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EMT Flashcard Book 4th Ed EMT Test PreparationK also includes fun facts about the medicalEMT profession and its history Unlike most flashcards that come loose in a box our flashcards are bound in an organized portable book that makes studying a breezeOur concise uestion and answer format makes it easy to find the right answer and we give details explaining why the answer is correctREAs EMT flashcards are perfect for on the go review and ideal for individual classroom or group stu. If you're in a good program and you study thoroughly this review book is too simplified If you're really lacking in studying and need some direction as to where you're weak this is the book for you I don't think the book is necessary for preparing for the exam as it's not really similar to the uestions that are askedIt's not a waste of money hence why I'm giving it a 3 out of 5 I just think you can study completely fine without it good or average student

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E fire and EMS arenas our flashcards give you full scenarios to evaluate in a multiple choice format just like the actual test The book contains must study uestions that cover all the test categories on the EMT exam airway and breathing cardiology medical obstetrics and pediatrics and trauma Handy icons help you locate uestions by subject so you Flashcard Book 4th ePUB #9734 can review and test your knowledge in specific areas The boo. For what it is and what it did for me for NREMT exam prep it was awesome I feel like it really prepared me for the exam itself you can know the subject material and not be able to pass the test because it's a freaking mind game choose the BEST answer for the given scenario Some of the answers for these uestions seem ridiculous so this book helped me practice what to look for and how to decode the exam uestionsThis book isn't uite what I had expected It's like a 400 uestion practice test and not so much like the flash cards I had thought it was going to be; Usually flashcards have a word on one side and a definition on the other that sort of thing However I got through it and it helped give me confidence going into the testOne fault to mention is that there were a couple of similarly worded uestions in different parts of the book that had contradictory answersExample You are cleaning the ambulance after a call and you notice some blood on the hand rail of the gurney what ratio of bleach solution should you use to clean itThis uestion was asked twice in the book worded slightly differently One answer was a 110 ratio and the answer to the other was 1100 ratio When I tried Googling the answer EMS sites all said both were acceptable but the test will only want one answer Which one Thus I give this book a 4 star reviewBeyond this along with a few grammar and editorial errors this book was great I also highly recommend the NREMT Test Prep Crash Course book by the same publisher as this book They are a companion set in my opinion

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EMT Flashcard Book, 4th Ed. (EMT Test Preparation) review æ 103 ´ [Epub] ❤ EMT Flashcard Book, 4th Ed. (EMT Test Preparation) By Jeffrey Lindsey Ph.D. – Eyltransferservices.co.uk REAs EMT Flashcard Book 4th Edition Raise your score with400 must study test uestions REAs flashcard book for the EMT exam helpBook 4th ePUB #185 REAs EMT Flashcard Book th Edition Raise your score with must study test uestions REAs flashcard book for the EMT exam helps you check your test readiness and get a high score Our flashcard book is the perfect refresher and offers a uick and convenient way to practice answering uestions while pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses Written by an expert with nearly EMT Flashcard ePUB #8608 years of experience in th. Confusing Inaccuracies simple staff like rate of CPR dosage etc through the book no challenge simplistic explanations Look at couple examples Except pictures with A 222 and A 211 other pictures are from “Orange Book”