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The Paras Portugal’s First Elite Force in Africa 1961 1974 [email protected] Book 28Portuguese paratroopers or paras began as a stepchild Portugal’s First PDFEPUB #190 of the army and found a The Paras PDFEPUB or home in the Portuguese Air Force in Initially the post World War Two Portuguese Paras Portugal’s First ePUB #10003 Army seemed to have had mixed emotions about the need for elite special purpose forces Paras Portugal’s First Elite Force Epubthat operated in small units with the attendant flexibility and elevated lethality Shock troops have been traditionally controversial and even the vaunted military theorist Baron Karl von Clausewitz saw little point in them The history of the paras in the Portuguese Army is illustrative of this ambivalent view Nevertheless in a war of the weak in wh. Great Read

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review The Paras: Portugal’s First Elite Force in Africa, 1961-1974 ([email protected] Book 28) 103 ☆ [Reading] ➭ The Paras: Portugal’s First Elite Force in Africa, 1961-1974 ([email protected] Book 28) ➵ John P. Cann – Portuguese paratroopers or paras began asWho in one minute were physically destroying an insidious enemy and in the next administering aid and support and protecting a vulnerable population These were just the troops that Portugal would reuire for military success in its approaching battle fought between and to retain its African possessions and this vision would be realized on the African battlefield with devastating conseuences This book tells the paras story as researched from Portuguese sources It details how they Paras Portugal’s First Elite Force Epubwere formed and trained and how they developed their imaginative effective and feared tactics and applied them in operations to protect the population from insurgent predations and destroy a vicious enem. Great book on the Portuguese Colonial Wars A topic very seldom covered in E

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Ich insurgents avoid government strengths and exploit its vulnerabilities using agility deception and imagination such small crack government units are particularly well suited to counterinsurgency operations This appreciation emerged with the threat of a new kind of war in Portuguese Africa an insurgency and the new and visionary Air Force well understood the potential of paras when combined with the mobility of the helicopter The Air Force saw an urgent need for troops who could fight an unconventional war who could not only defeat an enemy but separate him from the population in which he sought concealment and support and on which he depended for funding recruits and intelligence These were specialised warfighters. Portugal hatte teils seit Jahrunderten Kolonien in Afrika Guinea Mozambik A