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While the other girls in the walled city state of Baalboden learn to sew and dance Rachel Adams learns to track and hunt While they bend like reeds to the will of their male Protectors she uses hers for sparring practiceWhen Rachel's father fails to return from a co. 1 12 stars If this book was written 5 6 years ago and I had read it then maybe I would have liked it Maybe Back before the formula it uses was used in every single dystopian novel Back when I was less likely to see the huge gaping holes in itI judge a book on the entire story and effect but also look at individual things characters writing world building and plot And I must say that this book doesn't do anything that well Let's look at the characters There are two POVs Rachel and Logan a fact that these days immediately gives away the romance that is sure to come But whatever that isn't important More damning is the fact that these POVs seem identical if their names were not at the start of the chapters it would be hard to distinguish them from one another In general these are not particularly well thought out or developed characters Rachel is an orphaned girl rebelling against the sexism in her dystopianparanormal future alternate society Huh haven't seen that one before Logan is her bland but self sacrificing love interestRachel is clearly supposed to be tough and brave and yet her actions just seem stupid Constantly putting your life at risk without having a real plan isn’t realistic or clever Some people are brave but most people are self preserving first If not bravery uickly becomes foolishness Not surprisingly her rebellions mostly fail In fact the plot moves forward by failures Every bit of drama is created out of Rachel and Logan constantly screwing up their plans and getting themselves in a load of trouble At first it was just cringy to watch them constantly propel themselves into bad situations later it became boringThe story is actually pretty vague Rachel and Logan live in this town called Baalboden surrounded by a wall and we learn in the beginning that Rachel's father has not returned from doing something over the wall and now he's been declared dead Rachel refuses to accept it and decides to go find out what really happened to him Because of Rachel's idiotic actions Logan gets caught up in it tooThen there's this world What world is it anyway There is little world building and it’s hard to tell if this is supposed to be our world in the future an alternate version of our world or a completely different world entirely We are told that the “modern world” was destroyed by the Cursed Ones and this society was formed with its wall to keep them out And the founders of this society happened to be crazy sexist tooLots of books particularly YA dystopias use sexism to engage the readers yeah make us angry Make us want to scream at the unfairness but here it feels just like a plot tool There’s no depth to it no social critiue no examining why it exists in this society or what it means for them It’s just a bit of added drama to try and draw out sympathy for Rachel it doesn't workThe sexism is just one element of this book that hasn't been thought about It's just been thrown in As is also true of the cruel mindlessly evil antagonist The Commander is literally the euivalent of a cackling man sat in a high backed chair enjoying the doom he is imparting He flogged Logan’s mother to death threatens to rape Rachel and randomly kills his guards for LOLZ I get it he's the bad guyAlso I've heard other reviewers sometimes talk about over writing but I don't think I've ever really appreciated what they mean until reading this book There are some very strange phrases metaphors and analogies used for things that could have and should have been said uite simply 'I’d rather combine every element on the Periodic Table and take my chances with the outcome than humble myself before the Commander’ That's a really awkward and weird way of saying you don't want to humble yourself before the Commander So strangeI'm glad I finally read this just to satisfy my curiosity Now I can move on to better books and not look back at this seriesBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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DefianceUrier mission and is declared dead the city's brutal Commander assigns Rachel a new Protector her father's apprentice Logan the boy she declared her love to and who turned her down two years before Left with nothing but fierce belief in her father's survival Rachel. Defiance doesn't waste any time at throwing you right into the story Once Commander Chase declares her father dead Rachel Adams wastes no time in trying to come up with a plan to find him Of course Logan McEntire Anyone think of Myra McEntire I do doesn't plan to let her leave the safety of Baalboden on her own Defiance is certainly filled with plenty of action which is something I think a lot of dystopians are oddly enough missing Because Defiance is written in dual POVs we get to experience both Rachel and Logan's thoughts and experiences when they're separated While I think Redwine handled the dual POVs very well when I stopped reading and returned uite a bit later it was hard to tell whether I was reading from Logan's perspective or Rachel's perspective for a page or two The characters themselves are very easy to love Logan and Rachel are both fighters in their own way both heroes Rachel is stubborn sometimes impulsive and very determined Logan calculates things makes plans Together they work perfectly to level each other out But sometimes they just didn't have uniue voices in their narratives When it comes to the romance between Rachel and Logan however I wasn't really satisfied It felt a bit rushed to me even though I know it wasn't since Rachel and Logan have known each other since forever basically The tension between the two of them in the first half of the book is written perfectly but then suddenly I feel like it fizzled out The two of them are still perfect for each other of course I just feel like there could have been Speaking of the only other issue I had was the world building It's easy to see that the world Rachel and Logan live in is dangerous But I didn't really understand the world itself at all That's always been an issue for me so maybe it wouldn't bother anyone elseAnd Commander Chase I spent half of the book wishing I could punch him in the face He's a merciless power hungry mysterious leader I can't wait to find out what's really going on with him in the next book Overall With strong characters that also know they need help from one another and action packed chapters with smooth writing Defiance is a dystopian you don't want to miss out on 4 stars

