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Since You've Been Gone Doc æ 449 pages å [KINDLE] ✽ Since You've Been Gone Author Morgan Matson – It was Sloane who yanked Emily out of her shell and made life 100% interesting But right before what should have been the most epic summer Sloane justdisappears All she leaves behind is a to do listOn It wKiss a stranger? Um Emily now has this unexpected summer and the help of Frank Porter totally unexpected to check things off Sloane's list Who knows what she’ll find? Go skinny dipping? Waitwhat this is not the kind of book i would ordinarily read i tend to stay away from contemporary YA novels ones where real seeming teens do real seeming things give me grand battles to the death or a pandemic of some kind zombies or even just basic wilderness survival and i am on board but teens who aren't in peril in some way?? not usually gonna blip my radar but i read this one at the urging of a work friend and i gotta say i enjoyed it yeah it's just an unchallenging summer read but it's charming as hell it's an appealing book about girl friendship and loyalty with a dusting of romance and it makes a nice change from the hard edged teenage girls i've sort of grown accustomed to in my readings these girls aren't the back stabby predatory girls of a megan abbott novel they're good wholesome girls who care about each other with a refreshing lack of all the competitiveness and jealousy that infects so many female relationships in YA novels and it's a sweet little lollipop of a reademily and sloane are the always together kind of best friends sloane is dynamic and charismatic while emily is a little reserved shy and content to hide out in sloane's dramatic shadow but sloane's not looking for a sidekick and she freuently encourages emily to break out of her shell making little to do lists in the shape of dares for emily on the occasions when she has to go away on vacation with her parents and encouraging her to take spontaneous risks and stop being afraid emily appreciates these efforts but she will generally only fulfill a portion of sloane's lists avoiding the items she doesn't feel comfortable attempting but one day sloane vanishes without a trace at the beginning of what was meant to be their most epic summer ever which had already been mapped out in detailed plans and adventures sloane doesn't answer her phone her house is empty and emily has no idea what could have happened to her until she receives an envelope from sloane in the mail with a new thirteen point list for emily bewildered emily decides to meet every challenge on the list for once hoping it will somehow lead her back to sloane and provide an answer to her sudden disappearance however this list seems to be pointed than its predecessors and calls out some of emily's most ingrained fears and reservations as it encourages her to ride a horse kiss a stranger and skinny dip none of which emily would ordinarily even consider doing but if it will bring her closer to an answer she will do whatever it takes what follows is a summer of growth and change for emily as she branches out under sloane's indirect influence tries new things makes new friends and with her parents conveniently distracted all summer long finally gets her answersthis is a book in which there are no heavy problems no one gets bullied or sexually assaulted and it is all very lightweight suburban teenage drama so it is perfectly safe to give to younger or watched over teens i was hoping for a little twist part of me wanted this fairytale like set of challenges to culminate in a lesbian angle where emily found her way back to her princess sloane but nope i will say that despite my mild sapphic disappointment the conclusion is reasonable and satisfying and it really was a pleasure to see emily's transition into something that wasn't emily before sloane or emily with sloane but something all her own realistically confident and less constrained by her own fears there is one scene in particular that i thought especially deft and subtly written which illustrates both her inner and outer changes I texted back without a second thought that I'd be there soon I reached for a Sloane chosen outfit a vintage dress from Twice that I'd worn a lot last summer But after I put it on I found myself pulling at the straps tugging at the hem not liking what I saw in the mirror For some reason it didn't feel like me any longer I took it off and changed into the denim skirt I'd bought with Dawn last week and a white eyelet tank top Feeling like myself somehow I dabbed some makeup on and made sure to get Frank's present before grabbing my flip flops and heading back to the carbefore this it would have taken her paragraphs to decide whether or not to go to the place she is going and she would have dressed herself as an accessory to sloane but in this scene towards the end of her summer she is finally all herself and very comfortable in her own skin looks like emily isn't the only one who has grown this summer i learned that it is possible for me to appreciate books even when teens aren't getting slaughtered by zombies or bears and that's progresscome to my blog

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It was Sloane who yanked Emily out of her shell and made life 100% interesting But right before what should have been the most epic summer Sloane justdisappears All she leaves behind is a to do lis I LOVED THIS OH SO MUCH 3

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Since You've Been GoneTOn it thirteen Sloane inspired tasks that Emily would normally never try But what if they could bring her best friend back? Apple picking at night? Okay easy enough Dance until dawn? Sure Why not? Watch my interview with Morgan Matson here the best book I've read in a while I am completely obsessed with Morgan Matson's writing and how she can make such a cute story without it being sickly sweet or cheesy This is a story that will stick with me for a while and I definitely want to see it become a movie