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Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Arthur Kemp A comprehensive overview of the long debated of Ra ePUB #180 uestion of what race were the Ancient Egyptiansfinally answered through a thorough study of the historical record Egyptian art images of mummies and new dramatic DNA evidenceSecond Edition includes DNA report which conclusively proved that the original Egyptians were whiteand that the present day Egyptian population is of mixed racial originsRa was the sun god of ancient Egypt and part of the religion of that culture was a belief The Children Epubthat the pharaohs were descended from him The sun god was de. The author's premise may well be largely correct the Ancient Egyptians were probably of mixed race but the evidence he gives is badly orgainised and poorly written and not backed by any modern medical research of which there must be a lot The book seems to be designed or thrown together for the the grunts of neo nazi thinking I only bought it as a cheap introduction to his work and am not planning to read any

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Free download The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt 105 Ø ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt ✓ Author Arthur Kemp – Opeans and the astonishing results of the largest ever DNA testing of Egyptian mummies by scientists at the University of Tuebingenwhich revealed that the Ancient Egyptians were closely related to present day EuropeansA vital work for all those fascinated by Ancient Egypt and the origins of that civilizationAlso contains a detailed Egyptian history timeline to explain Children of Ra Artistic Historical Epubhow this white founded society was overrun and how this process led to the extinction of this greatest of the ancient civilisationsa somber warning to todays West. The author does a very good job in this short but to the point book of providing a basic understanding of the fact that the original Egyptians were in fact white I would highly recommend his worksSomething he doesn't get into in this book is the fact that the Egyptians didn't become 'brown' until after they had been multiculturalized by Jews just as we are seeing today After 'Joseph'whatever his real name was bribed the Pharaoh was installed as second in command hoarded grain for seven years and dammed up the Nile bringing on a famine through flooding he then inflated the price of food which bankrupted the entire country Then as the Egyptians were starving he brought in all his fellow Jews to live high off the hog Soon they owned everything This can all be read about by studying the 'Lamentations of Ipuwer' Compare it to the account in the old testament and then compare the situation to what we have going on today My how history repeats itself when everyone is dumbed downAfter a few generations the Egyptians finally kicked out these Jewish parasites So what did they do They went down to NubiaEthiopia hired mercenaries and came back taking over the Nile delta by force They reigned for several generations as the Hyksos dynasty Finally they were kicked out for good of course the Jews reversed everything to make themselves look like the victims as they always do Hence the story of the 'exodus' And since Abraham had been a Sumerian they took the story of Sargon of Akkad plagiarized it and invented the story of Moses their 'deliverer' The biblical plagues did in fact happen though However they were not the result of an angry Sky Fairy named Yahweh they were the result of a nearby volcanic eruption which poisoned the water and created a domino effect of plagues

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The Children of Ra Artistic Historical and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White EgyptPicted with an eagles head and a human body with the sun sitting on its headthus the association of red and blond hair with royalty among the ancient EgyptiansLavishly illustrated with over full color pictures DNA evidence and a complete historical overview this book proves that white people created the initial Egyptian civilizationand that ancient Egypt culture came to an end once those people had been Children of Ra Epub #219 bred out of existenceContains the dramatic DNA evidence which shows that Tutankhamun was of the same racial stock as present day western Eur. This book deserves five stars if only for bravery in the face of the screaming hordes of Afrocentrists who unfortunately have their veiws propogated by much of the media and in America in particular the education system The author does point out very clearly that he does not deny the presence of sub Saharan Africans in Ancient Egypt I mention that because this book and any similar are attacked usually in the most threatening and foul mouthed manner for allegedly denying that blacks were ever in Ancient Egypt or that blacks were the originators of Ancient Egyptian civilisation and by implication Greek Roman and modern western civilisation which of course is laughable The audience for these profoundly ignorant foul mouthed rants is one that will not read this book and so will be bamboozled by the Afrocentrists shameful lies and trickery like darkening photos of the famous bust of Nefertiti sometimes blatantly even changing her features The author shows that the original indigenous population of Egypt were not white in the sense that the were specificaly Nordic Italic Greek Celtic or Slavic but caucasian in the broader sense that includes European and Semetic peoples and from further afield into parts of Asia It is a pity the book was not better printed and with colour photos but this is of course an extremely contentious area though it should not be as truth should never be contentious and mainstream publishers would probably fear to publish this book However the Kindle version has colour photos This is important as it shows hair colour on mummies red and blond and eye colour on statues very often grey The Ancient Egyptians used colours in specific ways for specific reasons blue and or green being used to signify death for instance I mention this as Afrocentrists shamefully use dark coloured images some for the god Ihy being black and of course Tutankhamun's two gaurdian statues being painted black This has nothing to do with skin colour or race but all to do with religion When the Egyptians wanted to portray a person as they actually were then they used realistic colours There is no religious reason for showing grey eyes on the famous statues of Ra Hotep and his wife Nofret or on the statue of the official Ka aper they are grey almost blue because that is the colour they would have been in life There are several example in the book There is no attempt in this book to portray Ancient Egyptians as blond haired blue eyed ubermensch it is actually remarkable for shying away from that though to read what Afrocentrists say about this book you would think it a second version of Mein Kampf There is truth in this book a truth that a few decades ago nobody would have uestioned yet now it is a struggle to shout out this truth in the face of appalling lies and threats from the new establishment Buy this book while you can for times they are a changing and truth begins to sink under a tide of lies backed up and by the force of law