Read & Download Eye of the Firestorm: The Namibian - Angolan - South African Border War - Memoirs of a Military Commander è PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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Read & Download Eye of the Firestorm: The Namibian - Angolan - South African Border War - Memoirs of a Military Commander è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò [PDF / Epub] ☂ Eye of the Firestorm: The Namibian - Angolan - SouEaches the conventional and challenges the traditional Roland de Vries believes with a passion that strength lies in the many rhythms of maneuver and by being surprisingly different This book weaves a fabric of richness to life in the military as well as the South African Border War It covers a military career spanning over years Expect the unexpected from a man who believes that those who are entrusted to him count and need to be given the best fighting chance in life That there is hope for the future that there is always a way and that we can fight our way through any firesto. South Africa is indeed fortunate to have had Roland DeVries serve it for many yearsjust ask him Following a many page too many Foreward penned by none other than his wife who sings his praises to high heaven and explains how great her husband is Roland himself launches into a laborious description of his formative years which set the foundation for why he is well so great It doesn't get any better and in fact gets worse as redundancy creeps in and I simply could stand it no longer and sat it down for good midway You get the gist Save your money

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For his the Firestorm eBook #180 exploits and astuteness Roland de Vries has rightfully been called the Rommel of the SADF In this forthright warts and all but compassionate autobiography he recounts the fascinating story of the transformation of a small colonial army into Eye of PDFEPUB or pound for pound the best fighting force on the planet Eye of the Firestorm could be used to enhance the teaching within the military security and leadership development In a sense this is an easy to read text book with many of the Firestorm PDFEPUB #193 real life examples of young leaders an. The book is important as it fills a void which has not been covered until now with regards to South Africa's Border War The author was instrumental in writing the doctrine of mechanized warfare for the SADFWriting a doctrine is akin to the work of a musical composer who is influenced and inspired by previous works de Vries states that his primary influence was that of Basil Liddel Hart and the German general Heinz Guderian It is interesting that he did not mention the work of JFC Fuller who was a contemporary of Liddel Hart nor does he mention any study of the Soviet doctrines of Operational Art and Deep Battle mainly by Tukachevsky Isserson Varfolomeev and othersThe latter doctrine caters for an army of 250 divisions but many of its principles could and should have been applied to the SADF The book highlights certain central failures of the SADF in the border war most of them unintentionallyFirstly when the author designed the mechanized battalion he and his colleagues did not include a reconnaissance platoon built into the unit The little reconnaissance ever done mainly consisting of leading the 250 vehicle 55 km column through Angola to its objective was given to a couple of platoon commanders who were sharp navigators This is not the role of an infantry platoon commander A reconnaissance screen was never deployed ahead of the unit and basic tasks of reconnaissance were never given The author shows no understanding of reconnaissance as a military profession or how to use it and neither do other SADF officers The noisy mechanized column was used to crash through the bush and storm SWAPO and FAPLA positions These troops not being suicidal simply melted away long before the vehicle borne force arrivedSAAF preparatory air strikes were also largely ineffective and only served to warn the enemy of the impending attack The next failure is repeatedly mentioned by the author throughout it is that of field intelligence which was non existent The SADF was often thwarted and frustrated by a severe lack of intelligence and relied on artillery spotter officers FOOFAO and reports from small infantry suads mainly from 32 battallion It is not the role of the artillery spotting officer to collect compile and report intelligence though he may well make incidental contributions here and there Here again the failure is linked to the lack of reconnaissance units or an understanding of their role as well as there being no existing SADF field intelligence units at the time No effort was ever made to cultivate HUMINT sources among the Angolan population or even within SWAPO and FAPLA The South Africans paid dearly for thisThirdly the author showed some understanding of the components of Deep Battle such as striking the enemy rear units logistical effort command and control using vertical andor amphibious envelopment and extensive deception Maskirovka but this was never used by him at least until Operation Meebos II and never properly by the SADF The only deception used by the SADF was by not attacking from the south as the enemy expected once using a feint attack during Operation Hooper I believe and a little psyops with loudspeakers here and there To be effective this all needs to be done simultaneously in order to maximize its effect create chaos and to harm the main effort at the front Command and control nodes aren't to be only struck but also their capacity of processing information must be overwhelmed by performing multiple simultaneous strikes throughout the depth and breadth and to the rear of its various echelonsHe constantly laments the lack of air superiority experienced from the mid '80's onward and describes how the skies were abandoned to the Cuban and Soviet MiGs and SAMs It is inexplicable why the outstanding SADF Special Forces were never used to attack enemy radar SAM batteries and airfields This should have been done immediately prior to or at the H Hour of every operation At times artillery was used against SAMs and was planned against airfields but was never actually undertaken This in itself is a huge failure of the senior SADF leadershipLastly an organizational failing of the SADF would render those armed forces stricken when all operations had to be halted or ended prior to the discharge of national servicemen which led to a massive disruption in every unit This stemmed from the SADF using two recruitment intakes a year for its servicemen The simple solution would have been to adjust to four intakes a year every uarter This way only one company of each battalion would have to be replaced a new company would rotate in after its basic training as the old company demobilized and the unit could then maintain a continuum of operations There are a number of variations to this solution all it reuires is planningAll of these show a glaring lack of imagination and thought on the part of not only the author himself at times but of the SADF leadership as a whole The author does however describe much ability competence effectiveness and bravery throughout the book Much of their adaptation and formulation of conventional mechanized warfare is to be commended and makes for a most interesting study The book largely makes for engaging reading but at times is a little tedious which is why I gave it four and not five stars

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Eye of the Firestorm The Namibian Angolan South African Border War Memoirs of a Military CommanderD commanders within the domains of the defense and security It is a soldier's life story about how he lived through the South African Border War of the Firestorm The Namibian PDFEPUBand the transformation that followed when South Africa became of the Firestorm The Namibian PDFEPUBa fully democratic State on April it is also about gaining perspective in life This book puts in perspective the African way of warfare and expounds about operational concept tactics terrain command and leadership displayed from opposing sides Eye of the Firestorm tells about a free spirited man who br. A good number of descriptions and narrations of the bush war have appeared recently This is one of the best