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Maimonides & Metabolism: Intermittent Fasting Characters ð 6 Ç [PDF / Epub] ☉ Maimonides & Metabolism: Intermittent Fasting By Rabbi Yonason Herschlag – Get the keys to sustainable weight lossreduce hunger speed up metabolism and transform your body into a fat burning machine utiliziE insulin to lower the blood sugar to balanced levels High blood sugar then leads to hyperinsulinemia too much insulin And simultaneous high levels of cortisol and insulin cause the body to increase the number of fat cells Hyperinsulinemia also directs the body to store fat and blocks the body from using stored fat for energyMaimonides delves into the timing of meals and exercise habituating ourselves gradually to the most effective strategies of daily intermittent fasting that alleviates hunger and puts us into the natural fat burning modeSeveral chapters go into great detail on macronutrients to arm dieters and dietitians with the understanding needed for sustainable fat lossIt includes hundreds of cutting edge studies backing up the recommendations of Maimonides and the Talmud as well as the best proven short term and long term dieting methods for fat loss and improved health It also includes charts graphsdiagramspictures footnote references a glossary and bibliographyHealth professionals are hailing it THE Health Bible recommending this book to their colleagues and patients for its amazing array of insights and solutionsClick on tab Add to Cart and begin your journey to freedom from. This book is very well written and is an excellent guide for anyone trying to navigate through various conflicting diet programsMakes a lot of sense

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Get the keys to sustainable weight Metabolism Intermittent ePUB #9734 lossreduce hunger speed up metabolism and transform your body into a fat burning machine utilizing intermittent fasting with a science based approachToday there is a debate raging among nutritional authorities concerning the timing of breakfast Some argue that MaimonidesMOBI #190 in order to avoid sugar lows and uncontrollable hunger one should eat breakfast shortly after awakening Others promote the extension of the nightly fast by delaying breakfastMaimonides explains in depth the physiological processes that are overlooked by many mainstream nutritional authorities like the fact that Metabolism Intermittent Kindle #215 the hormone cortisol is at its daily peak half an hour after waking up Studies have shown that insulin resistance is higher shortly after waking as compared to a few hours later and this is because cortisol an antagonist of insulin insulin is anabolic directing the body to store energy and cortisol is catabolic directing the body to release and burn stored energyEating a breakfast that includes carbohydrates too early will spike blood sugar levels too much as the high levels of cortisol wont allow th. This book is exactly what I've been searching for Over the past few years I've tried so many extreme diet plans very low calories 6 small meals a day and prolonged fasting interspersed with getting so frustrated and going back to eating whatever I wanted These methods would work for a short time and then I'd hit a plateau or put weight back on so uickly even though it was healthy food My body weight set point is very stubborn I believe my hormonal balance and immune system has also been damaged during all this experimentationThis book is like all the pieces of the puzzle coming together in a perfect way that is easy to follow balanced and makes logical sense Its not too difficult so that you become frustrated Its not too restrictive I can see that it will be easy to maintain for life He covers everything hormonal balance immune system plateaus exercise what to eat when to eat how to permanently reset your body weight set point macros nutrients holidays and celebrations There were uite a few things in this book that I had never heard before The number of scientific studies he included in the book is very impressive There are hundreds Its clear he really put in many years of research and a lot of effort to compile it together I also love that the principles of this plan are from Maimonides who lived 900 years ago and is completely supported by current scientific researchHighly recommended book I'm on my third reading of it now It does take some time for all the principles to sink in to your way of thinking

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Maimonides & Metabolism Intermittent FastingHunger faster fat burning metabolism and get into great shapeGREAT VALUE Chapter gives you a summary of some of the most popular diet books Atkins Eat to Live Paleo Venice Nutrition Program Dukan South Beach Zone the Fast Diet and the American Heart Associations No Fad Diet You also receive a physiological analysis of the short and long term effects of each of these diets and a summary of the pros and cons of each diet with additional notes and criticismsThe other chapters give you even greater value You get a summary of the practical lessons of a BA in dieteticssummaries of studies on how certain hormones increase fat cell number and studies describing how certain nutrients can help reduce fat cell numberan advanced endocrinology course describing the effects of hormones on metabolismthe greatest pearls of wisdom of the Talmud and Maimonides diet recommendations analyzed in the light of the science of physiologyObtain clarity on how diet affects hormones and metabolism Become expert in macronutrients Learn the most successful methods of short and long term sustainable weight loss Be the first to reveal to your friends the amazing benefits learned from Maimonides Add to Cart and BUY NO. I bought this book with no high expectation because of the book cover but I somehow liked the index I am really glad I did this one makes so much sense compared to all the ones I read before Its backed up by scientific literature and gives a broad view of the pros and cons of many popular diets based on the former findings I really think Rabbi Yonason is on the right path with this one