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Though she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident Pierce can't help but feel at once a part of this world and apart from it Yet she's never alone because someone is always watching her Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone th NO STARSI've heard a lot about Meg Cabot's books And it may surprise people to know that this was actually my first Meg Cabot novel I'm not completely unfamiliar with her works One of my favorite movies of all time was adapted from one of her novels The Princess Diaries All that being said I think I made a huge mistake in having Abandon pop my Cabot novel cherryInsta loveGuys this book has INSTA LOVEDeep breaths Stephanie Deep BreathsIt took me till page 300 to realize why I felt like I wanted to give up reading Abandon several times And really that's pathetic that I didn't see it I mean I really should have peeped that way earlier But it's not my fault because Abandon was so hard to even follow thanks to Pierce's convoluted ramblings about her pathetic life and her intermittently reminding herself to check yourself before you wreck yourself This book left me confused angry and HIGHLY disturbed Therefore this review will have major spoilers Deal with it and let's explore these emotionsWhat Just HappenedIt's probably not a good sign for a reader to finish your novel and not have a single clue what the point was Not even an inkling for what you were trying to accomplish And believe me I wanted so much to understand and like this book but the narration ran circles around my wee little mind The entire first half of the novel has Pierce alluding to several past scenes as if the reader knows what was going on Pierce would say something like Oh and I don't want anything to happen like it did that one time  And I'm sitting here thinking Oh yeah What What happened Tell me already I get what Cabot was trying to do but it didn't work for me And it definitely didn't need to go on for majority of the book That was just cruel and wrong It made me incredibly frustrated Now the parts that did manage to make some type of sense were cancelled out by Pierce's sheer stupidity Saw dust for brains I really don't want to say it b b but BELLA gasp And that my friends brings me to the angerWhat We Have Here is a Failure to CommunicateNo what we have here is just a failure Pierce is one of the worst heroines I've read this year Now keep in mind I read both Starcrossed and Fifty Shades of Grey so far so that's saying something And not a good something Moving on Pierce meets John a death deity when she is a just seven years old Later when she dies at age fifteen she sees him in the Underworld  and he recognizes her too They have a brief conversation which goes a little something like thisOmg it's so cold and wet hereHey you wanna get outta hereSure whatevespoof So what does her do He whisks her away to his bedroom dresses her in a white dress and gives her the biggest diamond he could steal find Shit you not that is exactly how it goes down Pierce realizing something is not right Though I'm not sure what gave it away maybe because he told her she could never leave Possibly throws hot tea in John's face and runs down a staircase that magically transports her back to the living world slow blinkCheck yourself before you wreck yourselfMeanwhile a year and a half laterThey meet again in a graveyard where this poor unfortunate soul seems to hang out Of course that doesn't stop our heroine from asking the all important universal uestion Why me Are you kidding me But I have to remember the problem with Pierce is that she's so stupid she doesn't realize how stupid she is Instead of running away from the crazed stalker she apologizes to him for throwing the tea in his face You know when she was busy escaping Pop uiz What do you get when you mix not so bright heroine with a gallon of selfless Mary SueSo yeah the graveyard Here they are in the rain having a lover's spat over well I'm not exactly sure why they were fighting but John ends up getting semi violent throwing her diamond and demolishing the cemetery gate Lovely guy Do you see why this book made me angry Here we have yet another YA heroine with a controlling violent male trying to not be involved with him and she's apologizing for getting away Unbelievable It was at that point where I really didn't think this novel could get any worse Until of course I got to the disturbing partThe Return of Pedobear I wish I were jokingSomehow the cemetery sexton gets involved and Pierce opens up and confides in him She goes on and on about how he randomly has shown up in her life how he scares her how he's a nightmare how bad things happen when he's around etc Do you know what he says to her after thatSo if I might make a suggestion for all our sakes why don't you try his brown eyes were pleading just being a little sweeter to that boyYes that's right girls When you are in an abusive relationship trying to escape it's not his fault It's totally your fault for not being sweet enough to him Because there is no such thing as personal accountability and it is your job to make sure he remains calm enough to not destroy you and everyone you love in a hurricane But don't worry He loves you Gag meCheck yourself before you wreck yourselfExcuse me while I rage across my living roomOhhhhh but it gets better I mentioned before how I didn't recognize the insta love until page 300 That might seem really strange And it is It's mostly because Pierce and John spent so much time trying to non avoid each other and argue that I completely didn't see it Well on page 300 John confesses his love to Pierce His LOVE peoplePauseLove What love In all of their encounters six by my count including when she was seven they probably spent no than thirty minutes together at a given time And I'm being generous And then I remember Pierce's dear sweet granny The one that took her to the graveyard when she was seven in hopes that John would run into Pierce and I hope you're sitting down for this one fall in love with her At seven years old That's why he kidnapped her because he was in