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CHARACTERS ✓ Dead by Morning Rituals of the Night #1 Õ [Read] ➯ Dead by Morning Rituals of the Night #1 By Kayla Krantz – Obsession is deadly No one learns that better than Luna Ketz a pessimistic high school senior Caught between the intentions of her Muslim father and business minded Welfrey from trying to gain her affection Luna doesn’t think twice about him until girls at their high school begin to disappear Girls who tended to hurt her Girls she wished would disappear When she receives a call from a long lost friend normalcy Dead by eBook #202 goes out the window as. This was a wildly entertaining book to kick off what looks to be a gripping series It has the perfect blend of horror and supernatural with a little bit of Nightmare on Elm Street sprinkled in The main characters Luna and Chance look to have a relationship that won't end until someone dies and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out over the next couple books I recommend this book for any fans of horrorslashersupernatural especially if you enjoy YA type of stories

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She’s plunged into the paranormal There’s a world beneath the surface of the unconscious mind and the killer knows how to navigate it Luna is in danger and although she can avoid the killer in reality she cannot avoid him in her dreamsRated for mature adult themes and depictions of violenc. Dead by Morning is an excellent YA horror novel the first in the Rituals of the Night series I can't wait for the next one to come outLuna is smart and a bit of a geek and outsider at her high school Her best and only friend is Violet who has a crush on Chance the charming golden boy of the school However Chance only has eyes for Luna maybe because she is so vehemently uninterested in him Chance schemes and uses Luna's father David to wiggle his way into her life ingratiating himself so that Luna must date him and go to the next dance Chance also gets the popular girls in school to help Luna with a dress and to befriend her However Chance is than just a pretty face Several girls in the school are missing and Chance has used his Ted Bundy like appeal to cover his involvement Then Chance starts to invade Luna's dreamsThere are a lot of twists in this story which kept me reading and not wanting to put the book down If you like Steven King's Carrie and books of that time you'll enjoy reading Dead by Morning

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Dead by Morning Rituals of the Night #1Obsession is deadly No Morning Rituals eBook #10003 one learns that better than Luna Ketz a pessimistic high school senior Caught between the intentions of her Muslim father and business minded mother boys are the last thing on Luna’s mind but this fact doesn’t detour the mysterious Chance. A Perfect Example of where excessive obsession disorder can lead someone toLuna's life was going smooth and great until she met Chance Chance the most popular boy in school girls will die to get a date with him but his interest is LunaLuna detests Chance She would do everything to get rid of him and make him understand that what she has for him is Pure Hatred But making Chance go off the lane has never been simpleSounds like a normal high school love story ain't itNo It's notSomewhere in between the characters turn out to be deadly evils and since then you know you are hooked with it and won't be sleeping anytime soon until you get to the last pages But only to find out that The Story is not over YetMy heart was beating faster with each page It was shocking and frightful Kayla's aim was to stun the readers with her writing and surprising story and she has successfully done soViolate's refusal to believe any of Luna's pleas added fuel to my excitement Very well written is a small compliment I can offerBe Obsessed or Be AverageThis is the mantra I function with With Dead by Morning Kayla Krantz has taken 'obsession' to entirely different level Sometimes you feel haunted about it and other times you are too scared to feel anything I thought it was going to be a teenage romance where the girl is stubbornly refusing the boy's proposal but ultimately his determination will win her and they'll live happily ever after Never had I imagined that being obsessed about another human being in a bad way could never leave one to happy endings The best thing about this book is that people of every generation can enjoy and thrilled with it It would remind you of Stephen King's writing but Kayla has shown her writing prowess superblyShe will definitely leave a footprint in your mind This is those kind of book that even thinking of it would bring you goosebumpsVerdict If you are up for a horrific story This is for you