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Download ☆ Four Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ü ➳ Four Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses Read ➻ Author Helen Rappaport – Award winning and critically acAbout the Russian Revolutions of but little attention has been paid to the Romanov princesses who perhaps inevitably have been seen as minor players in the dramaIn  Four Sisters however acclaimed biographer Helen Rappaport puts Sisters The Lost ePUB #9734 them centre stage and offers listeners the most authoritative account yet of the Grand Duchesses Olga Tatiana Maria and Anastasia Drawing on their own letters and diaries and other hitherto unexamined primary sources she paints a vivid picture of their lives in the dying days of the Romanov dynasty We see almost for the first time their journey. This is a wonderful book Meticulously researched and using letters and diaries of the four sisters and members of the court Each sister emerges as a very individual personality with different strengths The view we receive of Rasputin is different from the usual portrait of a villain but from the sisters point of view he was a trusted friend and holy man who Alleviated the sufferings of their brother For the first time we see the considerable nursing work done by the 2 elder sisters Olga and Tatiana during the Great War Alix and Nicky emerge as much weaker and controlling than I had realised Altogether a magnificent book so well written and leaves you with an immense sadness that these girls never fulfilled their potential

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From a childhood of enormous privilege throughout which they led a very sheltered Sisters The Lost Lives of PDFEPUBand largely simple Sisters The Lost Lives of PDFEPUBlife to young womanhood their first romantic crushes their hopes and dreams the difficulty of coping with a mother who was a chronic invalid and a haeomophiliac brother and latterly the trauma of the revolution and its terrible conseuencesCompellingly listenable meticulously researched and deeply moving  Four Sisters gives these young women a voice and allows their story to resonate for listeners almost a century after their death. I came to this book almost by chance having read a newspaper article about the RomanovsThe story of OTMA Olga Tatiana Maria and Anastasia is fascinating and ultimately very tragic readingHelen Rappaport has uite a light touch lots of historical detail but also descriptions of the mundane everyday lives of theses sisters their parents and brotherThe varied personalities are vividly depicted and one realises how young they were when assassinated One wonders what their lives probably outside Russia would have been like if they'd survived Historical figures can seem remote and unreal but this book draws us into the world of the Romanov sistersIt's now made me want to read even about this era

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Four Sisters The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand DuchessesAward winning and critically acclaimed historian The Lost MOBI #238 Helen Rappaport turns to the tragic story of the daughters of the last Tsar of all the Russias slaughtered with their parents at Ekaterinburg On July four young women walked down steps into the cellar of a house in Ekaterinburg The eldest was the youngest only Together with their parents and their year old brother they were all Four Sisters Epubbrutally murdered Their crime to be the daughters of the last Tsar and Tsaritsa of All the Russias Much has been written about Nicholas II his wife Alexandra and their tragic fate as it has. The day they sent the Romanovs away the Alexander Palace became forlorn and forgotten a palace of ghosts 6 Jan 2016This review is from Four SistersThe Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses PaperbackA wonderful and haunting biography that grabs the reader from the very first page as she is taken on a tour of the royal palace as many people did shortly after the terrible events of 1918 the ornaments and icons the wheelchair of the haemophiliac tsarevichthe long leafy avenue where the Romanov children had once played and ridden their poniesthe little cemetery where they buried their petsEstablishing from the first the underlying ordinariness of this family Ms Rappaport brings the members vividly to life focussing particularly on the sisters who are often 'lumped together' in people's minds This work takes us right through from the marriage of their parents until 1918 including details of what became of other important members of their householdUnputdownable reading