love with her He stalked her because he was in love with her He got violent when she ran away screaming from him because he was in love with her He fell in love with her at seven years oldShall I check myself before I wreck myself now too HUH Eeny meeny miney moe Catch a kiddie by the toeThen in order to protect her from the Furies he kidnaps her again to the bedroom changes her clothes AGAIN and tells her she must stay there forever with him But don't worry it's for her protection Totally legit And this time he even remembers to lock the door She smiles The endI know that this is a retelling of Persephone I get that But this is in no way shape or form okay with me Abandon had everything I hate in a book Controlling violent abusive male Check Submissive passive heroine with very little common sense Check Insta love check Mary sue Check Poor plot CheckWhy Why do I continue to see the same awful tropes over and over Why are impressionable young girls consistently being marketed these types of book Please please make it stop Give them strong independent heroines loving love interests safe and healthy relationshipsDear Literary godsHear my pleas Can you do me a solid and provide alcohol and chocolate if I continue to run into these books A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review purposes Thank youMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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Abandon AUTHOR Meg CabEre wants you back But now she's moved to a new town Maybe at her new school she can start fresh Maybe she can stop feeling so afraid Only she can't Because even here he finds her That's how desperately he wants her back She knows he's no guardian angel and his dark DNF 24%I don't have the patience to sit around and find out how many types of blades Pierce can compare John's eyes to

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kindle â Abandon AUTHOR Meg Cabot 304 pages õ Meg Cabot õ [EPUB] ✹ Abandon Author Meg Cabot – Though she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident Pierce can't help but feel at once a part of this world and apart from it Yet she's never alone because someone isWorld isn't exactly heaven yet she can't stay away especially since he always appears when she least expects it but exactly when she needs him mostBut if she lets herself fall any further she may just find herself back in the one place she most fears the Underworld Writing this review actually make me sad and guilty because I hate writing anything negative about a Meg Cabot book I first discovered Princess Diaries when I was 11 years old and fell instantly in love with Meg Cabot's books I loved the Princess Diaries series and the Mediator series even I haven't a read a Meg Cabot book since I was around 16 but I have happy memories of her books Now I just wish I had not read Abandon just so I could preserve those memoriesAbandon is a new take on the Hades Persephone myth Pierce the main protagonist finds herself in the Underworld similar to that of Hades' after she nearly drowns There she meets John whom she had previously met at her grandfather's funeral when she was a little kid She somehow manages to escape the Underworld but John seems to appear everywhere she goes especially when she's in trouble She can't seem to escape from him After an incident she moves to an island where her mother's family lives However trouble seems to follow her there tooWhen I first read the synopsis for the book I nearly fainted from excitement The premise seemed so enticing; and I was sure it was going to be as amazing as The Mediator series The reality The synopsis is actually hundred times exciting than the book I feel really deceived Nothing actually happens throughout the book Most of the book is about how Pierce landed in the Underworld and how she escaped from it; and her previous meetings with John I kept waiting for something even remotely exciting to happen but the book finished and nothing happenedI would not have minded the lack of a plot if the character development was well done However every character is one dimensional I cannot remember liking a single character As for Pierce I hated her There is not one likable uality about herThe only words I can use for her is Spoilt brat She's selfish shallow hypocritical and appears to be lacking a brain She is portrayed as being someone who is not materialistic yet she does and says stuff which makes her exactly so When she gets into trouble she says things like You want money Fine My father will give it to you Please keep in mind that's not an actual uote from the book Her father ends up with a seven figure lawsuit due to Pierce's actions but her reaction to it is as if it's an amusing thing As in Haha How funny that I caused my father to be sued for seven million Seriously Througout the book it's been repeated again and again how caring she is I just don't see it None of her actions make her look caringI don't know what to say about John because I know nothing about him He's just another one of those generic dark bad boy love interests with a tragic past I do not understand how Pierce falls for him considering that she seems to hate him for the most part John gets angry often sometimes violently angry and aggressive He even tries to keep Pierce in the underworld against her wishes He creeped me out and frightened me but didn't make me go weak at the knees as I suppose I was expected toI missed sweet awkward Mia from Princess Diaries and snarky kick ass Susannah from The Mediator; I missed the humor that sets Meg Cabot's books apart; I missed Jesse from The Mediator and Michael from Princess Diaries who were truly swoon worthyOverallIt saddens me to say so about a Meg Cabot book but it has every element that annoys me in a YA PNR novel Annoying main protagonist who makes me want to inflict some kind of violence on her and believe me I am not a violent person Dark dangerous love interest I guess he was supposed to make me swoon but he only made me yawn he was that boring Actual Plot NilI wanted to give this book one star The extra star is because of how much I used to love the author's books