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Read & Download ✓ Defiance 109 ↠ [Reading] ➺ Defiance By C.J. Redwine – While the other girls in the walled city state of Baalboden learn to sew and dance Rachel Adams learns to track and hunt While they bend like reeds to the will of their male Protectors she uses hers f While the other girls in the walleDecides to escape and find him herselfAs Rachel and Logan battle their way through the Wasteland stalked by a monster that can't be killed and an army of assassins out for blood they discover romance heartbreak and a truth that will incite a war decades in the makin. I can just imagine the conversation that must have taken place with this book“So I’ve got this manuscript about a girl who lives in this fantasy setting—”“Fantasies aren’t big right now Can you make it dystopian”“Um I guess we could just say that the world got destroyed and this is what’s leftover”“Great let’s go with that That fact that it makes no sense will be beside the point Tell me about the main character”“Her name is Rachel and her dad is missing so she has to go find him using the skills he taught her—““So she’s a Strong Female Character Those are very big right now”“Well she uses weapons but technically—““Good make sure you stress that she’s a Strong Female Character Those are very big right now”“Howdo I stress that”“Just have people talk about her strongness a lot That’s all you really need”“Whatever But Rachel see she has to go find her dad and she gets this boy she has a crush on to help—““No they should be in love”“What”“No one writes crushes any They should be soul shatteringly in love”“”“And there needs to be a love triangle”“There isn’t”“Can you set up for one in the next book”“Will you buy my book if I do”“Yes”“sigh Okay” There’s so much in this book that’s just soweird The setting makes no sense Just straight up don’t bother trying to reason it out it makes no sense But it goes beyond that intoalmost fetishizing misogyny I don’t know how else to explain it but it’s something I’ve seen and lately The culture of Baalboden is extremely misogynistic to an absolutely ridiculous degree and it feels like the only purpose is to delight in heaping all that misogyny flavored angst on Rachel It’s there to show off how awesome Rachel is for bucking it and also to present contrived hardships But it goes beyond that I’m making a wild speculation and I want to right now separate the book from the author because writing is a fickle beast and authors can end up saying stuff they don’t mean by accident HOWEVER It really does feel like this book has a powerful “Big Male Protector” kink Even though it sorta says that the treatment of women as property in this culture is wrong it delights in using those same roles on Rachel and Logan and it stresses Logan’s role as being responsible for her and tasked with protecting her from the big bag world And Logan’s actions and comments are never criticized He’s supposed to be the good guy The overall tone I got from the book is “people keep saying this is wrong so I guess I should too but I kind of get off on this”And that made me very uncomfortableRachel is also a textbook case of how not to write a Strong Female Character At first she was just a character and I sort of liked her She was brash and unruly a bit juvenile but that was acceptable given her age I got the impression from her that she was very sheltered since she was laboring under the impression that she could just shout things and get her way Very teenager I thought her character growth would be her developing beyond this tantrum throwing but nope apparently we’re supposed to admire her “spirit” Though I didn’t mind Rachel in principle the people went on about how strong and awesome she was the I hated it She’s not strong The fact that she can use weapons is not strong She was thoughtless and prone to throwing fits she was always either running off to do things without thinking or trailing behind her menfolk she didn’t make any serious plots or plans or contribute to anyone else doing the same and every now and then she’d just sort of fall over and cry for a while Any time she did do anything on her own it was always a disaster that got her scolded afterwards There’s a level at which I don’t mind this but that level is “potential to grow up and be strong” not “hey she can stab stuff let’s talk for six pages about how strong and awesome she is” The bad guy was also a big gripe for me He was too over the top and uite stupid especially given the set up Supposedly he’s allowed to repress women right into non person hood and murder and torment people at the drop of a hat and do all these horrible things because he has the power to keep the Cursed One out of their city Erm no All this supposedly takes places 50 years after modern day and there’s no way our current culture would put up with this We would find out how the Commander does his ‘keep away’ trick and then either force him to do it or copy it In fact it turns out his trick is just a necklace that repels the monster Why not just take that from him and then stab the guy in the faceAlso all this takes place after modern day but supposedly no one could defeat the Cursed One because its scales are “impervious to arrows and swords” Umhello atom bomb They even manage to injure the thing with some mild explosives in this book but no one thought “hey let’s nuke the fuck out of that monster”Like I said this is a fantasy setting that clearly got shoehorned in to dystopia just for the sake of calling it dystopiaIt’s a shame because the core plot of this book wasn’t bad It was uite engaging actually The book had the potential to be amazing but it got held up with poor characters and creepy kink and abysmal logic gaps And the attempts at science downright hurt me If only they’d been kept as straight up magic; this book is begging to be a fantasy