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SUMMARY í The Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide æ ❰Reading❯ ➸ The Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide Author Robert Pinsky – The Poet Laureate's clear and entertaining account of how poetry worksPoetry is a vocal which is to say a bodily art Robert Pinsky declares in The Sounds of Poetry TThe Poet Laureate's clear and of Poetry eBook #8608 entertaining account of how poetry The Sounds MOBI #190 worksPoetry is a vocal which is to say a bodily art Sounds of Poetry eBook #10003 Robert Pinsky declares in The Sounds of Poetry The medium of Sounds of Poetry A Brief Epubpoetry is the human body the column of air inside the chest shaped into signif. As the title suggests this is a book about sound as a component of poetry Besides the characteristics of noises made in reading poetry the book details the various characteristics that shape the overall sound of a poem such as the duration of a syllable and whether it’s stressed or unstressed Having said that a major theme of Pinsky’s work is that one shouldn’t be absolutist or rigid about these characteristics eg stress versus unstressed and should instead look at the relative traits ie or less stressed By adopting a flexible view of the concepts like accent stress rhyme similarity of sound one opens up limitless options for poetry The book consists of five chapters The front matter includes an introduction and a brief commentary on theory The latter points out that there are no hard rules but by paying attention to these concepts one can produce richer and interesting sounding poems Pinsky reviews the most common poetic terms eg iamb trochee spondee etc but also looks at how these are varied for effect in a way that is enjoyable to all but prosody hardlinersThe chapters are 1 Accent and duration; 2 Syntax and line; 3 Technical terms and vocal realities; 4 Like and unlike sounds; 5 Blank verse and Free verse fyi Blank verse is unrhymed verse that has a regular meter most commonly iambic pentameter Free verse is unrhymed verse with irregular meterThere are relatively few poems used as examples in this book Some readers may find this a bit tedious and would prefer being exposed to and varied examples However other readers will enjoy drilling down into a few poems along several dimensions That’s a matter of personal preference but the reader should be aware of itThe book is less than 150 pages even with the back matter which includes recommended readings and glossary of names and terms It’s a uick readI enjoyed this book It’s not too technical and can be followed by a reader whether they’ve had an extensive education into poetry or not It’s not doctrinaire about prosody which appeals to my personal preferences It provoked some intriguing insights such as the flexible approach to accent as well as poetry as an art that uses the body of reader as its medium—their respiratory systems vocal chords and related musculature how these sounds are producedI’d recommend the book for poets and readers of poetry who are serious about the endeavor

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Ying sounds in the larynx and the mouth In this sense poetry is as physical or bodily an art as dancingAs Poet Laureate Pinsky is one of America's best spokesmen for poetry In this fascinating book he explains how poets use the technology of poetry its sounds to create works of art that are performed in us when we read them aloud He devotes brief informati. This is just another book on poetic meter Pinksy writes well but he really has nothing to say I am returning my copy


The Sounds of Poetry A Brief GuideVe chapters to accent and duration syntax and line like and unlike sounds blank and free verse He cites examples from the work of fifty different poets from Shakespeare Donne and Herbert to W C Williams Frost Elizabeth Bishop C K Williams Louise Glück and Frank BidartThis ideal introductory volume belongs in the library of every poet and student of poetry. Strong but with several missed opportunities for writersreaders of poetry notably specificity in the dynamics of English as a language of poetic expression Pinsky laid a brilliant foundation; I wished he'd built it a bit higher