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The Question Download õ 4 É [Reading] ➷ The Question Author Henri Alleg – Originally published in 1958 The uestion is the book that opened the torture debate in France during Algeria's war of independence and was the first book since the eighteenth century to be banned by t originally published in The uestion is thNe of Henri Alleg was a French journalist who supported Algerian independence He was interrogated for one month During this imprisonment Alleg was uestioned under torture with unbelievable brutality and sadism The uestion is Alleg's profoundly moving account of that month and of his triumph over his torturers Jean Paul. I read this as part of an LLM course looking at France in Algeria in the context of torture Essentially this book is the basic no frills and not sweetened account of a man being tortured What makes it such a facinating resource is that it deals with the psychology the mindset of both tortured and torturer Well worth reading alongside arguements justifying torture as a valid techniue See which argument you find strongerThis is a short book and can comfortable read in a couple of hours That is not to detract from the easy of reading and the overall uality of the account Worth buying for anyone interested in France the Algeria war 1954 1962 Torture Human Rights and the human mind

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Originally published in The uestion is the book that opened the torture debate in France during Algeria's war of independence and was the first book since the eighteenth century to be banned by the French government for political reasons At the time of his arrest by French paratroopers during the Battle of Algiers in Ju. This book is one man's unsentimental and powerful account of his time as a prisoner of the French paratroopers in Algeria in 1957 8 Marked out as a communist and agitator for a free Algeria Alleg is hunted down captured and tortured The brutality of the paras and the complicity of the Govt of the day are now well documented This fresh and elegantly written account seized by the police on initial publication in France tells of Alleg's incredible bravery and gave the world an insight into what was going on in Algeria an account that could not be ignored It is as relevant today because issues concerning torture and morality are sadly just as prevalent all over the world note Mohamedou Ould Slahi's recently published 'Guantanamo Diary' The edition I read also contains an essay by Sartre on the themes raised by the text this essay helps to put the context to the debate that Alleg raises This book is a must read even nearly 60 years on

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The QuestionSartre's preface remains a relevant commentary on the moral and political effects of torture on both the victim and perpetratorThis Bison Books edition marks the first time sincethat The uestion has been published in the United States For this edition Ellen Ray provides a foreword James D Le Sueur offers an introduction. Henri Alleg who has also collaborated in a 3 vol history of the Algerian War is a hero Unlike most French and Algerian Communists he supported the FLN without reservations and was willing to suffer the conseuences usually reserved for the Arab militants conseuences which had their origins in Nazi concentration camps but were refined by the likes of Salan Challe Massu and others The Gen gene and other methods of peruasion which I suspect are still used by our current rulers and I mean Obama not simply Bush makes waterboarding look like watersurfingRead Alleg's book Watch his interview in the splendid new Criterion 3 DVD set of The Battle of Algiers Listen to his interviews which are onlineWould that Alleg's complete history of the war were translated into English Alastair Horne an honorable man of the moderate right I think he would agree with that description has written a detailed history of the war by far the best book about the war in EnglishA final and personal note My father a man of no politics was stationed in Algeria uring WWII He was there before the massacre at Setif and watched some of it in horror The French racist brutality toward the Algerian people so branded him that he never set foot in France and discouraged others from going Alleg's description of his own experiences really is a shorthand for the ratissages and rattonades that our current regime now indulges in Horne's book begins with a preface denouncing torture I wish that his book had gone into of its horror; nevertheless I salute him Read Horne and read Henri Alleg I beg you