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The War That Never Was review Ú 3 ´ [Reading] ➶ The War That Never Was ➽ Duff Hart Davis – For the very first timeThe War That Never Was tells the fascinating story of a secret war fought by British mercenaries in the Yemen in the early 1960s In a covert operation organised over whisky and For the veryRmy The British fought back at the head of a ragtag force of tribal warriors and ultimately won Egypts President Nasser described the battle in the Yemen as my Vietnam Its a fascinating forgotten and rip roaringly entertaining pocket of British military history much in the spirit of Ben MvIntyres bestselling Agent Zigzag and Operation Minceme. Late colonial ass kicking What's not to love Middle Eastern nut cases causing bother look no further then a St James gentlemen's club for the solution Richard Hannay style Two key points I've taken away from reading this book 1 The Special Air Service Regiment in the 1960's were amazing soldiers 2 The world is much sadder place now Britain can no longer play World Police Man independently even on a small scale because it would appear we had a real talent for itI would take issue with a couple of reviews that describe Davies style as dry it's not but it's not rat a tat a tat painting by numbers This book walks the line between being a piece of popular history and maintaining it's integrity and being accessible which I think it does admirably well worth a read If you need Kaboom blat blat arrrrgh read a Commando comic

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For the very first timeThe War That Never That Never PDFEPUB #195 Was tells the fascinating story of a secret war fought by British mercenaries in the Yemen in the early s In a covert operation organised The War Epubover whisky and sodas in the clubs of Chelsea and Mayfair a group of former SAS officers led by the irrepressible Colonel Jim Jo. A great read so many of the tragic events currently unfolding in the Yemen have their roots in the events described in this book The perfidy of the successive British governments including those who toadied up to Nasser comes as no surprise As ever the Foreign Office rather than the elected government of the day determined foreign policy and seemed to with unerring predictability act against their countries interests The resilience of the tinny band of reserve soldiers who fought this secret war is admirable A good read indeed

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The War That Never WasHnson arranged for a suadron of British mercenaries to travel to War That Never Epub #221 the remote mountain regions of the Yemen to arm train and lead Yemeni tribesmen in their fight against a strong contingent of Egyptian soldiers It was one of the most uneven running battles ever waged the Egyptians fielded a huge professionally trained a. I bought this book after reading a review in the Spectator At the time of these events I served in the Trucial Oman Scouts in what is now the Union of Arab Emirates and passed through Aden a couple of times including 3 months on the language course The mercenaries security must have been good as I never heard a whisper of what was going on in the Yemen Another reason for buying the book was that I know the son of one of the major participantsThe book does give a very good account of what the mercenaries went through It gives a very good insight to the chaotic happenings in Yemen today and a sad view of the British Government's handling of the situation in the Middle EastA very good read