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characters Michael Collins and the Anglo-Irish War: Britain's Counterinsurgency Failure

Summary Michael Collins and the Anglo-Irish War: Britain's Counterinsurgency Failure ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ✶ Michael Collins and the Anglo-Irish War: Britain's Counterinsurgency Failure Epub ✹ Author J B E Hittle – T the insurgents Britain s appointment of a national intelligence director for home affairs in just as the Irish revolutionary parliament published its Declaration of Independencewas the decisive factor leading to Britain s disarray against the IRA By the time the War Office reorganized its intelligence effort against Collins in mid it was too late to reverse the Collins and the Anglo Irish War PDF ascendancy of the IRA Michael Collins and the Anglo Irish War takes a fresh approach to the subject presenting it as a case study in intelligence management under conditions of a broader counterinsurgency campaign The lessons learned from this disastrous episode have stark relevance for contemporary national security managers and warfighters currently engaged in the war on terrorismd. A cruel and terrible Empire brought to their knees by a small Country who wanted to be free for 100s of yearsThe British thought of and treated the Irish like slaves They try to transplant themselves there and steal from the Catholics they turned into peasants The British expected them to fight their wars they got involved in almost every 10 years They tried to force them to abandon their Religion and Language Kind of like the US treated Native Ameticans Instead they got beat at their own game and were forced to the peace table They hated Catholic Irish and still tried to hold onto a uarter of the Ireland with their transplanted Protesants for most of the 20th CenturyThey were beat by a Man who had little education but with great intelligence The British ruled Ireland with spies and traitors Collins beat them at their own game I personally think you can trace almost every war and problem in the 20th Century back to the British empire Hopefully this world will never see another Empire like Great Britian

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DivAs leader of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and and the PDFEPUB #196 then the Irish Republican Army IRA Michael Collins developed a bold new strategy to use against the British administration of Ireland in the early twentieth century His goal was to attack its well established system of spies and informers wear down British forces with a sustained guerrilla campaign and force a political settlement that would lead to a free Irish Republic Michael Collins and the Anglo Irish War reveals that the success of the Irish insurgency was not just a measure of Collins s revolutionary genius as Michael Collins PDF or has often been claimed British miscalculations overconfidence and a failure to mount a sustained professional intelligence effort to neutralize the IRA contributed to B. Hittle writes as an intelligence professional This he claims allows him a level of insight denied to mere journalists and historians For the most part this book doesn't uite meet this bar It's not a bad book and his delineation of the various strands of the British intelligence apparatus in Ireland is insightful and clear The individual profiles of the British agents targeted on Bloody Sunday are extremely interesting and informative I have not seen them written about in such detail elsewhereAll that said Hittle mostly re hashes history that has been written elegantly elsewhere Some of the Americanisms and failure to spell local names and places correctly grates on the reader he writes of Sir Warren Fischer instead of Fisher and mentions Boole when presumably he means either Bootle or Poole As another commenter observes to compare the Auxiliaries to the Einsatzgruppen who murdered Jews by the tens of thousands is simply ludicrousFurther the rather dry and at times repetitive intelligence analysis makes this a somewhat slower read than say Michael Foy's book on Collins and the Intelligence War This is by no means a bad book but Foy covers almost precisely the same turf with considerably flair and is probably the better bet if you only wish to splash out on one book on this topic

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Michael Collins and the Anglo Irish War Britain's Counterinsurgency FailureRitain s defeat Although Britain possessed the world s most professional secret service the British intelligence community underwent a politically driven and ill advised reorganization in early at the very moment that Collins and the IRA were going on the offensive Once Collins neutralized the local colonial spy service the British had no choice but to import professional secret service agents But Britain s wholesale reorganization of its domestic counterintelligence capability sidelined Collins and the PDF #205 its most effective countersubversive agency MI leaving the job of intelligence management in Ireland to Special Branch civilians and a contingent of uickly trained army case officers neither group being euippedor inclinedto mount a coordinated intelligence effort agains. The first reading I had on Michael Collins was Tim Pat Coogans biography of the commander in chief I have since read many other books on MIck but I will say now that JBE Hittles latest is a classic read Michael Collins and the Anglo Irish war is written by a man highly decorated a veteran of US intelligence served in militaryy intelligence he is well euipped to make a study of the Anglo Irish war Hittle pulls no punches in assessing the failures of the British as well as Mick's intelligence force The book covers the ugliness of this war it also gives great detail of Michael Collins involvement in the war against the tans auxileries and British army of the time It gives uotes from many involved at the timeLloyd George cabinet members Churchill and many of the Irish heroes of this warI am fascinated with this work and also praise the effort and time spent putting this classic together There will be coverage of Michael Collins in the coming years and also of the troubles of 1916 and the years that followed It will soon be the centenary of the Easter Rising and the efforts of many who brought Ieland back to the Irish I look forward to good reading As well as learning the history of my father and mothers country of birth it is an education I relish I do strongly recommend this book to everyone who has Irish blood running in their veins You will enjoy this classic