAD BIOGRAPHY AWARDNow a major film this is a dramatic reinterpretation of the life of MGument surrounding Marys involvement in her husband murder Guys deft storytelling and insightful new arguments provide compelling and dramatic readingAn absorbing biographymeticulously researchedscholarly and intriguing Peter Ackroyd The ueen of Scots Kindle #213 TimesRarely have first class scholarship and first class storytelling been so effectively combined John Adamson Daily Telegra. I find this book absolutely fascinating and so obviously well researched John Guy is to be congratulated he puts both the pluses and minuses of Mary’s together in such a way that you end up in sympathise with her and yet accepting the inevitable conclusion A long book which reuires lots of patience to follow through to the end But well worth the time spent in doing so

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Of Scots ePUB #9734 WINNER OF THE WHITBREAD BIOGRAPHY AWARDNow a major film this is a dramatic reinterpretation of the life of Mary ueen of Scots by one of the leading historians of this periodFor centuries Mary ueen of Scots has been a figure of scholarly debate Where many have portrayed her as the weak woman to Elizabeths rational leader John Guy reassesses the young ueen finding her. I rarely buy a book heralded as a ‘filmtv’ tie in This excellent account by John Guy precedes a recent film and the tie in seems to be a marketing ploy That said I found Guy’s book readable enjoyable and far enjoyable than a similar work by Antonia Fraser which I’m struggling to finishJohn Guy writes in a way which not only brings an enormous cast of characters to life he makes them memorable as people These were turbulent times as various factions both domestic and foreign struggled for both influence and control of the British crown Various regal shenanigans left the monarchy open to dispute about entitlement to the throne So called rightful heirs precedence female rights religious change Scottish Kingdomthe list of difficulties is almost endlessJohn Guy’s narrative of events people and legal complexities really brings this period to life His research appears to be meticulous and as I was reading I could visualise both the people and the setting He really depicts Mary’s rise within the French court as a triumph of person over circumstances She was a remarkable individual and her incarceration and final end is often harrowing For me this book is better than Antonia Fraser’s which covers the same subject Whilst hers is informed and detailed it’s uite a struggle Guy covers the same detail in a way that’s readily accessible Great book

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Mary Queen of Scots Film Tie InFarpolitically shrewd than previously believedCrowned ueen of Scotland at nine months old Mary ueen eBook #10003 ueen of France by age sixteen and widowed the following year Guy paints Mary as a commanding and savvy ueen who navigated the European power struggles of the time to her advantage in a life of drama and conflict Re examining the original sources resulting in a riveting new ar. What a piece of research a tour de force Mary comes across as a feisty intelligent woman I would love to have met her Elizabeth less than decisive and Cecil as plain manipulative well we all knew that What I hadn't realised was how ungovernable Scotland was then consisting as it did of tribal fiefdoms ruled by largely venal self interested Lords What an appalling bunch And as for Darnley and Moray don't get me started Brilliant thank you John Guy