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Download The Madman of Piney Woods Doc Î 384 pages ✓ Eyltransferservices è [PDF] ✍ The Madman of Piney Woods ✎ Christopher Paul Curtis – Benji and Red couldn't be different They aren't friends They don't even live in the same town But their fates areEntwined A chance meeting leads the boys to discover that they have in common than meets the eye Both of them have The year is 1901 and an unlikely friendship between two boys is about to blossom Red lives in Chatham Ontario with his judge father and Irish grandmother Benji lives in nearby Buxton an Ontario town founded by escaped slaves from the southern United States with his parents and two insufferable younger siblings Red wants to be a scientist and Benji hopes to be either a newspaper reporter or a hermit Both boys have heard the story of the old escaped slave who lives wild in the piney woods near their two hometowns Red knows him as the South Woods Lion Man and Benji knows him as the Madman of Piney Woods But the real identity of this mysterious person will soon be revealed and both boys will discover that his story and his fate will affect them both foreverI read this book without having read the book it is companion to Elijah of Buxton And although The Madman of Piney Woods does drop you pretty uickly into the story at first I was a little confused how old the characters were for example I do think it stood up nicely on its own I didn't know the back story of some of the older characters but I believe Red and Benji would be new to the reader even if the first book had been read Anyway this book both sucked me in and made me think It also made me cry HARD during one later scene And I know this will sound weird and nerdy but it was the first book that has made me want to have to write a paper about it the way I used to in school I marveled at the intersections of people who were oppressed in different ways and how hardship affects different people differently This is definitely not a book for young people that shies away from the harsh realities of life and I like that it gives its young readers credit for being able to handle it In a way it also made me think of a modern Tom SawyerHuck Finn taleI would recommend this book to 5th graders and up especially anyone who likes historical fiction and deep rich stories to sink one's teeth into I think it might not be a book with wide appeal for young readers but for the right reader it could be very powerful Besides older classics like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Madman's companion novel Elijah of Buxton readalikes might include Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool or even The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacueline Kelly

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Encountered a strange presence in the forest watching them tracking them Could the Madman of Piney Woods be real? This is a companion to Elijah of Buxton which I haven't read I think this book holds its own Elijah is a minor character in this one I'm interested now to go back and read his story though This is a historical adventure story with an interesting setting a black community and an Irish community in Canada in 1901 It's a good lens for looking at slavery and the Civil War from a relatively close distance and Curtis does it well in an age appropriate way It's also rare for kids lit to touch on the shitty treatment Irish immigrants got and how that contributed to racism in its own wayI liked the friendship between Red and Benji and the gradual reveal of the Madman was great I wonder how differently that would read if I had read Elijah of Buxton? Not sure Anyway I'd definitely recommend this to middle grade readers who are interested in historical fiction but also ones who are interested in science or journalism Red and Benji are very interested in science and journalism respectively

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The Madman of Piney WoodsBenji and Red couldn't be different They aren't friends They don't even live in the same town But their fates are It's 1901 and two 13 year old boys Benji Alston an African Canadian living in Buxton an area settled by former slaves and Alvin Red Stockard a red headed Irish Canadian living in nearby Chatham an area populated by Irish immigrants are destined to meeteventually Their lives are separated by the woods that fascinates them even as they hear separate stories about the legendary mysterious creature who lives there To Benji he is called The Madman of Piney Woods to Red he's the South Woods Lion Man Each boy tells his story in alternating chapters Benji lives with his family that includes younger twins Patience and Timothy called Stubby who are gifted at working in wood and apprenticing as carpenters Benji has set his sights on becoming a newspaper reporter so all his adventures end with a newspaper headline Benji also knows the woods better than anyone he knows feels them talking to him and is very proprietary towards them Red is a lover of factual information and wants to be a scientist He lives with his widower father a judge and his Grandmother O'Toole a paranoid mean spirited somewhat physically abusive racist woman who seems to hate him These things and her habit of sneaking up on Red and hitting him with her cane causes him want her to be put into an asylum but his father refuses Now Red will be happy to just survive living with her At some point both boys have an encounter with the madman of Piney Woods and both are surprised to discover the monster of their imaginations is in fact a kind uiet rational man who has chosen to live in the woods for his own reasons which are revealed as the story unfolds Both when Benji and Red finally meet the madman becomes a point of connection and friendship and catalyst for adventure And he has a lot to teach themBoth boys have been pretty content living in the present But when the madman causes the past to come up and wash over them they begin to realize how connected to their pasts and to their sorrows they actually are For Benji that past is slavery the Underground Railroad the American Civil War and the treatment of black Union soldiers; for Red it's the Irish potato famine and watching helplessly as family began to die later it was the coffin ships in the St Lawrence River where Grandmother O'Toole was forced to remain until a typhus epidemic ended waiting and watching as family dies I've always known that Christopher Paul Curtis can really write a moving spellbinding story and The Madman of Piney Woods is no exception although when I first started reading it I had some doubts But it didn't take long to get totally hooked into these two boys and their stories and as they do they will make you laugh cry and break your heart Their stories can be violent in spots but none of it is gratuitous And reading their stories in alternating chapters sounds like it may be confusing but it really isn't At the heart of the story is a mystery that Benji and Red work together to solve The mystery is one of those things that to go into any detail would reveal too much of what should be allowed to unfold as you read so just suffice it say it takes a while to get there so enjoy the read knowing you will find out what the mystery is eventuallyTechnically this is a seuel to Elijah of Buxton even though it is 40 years later But it is also a stand alone novel and anything you needed to know from the first book is included in this one And no dou