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Download ✓ An Armful of Babies and a Cup of Tea: Memoirs of a 1950s Health Visitor ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ An Armful of Babies and a Cup of Tea: Memoirs of a 1950s Health Visitor Author Molly Corbally – EyltransfersTain was very much worse for wear An Armful PDF or TB polio measles and whooping cough were just some of the hazards new babies faced Social conditions could also add to the problems at a time when poverty and alcoholism were rife Armed with only her nursing training her common sense and a desire to serve Molly set out to win over a community and provide a new and valuable service in times of great change As well as the challenges there was also joy and lau. The perils of young motherhood overcrowding and changing theories on welfare are covered with accuracy And humour This author knew her stuff

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A touching and warm hearted memoir of of Babies PDF #205 a young health visitor in postwar England for fans of Call the Midwife and The Language of KindnessAfter serving as a nurse in WW Molly Corbally joined the brand new NHS and became one of the first official District Health Visitors attending to mothers and babies from all walks of life in the picturesue village near Coventry she came to call home Social work was uncharted territory at the time and Bri. This is a wonderful book written by a Health Visitor from the start of the National Health Service Times change and when Molly was working she saw the eradication of terrible illnesses such as TB rickets through vaccination programmes and good adviceMolly really enjoyed her job and writes about the changes in the roll of Health VisitorI wonder what she would think today of the overworked Health Visitorsoften doing thework a Social Worker would doMolly kept notes on a card about her patients not copious amounts of paperwork which take up so much of the Health Visitors times when they could be with patientsI would have loved to have met Molly I do recommend you read this book it is so funny at times sad but a very very good read

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An Armful of Babies and a Cup of Tea Memoirs of a 1950s Health VisitorGhter from the woman who finally had a baby after Armful of Babies eBook #180 fifteen years of trying to the woman who thought she should use marmalade as nappy cream because the hospital had never taken the label off the jar they were using to store itWarm witty and moving An Armful of Babies is a vivid portrait of rural England in the post war years a testament to an NHS in its own infancy and a celebration of nurses and midwives Their tireless care saves. A description of poverty and hardship in the UK during the 1950's The text contains humorus elements However maybe some fragments have been presented in a way that is far from reality either to protect identity or because the truth is grim