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READ & DOWNLOAD · Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation ✩ Author Andrew Weissmann – In the first and only inside account of the Mueller investigation one of the special counsel's Counsel's report was releasedIn Where Law Ends legendaryprosecutorAndrewWeissmann a key player in the Special Counsel's Office finally pulls back the curtain to reveal exactly what went on inside the investigation including the heated debates painful deliberations and mistakes of the team not to mention the external efforts by the president and Law Ends Inside the Mueller PDFEPUBAttorney General William Barr to manipulate the investigation to their political endsWeissmann puts the reader in the room as Mueller's team made their most conseuential decisions such as whether to subpoena the president whether to conduct a full financial investigation of Trump and whether to explicitly recommend obstruction charges against him Weissmann also details for the first time the debilitating effects that President Trump himself had on the investigation through his dangli. This is a pricey hardback that I was looking forward to reading but the poor binding is making it a challenge The inner margins are a mere 18 mm wide and the binding is very tight The result is it's a struggle to keep the book open enough to read it By page 15 I was so irritated by the binding that I broke off to write this review I feel the author has been badly treated by his publisher Random House

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In the first and only inside account Ends Inside PDF #10003 of the Mueller investigation one of the special counsel's most trusted prosecutors breaks his silence on the team's history making search for the truth their painstaking deliberations and costly mistakes and Trump's unprecedented efforts to stifle their report WHERE LAW ENDS TYRANNY BEGINS John Locke inscribed on the wall of DOJ Where Law PDF or headuarters in Washington DCIn May Robert Mueller was tapped tolead aninuiry into Russian interference in the presidential election coordination by foreign agents with Donald Trump's campaign and obstruction of justice by the presidentMueller assembled a dream team of top prosecutors and for the next twenty two months the investigation was a black box and the subject of Law Ends Inside PDF #202 endless anticipation and speculation until April whenthespecial. The book reminded me of a line from the above song “he wants it all and he wants it his way” The book reads like a detective thriller and also reminded me of “All The President’s Men” The author writes it chronologically and you get caught up with what’s going to happen next as he takes you through the events as they are happening You feel as if you are in the room where it happened as the net closes around Trump He responds by tweeting and hysterical attacks on anyone and everyone who doesn’t take his side AW takes you through it all from the interviewing of the staff to carry out the Inuiry to the denouementIt’s uite exciting as you read the discovery of an email which is dynamite for the investigation or someone being interviewed and confesses to something eually incredible The investigation was split into 3 groups Team R Team M and Team 600 ie Russia Manefort and Obstruction AW runs Team M and gets to realize that he is just a mini me of Trump In other words somebody who believes that rules and the law do not apply to him and that there is nothing he wouldn’t do to enrich himself AW had been extremely successful in prosecuting Enron and bringing down Mafia bosses He explains the main tool he used was getting dirt on lower employees in the organization to flip on the top dogsThe the team dug the worried they became as they realized that the new President was totally lawless and there would be no limit that all the president’s men would go to for his interests This is whether to protect him or increase his interests usually financial The information they got included private memos that Trump wrote which showed his frame of mind They were full of bile hostility self importance self gratification and total disregard for laws and norms unless they benefited him The White House attorneys are supposed to work for the public the WH as an institution not the president personally “We realized that the Oval Office was the Magic Kingdom a reality free zone with just the ravings of our own Mad King George to deal with”The main tool of getting people to flip was blocked often than not due to the ravings of Trump “It would become increasingly clear that Trump was wielding the presidential power of pardon as an enticement to deter witnesses from co operating with our office while simultaneously wielding his power to fire Mueller as a threat to keep us reined in” This ever present threat weakened them so much that they were too afraid to do many things they would normally do such as subpoena the president AW constantly compares how similar the work is to investigating a mafia organization in how it functions Similar threats and pressures are there but it is much worse in this situation A mafia boss could not close down his own investigation as could Trump This meant with the rules that they had to operate under and Trump’s special powers the Inuiry only did part of what they could have and should have doneIn essence AW states the team got played by Attorney General Barr They assumed that his personal friendship with Mueller would mean that Barr would play fair The longer the investigation went on they all realized that Barr was operating as Trump’s personal lawyer rather than on behalf of the people In other words he was getting money under false pretenses and was being totally immoral The team that played by the rules lost the team that played dirty won The last chapter is spent analyzing Barr’s statements and explanations which prove that he is the second most dangerous man in America AW also makes suggestions on how to ensure that the democracy is not ridden roughshod again by a lawless president only interested in himselfI write this as Trump is in hospital with Covid the hoax as he declared originally He said “it will be gone by Easter” Over 208000 deaths later and rising even his most fanatical cult members now realize that it’s not just another variation of the flu Due to his complete mismanagement of the epidemic from the start up to now many have died that should not have The way he has treated the Ukraine has meant a greater number of Ukrainian deaths as a result according to experts by the Russian invasion When the 63 million people voted for him in 2016 they did not realize that they were giving him a license to kill

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Where Law Ends Inside the Mueller InvestigationNg Law Ends Inside the Mueller PDFEPUBof pardons and his constant threats to shut down the inuiry and fire Mueller which leftthe teamracing against the clock andessentially fighting with one hand tied behind their backsIn Where Law Ends Weissmann conjures the camaraderie and esprit de corps of the investigative units led by the enigmatic Mueller a distinguished public servant who is revealed here in a way we have never seen him before as a manager a colleague and a very human presence Weissmann is as candid about the team's mistakes as he is about its successes and is committed to accurately documenting the historic investigation for future generations to assess and learn from Ultimately Where Law Ends is a story abouta team of public servants dedicated to the rule of law tasked with investigating a president who did everything he could to stand in their way. A factual unbiased account of how Trump manipulates the law for his own personal gain and power grab Great read