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Free read ✓ Practically Speaking Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ Practically Speaking Author J. Dan Rothwell – Widely praised for its conversational tone and clear advice Practically Speaking is the public speaking tKs Practically Speaking shows students how to get started practice thinking critically and ultimately develop their own voice. FIRST It needs to be understood that this review is intended to speak specifically about the hardcover version of this book NOT the paperbackSECOND Please understand that I am not actually going to speak to the content of the book which I OUGHT to be reviewing Instead the BINDING of the hardcover version of this book which I made the mistake of opting for is SO bad that I felt I needed to warn other perspective buyers aboutOkay with the disclaimers out of the way let me tell you why you need to forget that there is a hardcover option for this book It's not I repeat NOT a hardcover binding it's just 384 very thin and flimsy pages 2 hole punched with 3 hole spacing and vacuum wrapped in clear plastic There is no binder on the planet that is sized and rung for this format Further the pages are so light weight that you wouldn't dare bind them in one of those cheap flexible binders So by the time you spend another 8 or 9 bucks on a rigid 3 ring binder you're already back up to the price of the paperback option and you're still FAR likely to accidentally tear out pages ESPECIALLY since your binder will only get 2 rings through the pages which are VERY clumsy to turn because of the way they hang an extra couple of inches below the bottom middle ring of the binder I'm at a complete loss to come up with a reason the publisher would offer this format What in the world am I supposed to do to secure these pages If I hadn't needed this book right away for a class I absolutely would have returned it along with a heart felt complaint For now I've just got to suffer through a bad situation and make it my mission to warn others how terrible this option is I'm also going to ask to change the buying option to make it clear that this is NOT in fact a hardcover bookit's not even boundTO SUM IT ALL UP DO NOT BUY THE HARDCOVER IF YOU NEED THIS BOOK GET THE PAPERBACKPS Oxford University Press Could you please offer these books in a Kindle edition I would have happily bought the Kindle edition for the same price or even just rented it for a discount

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Widely praised for its conversational tone and clear advice Practically Speaking is the public speaking textbook your student. As a used text it worked great There was no damage to the text There was enough time when semester ended to return the text

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Practically SpeakingS will actually read Filled with engaging stories and examples sound scholarship and recent research and useful tips and tric. I accidentally bought this without reading it entirely this is the instructors manual to the textbook not the textbook itself I'm sorry It's in perfect condition though Arrived perfectly on time It's paperback which is uite nice and easy to read