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Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy Incredibly Easy Series®ReNEW treatment and antidotes for chemical weapons exposureNEW herbal drugs contentNEW icons and images that clarify contentRevised and updated content on the concepts of pharmacokinetics pharmacodynamics and pharmacotherapeuticsPharmacology basics How drugs are derived developed classified and administered classes of drugs by body system their uses and mechanismsNurse Joy and Nurse Jake illustrated characters offering tips and insights throughoutuick scan format with concise bulleted contentHundreds of illustrations and diagrams explaining key concepts and providing clear direction on administering drugs drug distribution absorption and metabolism potential drug interactions adverse reactions how different classes of drugs work in different body systemsSpecial chapter featuresJu. Easy read and helps grasp the broads topic of the drugs themselves At first I wasn’t sure if it was a good buy but half way through my semester it helped guide me through the drugs and their actions on the body

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REVIEW Ö Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy! (Incredibly Easy! Series®) Ò ➳ [Read] ➮ Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy! (Incredibly Easy! Series®) By Lippincott Williams Wilkins ➾ – Get all the basics on drug therapiesand administer drugs confidently and acSt the facts A uick summary of chapter contentAdvice from the experts Experienced practitioners insightsPrototype pro Actions indications and nursing considerations for common prototype drugsNursing process Patient assessment diagnosis outcome goals implementation and evaluation for each type and class of drugPharm function Illustrating how drugs act in the body recognizing and treating adverse reactionsBefore you give that drug Warnings to consider before you administer a drugEducation edge Information to share with your patientuick uiz End of chapter uestions with answersexplanations to help you remember the essentialsEnd of book multiple choice A uick Guides to Medication Safety Ophthalmic and Dermatologic Drugs and Abbreviations to Avoid Glossary of essential pharmacology ter. Excellent condition

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Get all the basics on drug therapiesand administer drugs confidently and accuratelywith the newly updated Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy th EditionWritten in the enjoyable award winning Incredibly Easy style this easy to follow fully illustrated guide offers step by step direction on the medication process from assessing patient needs to planning care to implementation and positive outcomes Strengthen your understanding of your class materials get ready for the NCLEX or certification exam and administer drug therapiessafely and effectivelyBuild a strong platform of pharmacology knowledge and skills withNEW and updated content on the newest approved medications Pharmacology Made ePUB #202 and dosages and NEW tables listingNEW vaccines and treatment for biological weapons exposu. I’m not so sure which curriculum this covers I did not at all find it helpful Maybe I will at some stage still on the course But not for the UK Curriculum