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The Olympics: Ancient to Modern: A Guide to the History of the Games Summary ¸ 100 Æ [Download] ➵ The Olympics: Ancient to Modern: A Guide to the History of the Games ➾ Joe Fullman – The Olympics Ancient to Modern is a fascinating look at the history of The Olympics Ancient to Modern is Ancient to MOBI #238 a fascinating look at the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games from the first events in Ancient Greece right the way up to London and Sochi It focusses on when and where each Games has been held and some key stats such as how much it cost how many athletes competed and how many spectators came to watch The book explains how all the Games Summer Olympics Winter Olympics and Paralympics came into being and how the Olympic Gam. Excellent book my ten year old loved it she s doing old and new olympics at school so this book was perfect

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Es were revived The Olympics Epubin Paris at the end of the th century It compares the ancient and modern Games looking at the sports and athletes involved then and now and at how the modern Games are continuosly evolving It also looks at key moments in the Games history and at some of the tragedies and controversies that have rocked it from doping scandals boycotts and cheating to the Berlin Olympics of and the Munich Massacre The book celebrates the achievements of star Olympians an. Perfectly timed to coincide with the Rio Games this book covers the evolution of the Olympics from ancient times to the modern billion dollar business which reuires much international lobbying and many years of planningIt s full of interesting facts presented in a format suitable for Key Stage 2 age readers The book has sections on the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics as well as the arguably higher profile main summer games It doesn t ignore the controversies which have long accompanied the games The section Troubled Games covers drugs and other forms of cheating the notorious Nazi games of 1936 political boycotts and the horror of the 1972 games when Israeli athletes were kidnapped and murdered There s also an article on how women have had a long road to full acceptance as participantsThe pages are full of photos with sections of prints eye catching and just right for dipping in and out There are sections on recent successes and great Olympians It must have been impossible to choose just eight from the vast Olympic history but as well as the familiar current names such as Bolt Hoy and Phelps the book finds space for a great fencer and a multi medal winning biathleteA nice not over detailed companion for the greatest sports show on Earth

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The Olympics Ancient to Modern A Guide to the History of the GamesD gives the lowdown on the most popular and exciting Olympics Ancient to MOBI #238 Olympic sports from cycling and rowing to skiing and wheelchair basketball Fun fact filled text and a bright engaging design make this the perfect Olympic title for children of If you ve enjoyed finding out about the history of the Olympics why not try learning all about key Olympic sports in Going for Gold A Olympics Ancient to Modern A ePUB #180 Guide to the Summer Olympics another title in the series. This is a lovely little book to help 5 10 year olds and younger with help learn about the history of the Olympic Games including the ancient games the Victorian revival and the development of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics with other sections on historically and recently famous Olympians women in the olympics the planning process and some controversies over the yearsPersonally Even considering the target age I think it had an incredibly light touch in places that it could have had extra detail such as a page on great Paralympians would ve been fair they completely ignored the fact that America and the USSR refused to attend each other s staging of the Olympics during the Later Cold War which skewed statistics and I think the women s page was frankly woefulFrom a educational point of view they missed a STEAM opportunity with advances in technology and techniues across time statistics of improvement in performance over time and even the art side of the frankly amazing architecture that has been created in honour of staging the gamesIt just seemed that they wanted to cover a lot but only on a double spread each and in big text meaning it s ultimately a very thin book that is not uite grabbing enough to leave a child hungry for information it would need a driven child or adult encouragement to get excited about the Olympics from this book