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A study of primitive people which for beauty ofstyle and concept would be hard to match The New York Times Book ReviewIn the s Elizabeth Marshall Thomas became one of the first Westerners to live with the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert in Botswana and South West Africa Her account of these nomadic hunter gatherers whose way of life had remained unchanged for thousands of years is a ground breaking wor. Elizabeth Marshall gently leads the reader into a world that is now almost unimaginable Her writing too is tender and poetic and although writing about very different subjects reminded me fondly of style of A Bell Jar

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The Harmless PeopleAs well as a provocative critiue of our ownThe charm of this book is that the author can so truly convey the strangeness of the desert life in which we perceive human traits as familiar as our own The Harmless People is a model of exposition the style very simple and precise perfectly suited to the neat even fastidious activities of a people who must make their world out of next to nothing The Atlant. This is an old classic probably a half century old plus But it is still a readable and informative book about the Kalahari and the traditional bush people's lives I doubt there are many people left living that way any longer I first read it years ago in college and then reread it before a recent trip to the Kalahari

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characters í The Harmless People ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ [Read] ➲ The Harmless People ➮ Elizabeth Marshall Thomas – A study of primitive people which for beauty ofstyle and concept would be hard to match The New York Times Book ReviewIn the 1950s Elizabeth MarshalK of anthropology remarkable not only for its scholarship but for its novelistic grasp of character On the basis of field trips in the The Harmless eBook #199 s Thomas has now updated her book to show what happened to the Bushmen as the tide of industrial civilizationwith its flotsam of property rights wage labor and alcoholswept over them The result is a powerful elegiac look at an endangered culture. For those who are still interested in the extinct way of life of one of the most fascinating of human races this book is a great read The author and her father brother and mother have lived with the Kung Bushmen and know about them than any other person on earth The narrative describes intimately the way of life of these hunter gatherers and the painful and sad way it has all ended just in the last 20 years Yes there are Bushmen families living in Namibia and Botswana today but most do not know how to track game how to find edible roots and berries to eat or protect themselves from predators and nature They wear discarded western clothes smoke tobacco drink heavily and die prematurely of treatable diseases and by their own hands These people have lived for tens of thousands of years in conditions other people cannot endure and survived but they have become unwilling victims of modern encroachment If one wants to read try Paul Theroux's Last Train to Zona Verde