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The Raven Prince reader ¿ Mass Market Paperback read å elizabeth hoyt · [Read] ➲ The Raven Prince Author Elizabeth Hoyt – There comes a time in a lady's lifeWidowed Anna Wren is having a wretched day After an arrogant male on horseback nearly suashes her she aHe Earl of Swartingham is in a uandary Having frightened off two secretaries Edward de Raaf needs someone who can withstand his bad temper and boorish behaviorAnd find employmentWhen Anna becomes the earl's secretary it would see Sigh I'm not one for struggling with unbelievable plots in historical romance I mean I did read and liked some of Tessa Dare's novels giggles but in The Raven Prince my disbelief was so tightly linked with my irritation at the hypocritical heroes that it certainly ruined any enjoyment I could have felt Perhaps I'd have been less disappointed if I hadn't pinned so many hopes on Anna who was smart and sarcastic in the beginning but sadly I've spent the remaining pages cursing where did you go Anna where the fuck did you go would you give me back my heroineUnfortunately the plot was so long winded and convoluted when really Edward and Anna could have prevented my sanity if they you know actually did something about their attraction got it over with and added some much needed layers to their relationship Stop right there with your it was improper then excuses Elizabeth Hoyt makes her heroine a widow whose purity is thrown in our face on a page basis can you feel my annoyance now can you go to a brothel and pose as a prostitute to seduce the earl she's so enthralled with without him knowing who she is I don't have any problem with that of course but miss me with the that's unrealistic excuses Everything in this book is unrealistic She might as well have gone all the way I realize that I might not be really clear about what bothered me and I don't want people thinking that I have a problem with an heroine recognizing and acting on her sexual needs God no I am all for women to take pleasure in any way they want But a romance novel needs tension sexual and sentimental in order to work I loved Edward and Anna's banter in the beginning and I genuinely thought that I would adore seeing them slowly falling for each other I didn't though From the time Anna had sex with him in the brothel everything was about sexual attraction and along the way Elizabeth Hoyt forgot to make her characters develop a real connection and love each other for who they really were The tension wrinkled and my boredom increased exponentially until the end I just didn't careI did appreciate the reflection about double standards but her take on this issue would have been stronger if it hadn't been accompanied by the regular sexism that keeps rotting most romance novels in sentences like these She was a woman and where her body went her emotions followed willy nilly The act had somehow bound her to him whether he knew it or not Huh? Is there something I do not know about the woman body or? I also do have a problem with male leads who keeps yelling stuff like YOU WILL MARRY ME over and over again no matter how pure they think their reasons are I don't know it just rubs me the wrong way every time and by the time the heroine says yes they always say yes because of course my exasperation is often unwavering And as much as I loved the fact that Edward was scarred and not some perrrrfect man my excitation towards him fell along with the endless descriptions of his magic dick Yes he has one of those Isn't Anna lucky Finally there were several villains??? I think?? But they were so fucking ridiculous that I couldn't take them seriously for one second and actually Anna never did either Why bother then? In one word disappointing For of my reviews please visit

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M that both their problems are solved Then she discovers he plans to visit the most notorious brothel in London for his manly needs Well Anna sees red and decides to assuage her womanly desireswith the earl as her unknowing lover ★★★★★ Man oh man oh man man Elizabeth Hoyt knows how to tell a story I loved every enchanting word of this one In a genre chocked with redundancy Ms Hoyt has written a RomanceLandia fairy tale and distinguished it with strong compelling characters; the fascinating main protagonists a devoted hound an insightful mother in law the average villagers the lowest servants the devoted friends and last but not least the disgust worthy villains – they all leap off the page She has peppered her first in the Princes Trilogy with witty banter and a moving well paced storyline The sensual scenes? They are a combination of sizzling combustible heat and aching heartfelt emotions Don’t pick this one up unless you can afford to neglect your Real Life and fall under EH’s spell

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The Raven PrinceThere comes a time in a lady's lifeWidowed Anna Wren is having a wretched day After an arrogant male on horseback nearly suashes her she arrives home to learn that she is in dire financial straitsWhen she must do the unthinkableT FULL REVIEW NOW POSTEDEdward said to AnnaI am in you and you are holding me There is no going back from this moment45 starsLITTLE BATTLEFORD ENGLAND MARCH 1760I don't want to give away too much and of course I don't want to spoil your reading experience That's why my synopsis will be super short Suffice to say that Edward de Raaf the fifth Earl of Swartingham meets Anna Wren while falling off his gelding oh please excuse me Edward you did not fall off you were unseated cheeky smile Shortly afterwards Edward is in dire need of a new secretary and guess what? Plain Anna small morsel dressed in brown her hair hidden by a god awful frilled cap gets the job If you want to know about these two and why Edward was aroused by a frumpy woman with an outstanding mouth he didn't even know then you have no other choice than to read The Raven Prince I guarantee you it's totally worth your time and money Enjoy The Raven Prince is another great story and deliciously penned by the amazing Ms Hoyt Loved it Darn what's not to love about Edward Anna and a wonderful cast of secondary characters? Edward and Anna are brilliant characters Tons of amazing and super witty dialogues steamy sex scenes and a good plot deliver anything and everything I need and want in a superb HR Here's a little teaser She glanced up in time to see him discard his coatNo the room seems most temperate Her tentative smile froze as Edward drew off his neckclothI'm overly warm he said He unbuttoned his waistcoatWhat are you doing? Anna sueakedDictating a letter? He arched his eyebrows in a parody of innocenceYou're disrobingNo I would be disrobing if I removed my shirt Edward said doing just thatEdwardMy dear? He thinks me a wanton Why naturally you are such a wanton woman Anna That's nothing to be ashamed of I mean it's way better being a wanton creature who is enjoying sex than being a frigid and uptight old maid isn't it? Anna is a wonderful heroine I liked her a lot Boy she gives dearest Edward a piece of her mind These two made me laugh a lot it was such an entertaining readDavis the evil old reprobate Even though he is terminally incompetent he was so devilishly diverting too God this man gave Edward lip and made me laugh out loud I was not ogling anyone I slippedNaw Davis scratched his scalp Your eyes were about falling out of your head they were gawking at her big bubbiesEdward grit his teeth I slipped and fellAlmost a sign from the Lord above that Davis said waxing philosophical Gawp at a girl's bubbies and land in pig shitOh for God's sake I was sitting on the railing of the pigsty and I slippedPrissy Peward sure did have big dugs that lass did Davis sounded a little wistfulYou weren't even thereBut that pigsty stank had nothing on the horse shit on your face nowDav isI do not want to forget Mr Felix Hopple though My oh my he was a rather amusing secondary character as wellHell yes it's the truth Once you have had a taste of certain sweets it is uite impossible not to think not to want not to crave until you have taken another bite And Lord Swartingham is such a deliciously sinful man like a tasteful dark chocolate mousse Yum I'm gonna say this straight forward Edward is by far NOT a handsome man he has scars from the smallpox yet there is something special about him He is sexy as all get out and it is undeniablehe is a great lover I didn't particularly like the first sex scene it was a bit anticlimactic however my disappointment didn't last after all Edward satisfied our Anna in every way possible and then some during the next love scenes blissWhat I did not likeThe last chapter Frankly that was rather disappointing in so far as it felt way too cheesy And cheesy never works for me it's kind of a pet peeve This ending prevented The Raven Prince to claim a highly appraised place on my favorite historic