The Bad PopesHt of the most controversial popes to have ruled over the Holy See from the reign of Pope Stephen VI who had his predecessor exhumed put on trial and thrown in the Tiber in the ninth century through to Pope Clement VII the second Medici pope whose failed international policy led to the Sack of Rome in The Bad Popes explains how during these six centuries the papal monarchy rose to its greatest heights as popes attempted to assert not only their spiritual authority but also their temporal power only for it to come cras. The bad popes of history are scattered throughout Vatican history and there were some real stinkers so the great thing about Chamberlain's book is that he gathers these hypocrites and villains together For a fuller picture you would need John Julius Norwich's 'The Popes' but 'The Bad Popes' is a well written distillation of all the rogues and includes a good overview of that grubby Vatican period known suitable as 'The Pornocracy' A good read and indispensable if you're prepared to be magnanimous in your acceptance of Papal history

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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ The Bad Popes ó [Read] ➳ The Bad Popes By ER Chamberlin – A dramatic account of some of the most notorious figures of medieval and Renaissance history who ruled from the Eternal City It is sure to grip readers of John Julius Norwich Tom Holland and Peter Ack A dramatic account of some of the mostHing downA magnificent piece of historic research and description Los Angeles Times A vital and important book Washington Post Chamberlin writes well even elegantly One fancies echoes now and then of Tacitus and Gibbon an interesting historical essay Daily TelegraphOne is sincerely grateful to Mr Chamberlin for a vivid book Catholic HeraldMr Chamberlin's book strikes me as being as near to the ideal as is reasonably possible scrupulously fair meticulously documented and written with style liveliness and wit The Bullet. Very helpful book for those interested in the history of the Cathoilc Church and the papacy With a mountain of detail and insight the author has exposed the often corrupt human element within the Church while without effort reinforcing the divine element without which the Church could not have possibly existed for over 2000 yearsThis book has the potential for testing the faith of the lukewarm while inspiring the faith of true believers


A dramatic account of some of the most notorious figures of medieval and Renaissance history who ruled from the Eternal City It is sure to grip readers of John Julius Norwich Tom Holland and Peter AckroydThe papal tiara has been worn by a number of infamous men through the course of its historySome have been accused of murder many have had mistresses while others sold positions in the church to their followers or gave land and The Bad PDF or wealth to their illegitimate childrenE R Chamberlin examines the lives of eig. From the muddy myths and doubtful history of early Christian centuries to the outrageous extravagances and sins of the Medici popes and the appalling sack of Rome in 1527 Chamberlin has described in astonishing detail just how bad some popes were and what made them bad The underlying driving force is first the absorption of temporal power by the Church then the growing and eventual enormity nepotism and depravity of both national and international control by the Papacy and the counter struggle led by the Holy Roman Empire often no less horrid The author looks at the individual characteristics of the men who became Pope as well as the motives of the cardinals who elected himThis is not a complete history of all popes as the many better ones are omitted or barely mentioned but it is fascinating for lay readers to see how the various complexities of conflict affected familiar events in history especially in the later stages when the Church itself was crumbling in the face of internal corruption and weakness and rising Protestantism at a time of city state warlords sucking up power and wealth with which to make war on neighbours especially in Italy A uote from the last Medici Pope whose niece Catherine became ueen of France and arch enemy of Eiizabeth of England sums up well what led to their downfall Rejecting advice from the Venetian ambassador to promote the welfare of the True Church Clement VII said ‘I see clearly that the way you point out is the right way but in this world the idea does not correspond to reality’ As with the six other popes examined in detail his decision led to a crisis both within the Roman Catholic Church and beyond Just one conseuence of Papal weakness and unwillingness to clean up church management and practices was the schism between Catholicism and Henry VIII’s AnglicanismThe late ER Chamberlin was a librarian hence an excellent bibliography is included His writing is engaging and authoritative revealing a deep knowledge and wry political commentary which makes his historical books exciting and accessible for everybody