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review Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa: From Tragedy to Useful Imperial Fiction Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ ❰Reading❯ ➾ Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa: From Tragedy to Useful Imperial Fiction Author Robin Philpot – EyltransferservicesAnd metaphors that provided the underpinnings of slavery the slave trade and colonialism Nearly years later the facts about the Rwandan tragedy have been so distorted and the adjudicated facts ignored and the New Epub #218 that Rwanda is now used everywhere to justify so called humanitarian intervention throughout Africa and the world It has become a useful imperial fiction and for that reason this book seeks to find out what really happened there. November 30 2015 UPDATE This is definitely a first rate extremely readable account of the Rwandan genocide that finally tells the story in an understandable vivid and emotionally moving form Philpot's limitations of analytic depth described below are than made up for by his compelling hands on account of that imperial predation transmogrified by what used to be called and remains the lying lick spittle media lapdog of its imperial masters aka in academic respectability as the Herman Chomsky propaganda model of the news but better yet understood as Operation Mockingbird in action I have read about a fourth of the book and may say upon completion What the critic Miller below describes as a one sided account of the tragedy consists primarily of sound geopolitical reasoning and inferenceNovember 2 2015 I was about to buy “Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa” but hesitated to do so after reading an excerpt from it by Robin Philpot on globalresearchdotca entitled “The Rwanda ‘Genocide Fax’ Who was behind the 1994 Massacres” The author has a chatty but confusing style that enjoys the strength of narrative interpretation unburdened by excessive citations but unfortunately he is not a good analyst of evidence Philpot’s analysis of the Genocide Fax illustrates this The Official Story has this fax reportedly received by UNAMIR Force Commander Romeo Dallaire warning of an impending Hutu genocide against Tutsis that tragically failed to produce relevant preventive action Philpot gives a correct but limited interpretation of the genocide fax but never reaches the most important conclusion about it which by the time of this book’s publication had been well established for many years ie this it is a forgery His limited correct interpretation is thisThe spin given to the fax story in The New Yorker could be summed up as follows We in Washington are not guilty of having supported a murderous invading army that has spread death and destruction throughout central Africa It’s those incompetent UN bureaucrats and especially that secretary general who did not take the obvious necessary measures to stop those horrible génocidaires from carrying out their evil plans They did nothing even though they were sitting on unuestionable documentary evidence of a planned genocide They did not even inform the international communityThe important point is that this fax first surfaced after and in response to Romeo Dallaire's public statements that first denied and then affirmed prior knowledge of Hutu intent to commit genocide against Tutsi The failure to find any UN documentary evidence of a pre planned genocide by the Rwandan government against Tutsis was thus embarrassing to the US narrative The fax filled that evidentiary gap but is a partial forgery into which the allegations of genocide have been added by “cut and paste” You can read some details proving this in “Enduring Lies The Rwandan Genocide in the Propaganda System 20 Years Later” by Edward Herman and David Peterson H even Black never says why the fact that ¶12 is missing matters the likely problem was that the first page of the fax gave the total number of pages – 2 – and the forgers simply ran out of room Part of the evidence of its being a fake comes from the UN response to it that Philpot mentions but fails to appreciate properly ie the UN response to the alleged genocide fax makes no reference to any mention of genocide Still even the short excerpt that I read of Philpot’s book shows that it clearly has lively details and political analyses that make it worth reading and it is highly recommended by Edward Herman who reviewed it for Z mag a review worth readingIn reviewing Philpot's book Eric clifrod sic Miller complains of its one sidedness by writing “Yes the US supported the RPF but it did not create it as part of some grand Machiavellian conspiracy to steal the Congo's resources and destroy France's sphere of influence in the region” I doubt that Philpot ever claimed that the US created the RPF in order to loot the Congo but part of this criticism is likely justified even if there is some hyperbole from Miller about how Philpot views the US role – some modest description of the US is justified such as that the US trained armed and supported a genocidal monster Paul Kagame because he served US goals of looting the Congo It is not hard to see how a superficial reading of Philpot’s book might promote misinterpretation After all the back cover of Philpot's earlier Rwanda 1994 Colonialism Dies Hard states that former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali declared to the author that the 'Rwandan genocide was 100 percent American responsibility' I would bet my right arm that Philpot includes this uote in his present book and such remarks may give the false impression that Philpot claims that the US created the genocide from whole cloth Certainly Boutros Ghali might believe that the US is 100% responsible for the genocide without suggesting that it made the RPF from scratch in order to loot the Congo but I am nonetheless sympathetic to Miller’s discontent because I felt a similar dissatisfaction reading the very informative “Enduring Lies” cover to cover and was troubled by both its academic dryness – “genocide” in the abstract without the blood spilled – and its failure to grasp the particular lives and values and aspirations of the Africans themselves and them acting in this monstrous affair under their own set of motivations even if they could never have achieved their genocidal goals but for the fact that these dovetailed so neatly with the geopolitical and economic ends

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S true Robin Philpots vast and methodical research extensive interviews and close analysis of events Rwanda and PDFEPUB or testimony in courts and popular writings on the subject show not only that that official narrative is false but that it was edified to cover up the causes of the tragedy and to protect the criminals responsible for it Whatsto make that storybelievable the storytellers have unfailingly reproduced the literary traditions clichs. Oh boy did I ever hate this book While the author does raise valid uestions about some historical myths that have been adopted his writing style makes this an unreadable book It has the tone of raving lunatic He is so eager to vilify some people he goes on at length There are four chapters each where he rips into what he hates about four books about Rwanda Lacking any kind of academic distance they come across as childish immature attacks This book is written to make a point and attack his enemies So much so that the merit the book could have is entirely overwhelemd by the author's petty vindictive behavior He takes pride in how 'maverick' and non mainstream he is a full page is a replication of a rejection letter from Louise Arbour I've never wanted to throw a book at the wall before

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Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa From Tragedy to Useful Imperial FictionFormer UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali declared the New Epub #226 to author Robin Philpot that the Rwandan Genocide was percent American responsibility Yet aofficial narrative would have it that horrible Hutu gnocidaires planned and executed a satanic scheme to eliminate nearly one million Tutsis after the Rwandan presidential plane crashed in the heart of dark Africa on AprilWhere do these two contradictory narratives come from Which i. Great book about Rwanda