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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Blood River: The Terrifying Journey Through The World's Most Dangerous Country æ ❰BOOKS❯ ⚡ Blood River: The Terrifying Journey Through The World's Most Dangerous Country Author Tim Butcher – Published to rave reviews iEn Daily Telegraph correspondent Tim Butcher was sent to Africa in he uickly became obsessed with the legendary Congo River and the idea of recreating Stanley's journey along the three thousand mile waterway Despite warnings that his plan was suicidal Butcher set out for the Congo's eastern border with just a backpack and a few thousand River The Terrifying Kindle #211 dollars hidden in his boots Making his way in an as. An immensely sad if gripping read Tim Butcher's uixotic journey to follow the explorer Stanley's epic voyage down the Congo River from Lake Tanganyika to its outlet two thousand miles away into the Atlantic is a tale of endurance ingenuity and scares aplenty as he makes his way by motor bike river canoe and United Nations barge through a landscape devastated by war and still menaced by lawless militia and armed desperate people trying to survive Written in 2004 it's fairly dispiriting to update the story and see that the country is still crippled by wrecked infrastructure callous exploitation of the vast natural resources the electronics and renewable energy revolutions making the cobalt nickel and lithium deposits especially lucrative and the all pervading violence of post colonial corruption and strifeTaking place over fifteen years ago the book chronicles a devastated land virtually all the animals of the jungle long since hunted and eaten littered with a largely derelict and abandoned infrastructure of houses shops towns and cities and the broadly functioning country of sixty years ago wrecked by decades of war corruption and basically lack of hopeAfter a while I hit on the idea to lessen the awful depression and pessimism page after page of this brought on of firing up Google Maps and searching to check the places and the people along the author's journey and what had happened in the intervening years In a way that made it even worse as wars are still flaring up the country has been hit by Ebola and goodness knows what Covid 19 might do to them Still some of the infrastructure including the railway overgrown in the story seem to have been restored somewhat at least as far as one train a week anyway

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Sortment of vehicles including a motorbike and a dugout canoe helped along by a cast of characters from UN aid workers to a pygmy rights advocate he followed in the footsteps of the great Victorian adventurer An utterly absorbing narrative that chronicles Butcher's forty four day journey along the River The Terrifying Journey Through ePUB #202 Congo River Blood River is an unforgettable story of exploration and survival. I read this book on an excellent recommendation I’d once heard Michael Palin say it was his favourite travel book and I can see why It’s a gripping read and an epic adventure that all things considered I’m happier to enjoy vicariously Even the author describes his Congo River trip as ‘ordeal travel’ but it’s also an informative and often affectionate portrait of a place

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Blood River The Terrifying Journey Through The World's Most Dangerous CountryThe Terrifying Epub #218 Published to rave reviews in the United Kingdom and named a Richard Judy Book Club selection the only work of nonfiction on the list Blood River is the harrowing and River The Terrifying Journey Through ePUB #202 audacious story of Tim Butcher's journey in the Congo and his retracing of legendary explorer H M Stanley's famous expedition in which he mapped the Blood River ePUB #202 Congo River Wh. It took a lot of bravery and gumption to do this trip and I found the story interesting in particular the interweaving of current and historical facts and anecdotes