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kindle Ý Bandersnatch Ó Paperback read  diana pavlac glyer ½ [Reading] ➿ Bandersnatch By Diana Pavlac Glyer – A look at the Inklings and their creative processCS Lewis JRR Tolkien and the Inklings met each week to read and discuss each other's work in progresEach other's work in progress offering both encouragement and blistering critiue How did these conversations shape the My only complaint is the lack of chronology Everything else was incredible I expected the book to be a biography on the Inklings group and it is that as the author had the context to understand the members and their writingsBut than the WHO the book addresses the HOW of the group How did the Inklings impact one another How did the group operate and for so longThe most impactful part for me was the WHY Why did they have a group at all And why on earth did it become the writing group of the 21st centuryBandersnatch explores the very nature of community and how the Inklings achieved a proper balance for such a long while It's than a biography it's a study of creativity and community As a writer it's an invaluable insight into one of the most influential groups of modern times and a highly practical inspiration

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A look at the Inklings and their creative processCS Lewis JRR Tolkien and the Inklings met each week to read and discuss Community is all the rage these days There's the atheist community and the art community the scrapbooking community and the UFO community the homeless community and the homeschool community But having a common interest or grievance does not forge a set of disconnected individuals into a genuinely connected union Churches too if you're into that kind of thing have started using the term community a lot though we pretty much just mean the same thing as when we talked about our membership Diana Glyer's new book Bandersnatch is not just as New York Times book reviewer Mark Oppenheimer said in a different context another way to finger C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien's shroud not simply another book about the beer and pipe group of what Malcolm Guite has called tweed covered Oxford dons Glyer studies the Inklings to find the genius that allowed this boisterous group of strong personalities to form a true community that provided the encouragement opposition praise criticism and fun that sustained what is now being understood as perhaps the only truly counter cultural revolutionary writer's group of the mid twentieth century Bandersnatch could be read alongside the Rule of St Benedict as a handbook for forming true community For churches wishing to form genuinely dynamic small groups for pastors feeling the isolation of their calling and seeking a new wind in their sails for Christian students striving courageously on the campuses of hostile secular universities this is not an entertaining diversion but a field manual for the battle

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BandersnatchBooks they were writing How does creative collaboration enhance individual talent And what can we learn from their examp This is much than just a popular version of Glyers' great Scholarly work on the Inkings The Company They Keep this is a book that encourages new writers just as much as it tells the story of great writers in the past its a call to collaboration full of inspiring stories and practical tips so that we not only admire the Inklings as a writers group we are given every opportunity and encouragement to learn from them